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  1. So cute . Darwin is looking so good. They both have that unmistakeable happy swim to their fins
  2. Do you have a picture of your tank? Sometimes you can arrange it so the female has a corner to hide. Wow, has this been going on for 12 years? Comets and single tails do best in 20 gallons each and pick up a lot of speed yes. In fact as they get bigger females are best suited to ponds really where they don't get so beat up on. Stopping this is not cruel at all. You could keep the female separate and she would be fine. No reason she would get eggbound without males, it's quite a rare condition.
  3. Yep, fish love to graze. If your auto feeder works good Sakura that is good news. It has been many years since I used one. My tanks have a lot of green algae and green water so my fish are constantly snacking on that so I find even feeding just once a day they get so fat I agree, the more small feeds the better BUT as you say, only ifit's possible to keep up with the accompanying increased water changes that goes with that.
  4. Hi sod. Even with 3cms I would go for a deep gravel vac and try and syphon and turn/expose the under part. Never do it too roughly because the rising, dieing bad bacteria can ferment and cause gases in the upper area of the water column, so lots of aeration and a slow, careful vac is best. If for some reason you miss vacuuming a few weeks or a month say, and think bacteria has built up a lot, it's a good idea to remove the fish into a clean tub for 5 mins while you do the syphoning. If you vacuum every week religously and your fish are healthy you do not need to move your fish. Yes good point, bacteria are indistinguishable when we vacuum so good and bad get sucked up when you vacuum. One thing to remember though is they also breed superfast so it isn't a big deal to vacuum up good bacteria, there will be some left for sure and syphoning the underlayers your tank will benefit more from losing some of the nasty bacs. Also, as you vacuum the good bacteria float up and freewheel around, while the bad bacs die. The good bacs have that free wheeling abilty to wait a while in the water till you are done and they can re-attach
  5. Okay so if you have gravel ,chances are good that a lot of those good bacteria converting ammonia are actually in your gravel not so many in the filter. if you have been set up since Sept then I would guess, with those small water changes you are all cycled and ready to go Be sure however to vacuum that gravel (turn it alittle). Ideally should not be more than 2cms, max one inch. Any more and you will breed a lot of nasties (which like the deeper part of gravel beds). Any stagnant, non moved part of the tank including ornaments never lifted, will be a hot bed for trouble an disease down the road. The cartridges are not useless by any means. They take up a lot of the muck and are good strainers. They don't offer the good bacteria the best home but you will have some growing there. Throw one away at a time. Don't throw/replace all 3 at same time to be safe. You are definitely safe to be doing 50% or even 80% changes to clear your bad bacteria load at this point. If your pH is stable then it is amazing the difference one huge change of 80% can do (careful it's approx same temp with the old water still in tank). Meanwhile I would focus on getting some bio media Here's some examples of what the good bacteria breed like crazy in and on Ask for BIO media at the store. It must NOT contain zeolite (check it doesn't ) but should be made of porous rock or ceramic. You are probably going to need a second filter to house this media. A small external cannister type or a second hang on the side type that has space. I cannot tell you what a difference this will make to the clarity of your water and the health of your fish. Your thread title was excellent by the way, yes it's all about water. Water advice NOT fish advice
  6. Auto feeders have come a long way since I started keeping fish and they have improved a lot. However, food is exposed to air in many of the cheaper ones and can get damp (mouldy) from the proximity of the water after a few days. We have had many sad stories pass through the forums of owners who lost fish to autofeeders that have overfed (many have 3 times a day settings that cannot be altered) or fed rotted food. How long are you away at work? Short business trips of 3 days or so the fish will be fine with no food at all.
  7. Okay, that's good Keep watching the pH and trying to increase it. You may need to increase the frequency of adding the baking soda as well as the amount. He is extra vulnerable to the acidity of a pH lower than 7 because of his loss of finnage. I would seriously just focus on a dark tub now with higher stable pH and massive bubbles on the tank surface for a day or two. You are in great hands with Alex here however!! Hang in there
  8. Oh goodness poor baby. He looks so sad. I think the first thing he needs is some bubbles in that tank!!! There looks to be zero oxygen. Can you get some splash on the surface??? It's crucial. Also the huge pH drop is a big worry and stressor. Lack of oxygen and dropping pH are the 2 main contenders for top hanging too which he is doing. The tank looks very small -is it temporary? Great advice on the salt from Alex although I would try and aearate his water and sort this pH out ASAP first.
  9. I think it's really hard to diagnose unless you have actually seen tapeworms. I would say the characteristics are a tinge of ivory, polished kind of white and one end chunky and one end pointed like this pic. We get them in the pond. Then there are flatworms (which are easier to tell as they are like flat spaghetti - what's that pasta called - anyway ribbon like. Both can be treated with a prazi/levamisole combo, a de-wormer or sometimes General Cure (AP) in the water will flush them all out. Exactly. This is worrisome and suggests parasites as a high possibility. Feeder fish are usually raised in ponds and often come with worms and need de-worming. I would do prazi in the water plus a round of jungle ant-parasite food or whatever you can get where you are that contains a de wormer for helminths. Massive water changes to get rid of eggs and stop the cycle. The life cycle is incredibly complex. One single worm can release 100.000 eggs into the tank before or as it dies Fish can live for years with worms. It doesn't affect their behavior and health much until there are intestinal complications for example if eggs get into the muscle tissue and encyst. Occasionally fish will get emaciated with them but it's far less likely than in humans.
  10. Did you get her from a pond originally? Could it be she has tapeworms? .
  11. Beautiful tank Lovely balance with the pots and green. Is that java fern on the rock? How did you get it to attach? It looks very pretty
  12. Hello and Welcome to kokos!! Sorry to hear about your fish Tetracylines can be dangerous in unstable pH so pH checking during treatment with that is really important. In fact any meds in water where you don't know the ammonia levels can also be very toxic. I agree that a picture or vid would be awesome. We want to help you!!
  13. Really depends on what kind of media you have in your filter. If you have a good stong family of beneficial bacteria growing in your bio-filter media then the water is almost irrelevant and you can do huge water changes and it won't normally affect the cycle. May affect pH depending how stable that is. Keep testing pH daily to get a feel for how stable the pH is. Stability is key with temp and pH. Same, not fluctuating. However, if you have a tank that has only been cycled a few weeks then the water is important as the good bacteria may still be free wheeling and looking for a place to attach. Do you have gravel? Do you have any thing inside your filter box as well as the floss/wool/white mech filtration pad? How long has your tank been set up ?
  14. Love that. It looks really good and if it comes off and you can re-design as the mood strikes, all the better.
  15. Is it growing? As in expanding upwards and outwards? Any ulcer history in this tank? It does look a bit viral but viral poxy growths are pinkish often -this looks a deeply blooded red. Is your pH stable? Lots of oxygen? Updates please hun.
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