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  1. Hello everyone! Been about a year since I've visited but have some news! Swami Mo is "starring" ! Lots chasing, bumping, etc., but Errol and Odie (the girls, I have now found out) are not interested. It's been a month and Swami's passion waxes and wanes but the breeding stars are clearly visible although some days not as large as others. How long can I expect for this off an on again breeding behavoiurs? Temp is a steady 70 F. I do hope everyone's fishies are happy, healthy and well - Errol is almost 8" now - !!! Still considering some fishy surgery for a mouth tumor/cyst for Odie and Swami - well, he's turned into quite a randy fellow
  2. Thanks guys! Yeah, I thought about tropical but, you know, those Goldies just have so MUCH personality.... So, just one goldie in the 10g and maybe a cory cat so the little guy won't feel totally alone. Of course, I spend a lot of time in my home office and the tank is on the 2cd shelf of the corner desk so I'll be just a few feet away much of the time Gotta get a new bio-wheel, new filter and Bio-Spira. Hopefully I will have a job by the end of the week and I can get the cycle started... Thanks again, Saivite
  3. Hello everyone! It's been a while, I think last time I posted was just before my MA exams. Whew - I am now an official Master of Arts. Now that parents and guests are gone, celebration is done, I am back to catch up with everyone's fabulous fishy news! Update - 40g is GREAT - only because of this site! And Errol, Swami MO and Odie are thriving. It's just mainenance now. I do have this 10g talking to me, "I am so sad and lonely...please put a fishie in me!!!" So, I will soon be cycling it and I have found 2 adorable fishies, both white fantails with orange lips -hee-! Don't worry, only one will find their way home with me - learned that lesson the hard way Toodles for now, just wanted to check in while I was thinking about it. Hope everyone is doing well and your fishy friends too... Love, Saivite
  4. Oh...my...goodness! That was the cutest thing ever! A-dor-A-ble! S~
  5. Today one of my good friends helped me water change 50% in 40 galllon tank, change filters and hand feed peas. He was amazed at the work (even thought it only took an hour) and expressed his respect for the effort it takes to keep my little fishy friends healthy and happy, He's going to give me darkroom thermometer that I can hook up to the sink so I can oficially adjust water temp while filling tank. The most fun was feeding everyone and today Odie felt comfortable enough to swim wiht my hand - that was awesome! Needless to say, my friend was amazed at that! Ah well, all in a days work S~
  6. Hi Claire, My goes out to you. I've been head down in my masters exam and just now took a break to catch up with Kokos and nearly had a big cry reading this thread. So glad you had such fabulous help from the university. Post a pic if you are up to it, would love to see your fishy and pay due respect to one who lived so long in your great care. S~
  7. Here we are March 13th (lucky 13 for sure and aside from a ph problem (posted in diagnosis section) fishies doing great, Dino the pleco is 2x as big before he went into the tank, SpazCat cory is doing well too. Odie seems to be getting deeper bellied and so is Swami Mo, Errol seems longer. They are all happy fishes! I did a 50% water change thursday and had trouble getting the EMp400 started again, but it's wokring great now. That stressed ME out Temp 78F Ph 6.8 (been pusing up over the last few days with baking soda) NitrIte 0 NitrAte 20 Ammo 0 S~
  8. Make sure you DON"T use anything to kill off ammonia. Without ammonia you cannot grow that first colony of bacteria. OOps, unless you are doing a cycle WITH fish,then you probably have enough ammonia. Check out: Post Progress: fishless cycle under water management and ther is another thread there from Chico and one from Fantailfan as they are both cycling a 20 and a 40g. Good luck! S~
  9. Hi there, update, I've been adding a pinch of baking soda. Today, 12 hours apart. Ph slowly rising, now it looks like 6.8. I found a jpg of the AP ph color chart so, I have something to look at Thanks again! S~
  10. Hi there, do you have a hopita tank? Maybe isolate and see if fishy calms down. Perhaps some anti-parasite food or anti-bio food? Fish are gorgeous btw! Good luck and keep us posted! S~
  11. Hi again, I see that AP had a kh and a kh/gh test kit. Does the kh/gh test kit come with separate testing for each? I couldn't tell from their website and my local vvvv doesn't have it... S~
  12. Hmmm, looks like I need to find Kh/Gh tests. S~
  13. Thanks guys! Ph holding around 6.2/6.4 over night. Added another pinch this morning. Swami Mo and Errol doing ok, Odie is floaty but fins not clamped and pecks around a bit. I just looked over and he seems a little more active than even an hour ago. Last time I tested ph it was 7.6 but that was prior to last thursdays water change. I've read that too much aeration can drop ph, what else? I'll check ph in a couple hours and see if it pushes it up at all. Before this tank they were used to a steady 7.2/7.4. Frustrating! They've been in this tank for 2 weeks + some days, really want to keep envirnment perfect. Thanks for all your help, I will keep posting. Saivite
  14. Hi guys, Ammo 0 NitrIte 0 NitrAte 10 40g running for 2 months, cycled for 30 days without fish. Emporer 400 with 2 biowheels Changed 50% Thursday night Ph -tap- 7.0 3 fancys, about 3" each, 1 Pleco - 3" and 1 cory cat - 1" Temp 78f Amquel + Shrimp, Peas, Pellets, Flakes - alternate, 1 fasting day a week No meds I added literally a pinch of baking soda and now the test is a pale green, probably close to 6.0. All 3 fishies are hiding in the back of the tank, alternately pecking around and doing little gasps. They seem better post-baking soda. Should I add some salt to offset possible Ph poisening? THanks guys! S~
  15. RIGHT ON! I also sent them an email and bluntly told them it was suitable for PLASTIC fish and gave them this website for facts: http://www.firsttankguide.net/goldfish.php Someone had once used the analogy of being locked in a bathroom with no room in an email to another company with an atrocious 'fish keeping' product. I embellished a little bit and said there was no circulation and you had no way of removing your waste but everyone said how cute you were even thought your lungs were full of *** and you had to fight for every breath! We'll see if they respond! S~
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