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  1. wow... what a beautifull girl! lucky for her you live next door to the monster boy or else who knows what sort of unhappy ending she may have come to... well done! i'm sure youll find a great home for her!
  2. if you have plants in your house, or fruit they probably came from that. i know that my plants allways attract little fruit flies, the best thing to do is a good thourough cleaning of your house, romove any fruit or veggies that are out in to open or getting past they time and check your plants... they are little pests though.... good luck!
  3. my fish do that... kind of... they with all pile on top of eachother in the corner and, well, snuggle, i am sure it is just some schoolong instinct left over from their wild ancestors, but it sound strange, you should take a video of it!
  4. we had fry in a tank at my parents house when i was little and we used to tie screen around the filter intake and it works great, i use it in my tank now with my beasties. just a little window screen tied with a string so you can take it off and clean it. works wonders!
  5. i had this problem with my guys so now i use a tube... you soak the food and pour it down the tube into the bottom and then the goldies learn that the food comes out of the tube and not on the surface, but it takes a while for them to figure it out.
  6. thanks guys, i cleaned the tank and put tad bavk in the big tank, he seems to do better there anyway. to answer you sushi, i have no idea what kind of tadpole he is but he is big with back legs and he had back legs when i got him and that was like six months ago and he hasent developed anymore except for little lumps where his arms should be...weird.
  7. i know this is technically not a fish but i have a large tadpole in a small 5 gallon tank and i have had him for oh i dont know six months and all of a sudden today i noticed lots of tiny white worms all over the sides of the tank..... does anybody know what they are, where they come from and if they are bad? thanks
  8. thanks that page was helpfull. i have a ten gallon that i either wanted to put bumblebee gobies or some sore of small puffer in cause i heard they dont get along with. i know that i need to get a hydrometer and a heater but i am still looking for info about cycling the tank and anything else that might be helpfull.
  9. i said fantail but i am biased cause i have the best one in the world... they are really friendly fish and mine will eat right out of my hand... they're really great fishies, but as Aimless said look for the one thats looking for you at the petstore and you wont be sorry.
  10. i had a moor in with my fantail and they were the best tank mates i have had yet... but reba went to fishie heaven(the moor) and i agree with everyine else pictues please!
  11. hey guys, i know this is goldfish tanks but i was just wondering if anyone had any good advice for setting up a brackish tank. i've been reading about them but i cant find any info about how much salt and other chem. stuff and water changes and cycling so if anyone knows i would greatly appreciate it.
  12. i dont really know if it would work, i would assume so if it was aquarium silicone and the right kind of wood... now i want to do that! maybe someone else has a better idea if it would work or not but i would say give it a try, the only thing i would be hesatent about would be the expandable foam....
  13. WOW so many amazing tanks, they put mine to shame, but here they are this is the one in the kitchen with the feeders in it these are the two in my bedroom and here is a close up of the affectionatly named betta box thanks for taking the time to look
  14. thanks guys, we both appriciate your feelings
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