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  1. Well we're in the midst of a hot summer, and our poor air conditioner just doesn't cut it for keeping the goldfish room cool. There's a few things I've come across to keep our goldies as cool as us. 1) If you have an external canister filter, put it in a bucket of icewater. I know we've all got buckets kicking around, and ice water is quite cheap. 2) Freeze ziploc baggies full of water and use them as giant ice cubes. I keep mine in the baggies because I just use tap water to make the cubes. I'm afraid of a bag full of fishwater breaking in my freezer and soaking my food with bacteria. 3) Open the lid of the tank and put some netting or nylon fabric over it. Then direct the airflow of a fan across the top of the water. Be sure to keep an eye on the temperature to make sure it doesn't drop too fast, or too much Have a fish filled summer, and stay cool! MD
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