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  1. Oh joy of joys.....NITRITES!! Finally.
  2. Aww thanks Cmclien. That makes me feel much better. I'll get the ceramic rings tomorrow. I've cycled 4 tanks in my time but I never had to wait this long for nitrites to show so it's good to know I'm not alone. :-)
  3. 1 black moor - about 3 inches. 1 canary yellow comet - about 3 inches 1 red capped Oranda - about 5/6 inches. In the past 6 weeks I've rinsed one filter out in used tank water because it was all clogged up. I left the other one be. Ammonia in tap water - 0 Water conditioner: MultiFit.
  4. Water change done. All parameters are the same apart from Ammonia which has reduced to .5 since water change.
  5. Ok, I'm on it. Thanks for your help. I'm going to work now but I'll do a 90% water change when I get home and post back.
  6. Sponge media in both filters. One of them also has a charcoal chamber. I have a little cutting from a filter pad in both filters also. I took this from an established tank 4 weeks ago in the hope that it would seed it and speed things up. I'm working in litres here but using a conversion table.... one filter is 264gph and the other one is 185gph.
  7. Yes, you're right, it does go like that. The NitrAtes are in my tap water, they don't signify the third stage of the cycle :-(
  8. Hi there, I'm having a very frustrating time cycling my new 33 gallon tank. It's been running since July 22nd with 3 goldfish and I still have no Nitrite readings. I'm exhausted from doing water changes to keep the ammonia levels at a relatively safe level. I'm changing 70% every 2 or 3 days. Ph: 8 Ammonia: 2 or 4 (before water change) Nitrites : 0 Nitrates: 10 (same as tap water). Water Temp: 76F Filtration: I have two internal filters running. Both suitable for a 30 gallon capacity each. Test Kit: Aquarium Pharm Master Test kit. Any ideas, suggestions most welcome. Thanks.
  9. Amazingly, Chloe is still fighting this illness. She's eating 2 peas everyday and is still struggling to right herself. My question is about the anti-bacterial medication in her tank. The first dose was last Sunday and the second dose was Thursday. So that's 7 days that she's medicated. It's Interpret 9. How long can she stay in this medication? What's the procedure from here. She's still pineconed although I think there may be a slight improvement. Can she stay in the meds for a while more? Thanks guys.
  10. Hi guys, Just another update on Chloe. She's not looking good at all. I'm getting very tempted to put her down. It looks like she's suffering at this point. She is still pineconed. Many bubbles have appeared under her raised scales. Does anyone know what this means or the cause? I'm sure it's a turn for the worst. I'm heartbroken for her. Tomorrow we will try to get to the vet. Bit too sad to write anymore.
  11. Goodness, thanks for that ray of hope Yazooo. That's made me feel instantly more optimistic. I really, really hope that I will have similar results with Chloe.
  12. Hi guys, Thanks for checking up on Chloe. She's still fighting a strong battle against this thing. She's struggling to "right herself" every now and then but isn't able to. At least she is displaying some strength though. She's still in the Epsom salt solution and she's also being treated with an anti-internal bacteria treatment (Interpret 9). Her water is now at 80F as advised. She's eating 2 peas a day and I'm very happy that she still has her usual voracious appetite. There is medicated food on the way so I'm also hoping that will help her. Fingers and toes crossed for the little angel. Thanks again for all your help and support. X
  13. Thanks Orando. It's so distressing. I wish I had a magic wand to cure her. I'm really sorry that you lost your fish. It's desperate when they get ill. Even when you do your absolute best, you sometimes lose them. Little angels. Again....a magic wand would be great. XX
  14. Thanks Jen. I left a message on the vet's answering machine. It really doesn't look good. She's starting to pinecone. I've never seen this is "real life" before and it's horribly distressing. Her tank is heated to 78F and she's in a Epsom salt solution of 1/8 teasp per 5 gals....all I can do now is wait and hope.
  15. Thanks again for all input. Chloe is in the 1/8 teaspoon of Epsom Salts per 5 gal of water solution now. How long is it ok to leave her like this?
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