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  1. I have 2 orandas and a fantail in a 55 gallon tank. Can I get a dojo? Or more than one?
  2. UDCs are tropical fish...I actually own 3. I would not recomend them for gf tanks. They enjoy heat so much that mine hide behind the heater
  3. Hey, don't dis tropicals. Loaches are tropicals and they are one of my favrit types of fish. Of course, goldfish are up there with them,as well as catfish, barbs, and certain cichlids(dwarfs and geophagus)
  4. I have a 55 gallon tank with 2 orandas and a fantail.Can i get some dojo loaches, and how many? Loaches are my favorite type of aquarium fish, and since dojos are coldwater, they are perfect to add to my loach species collection and clean up my goldfish tank too.
  5. I just discovered 2 things: 1,tetra is not a high quality food,and 2, my goldfish don't like it as muchas I thought. They eat it, but I noticed them spitting it out a couple seconds later. So, I've decided to try homemade foods, so I can be possitive that my fish are getting a good diet. Anyone got a good paste food recipee, that works as a staple(i'll also feed tubiflex cubes and freeze dried bloodworms)?
  6. littlefishyboy

    My Betta's

    Slayer looks kinda like Skittle! So cute!!!
  7. Some peole seem not to realize that fish, as amazing as it seems to them, actualy ARE living things. Some of the kids at school tell me to shut up or theyll kill a guppy. Just plain rude.
  8. I read an article about homemade foods in TFH...Anybody here have a good high protien recipee for a homemade food?
  9. If I hadn't recieed this as a gift, I would have put him in my 1 gallon tank. However, I got it from a good friend, and I don't want to insult them by not using the bowl. Plus, it barely came with enough gravel to cover the bottom of the bowl and hold the plant down. By the way, I feed 2 hikari floating pellets 3 times a day, and he eats every last one.I used to have a 7.5 watt heater,but it broke quickly
  10. littlefishyboy

    New Betta!

    My secret sant got me complete betta bowl kit and I got the fish last night I have named him skittle. He is up in my room. The poor thing was displayed not in one of those cups that at least have care info on them that are used at mmm but in a PLASTIC DRINKIN CUP.Not even half full. Hes doing Ok now, but he seemed freaked when I put hm in there. I would be freaked too if someone stuck me in a drinking cup. I have a question-how do you heat and filter a 1/2 gallon plastic fishbowl? I have a small filter but it still will take up almost half the tank and probably suck up the fish too.
  11. I havet been on recently so I figured Id give an update on the goldfish I got about 2 months ago. I treated for ich and it cleared up like a fogged up window that a kid drew on. There eating healthy, they seem to love the tetra goldfish flakes. They have are even proving my hypothesis and I havent even started the expiriment yet. They remember that Me=food I have 1 qustion:How often do I need to do water changes? Theyre only about 2 inches each, in a 55 gallon tank...
  12. I have freeze dried bloodworms,but it says only use 1-2 times a week.
  13. I know i've been posting alot latly,but I'm so exited about finnally getting some goldfish,after some disaggreeement about it between me and my mom. Anyway,ive been wanting the fish in my tank to grow so my little oranda moe will get his wen.Also, at the science fair(if I bring them) I want some good sized fish so while I tell people about my expiriment I can also show and tell them about proper fish care. Down with bowls!(The science fair is in a few months,with the growth they get,will they be fine in a 10 gallon for a day or so?) I have freeze dried krill,tetra goldfish flakes, freeze dried tubiflex,algea wafers, Nutrifin color enhancing ploating pellets(though they don't seem to like these much),sinking shrimp pellets,and scavenger pellets. What combination should I use to get the best growth?
  14. Also,do they become more responsive with age?I've heard so many stories about goldfish going nuts at the appearence of their owner,begging for food,but mine don't seem to notice if I walk by. Is it because theyre still young?
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