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  1. I kind of over filter with my goldfish. Works out really well. I have a 20 gal long with two Emperor 280's running, one on each end. And then I have a 20 gal regular with a Penguin 350 and an Emperor 280 on it.
  2. I was waiting for Riz to tell you to send the Lousy fish to him and he would take him off your hands. I think hes beautiful! I love his crown, looks like he pumped it up with air.
  3. Shes very pretty, yes, I think your Mom picked a nice betta. I love that color pattern.
  4. Sorry I did not see this when you posted, two month old monitor blew this week and just picked up replacement, but like everyone has said, pretty fish, but somethings not right. Good to have changed your mind though, got to listen to those gut feelings.
  5. I think I echo the other members, beautiful fish with a stunning tail.
  6. Yes, I know from my kids how busy work and going to school can be. Glad to know your doing well .
  7. Looks fantastic! I really like it and where have you been???? Haven't seen you forever. Good to see you dropping by. I really like how the gravel looks in the tank, very natural looking.
  8. How fun! We did this last year and had some fantastic pics come out of it.
  9. I would think live plants to be soft enough, but will they be in pots or in gravel? That would be my only concern. I am hoping someone who has had these guys will chime in with their own experience. I think the only reason I have stayed away from these delicate fish is for the extra precautions you need to take with them. I think also, they need to only be in a tank with each other and no other kind of goldfish so they do not need to compete for the food.
  10. I have not had any bubble eye goldfish, but I believe the biggest thing is having the tank safe for them. I think many members leave out the decor and anything that could cause damage to their eyes and leave it bare bottom to make looking for food easier.
  11. I hope I did not make you feel like you committed the cardinal sin of fish keeping as that was not my intention, but only emphasizing how important QT'ing a fish is. I was ony trying to help you with the info for future fish purchases as I have seen members loose fish by introducing a new fish without the QT time. Little issues like ick in a new fish can spread like wildfire in a tank. Sorry if I offened anyone.
  12. Shes very pretty ! Congrats. Good luck with her. I love your tank. Sometimes when we have no extra space for a QT or hospital tank we use the large Rubbermaid tubs. Getting a new fish is fun, but I need to really stress QT'ing new fish. They may look great and healthy, but any new fish, especially from LFS, have a very good chance of carrying something, either parasites or an illness and its horrible to read of members exposing all of their fish to these problems. It looks like you took some precautions with treating the tank, but that can become expensive when the tank is large and it exposes fish to meds when they don't need them. Just a little info when you need to QT again!
  13. They all look so pretty! I love Bluey and Tiny Tim! They both have such pretty colors! Thanks for sharing the pics, you take very good pics.
  14. vmlola


    I have read some other threads about this happening and I think that the goldfish was gently held and the fish was removed with tweezers. I think it had to be taken out in pieces, but this had to be done so that the goldfish did not choke or worse yet die. I think the oto has barbs if I am not mistaken so it make it difficult to be swallowed. Have you tried this?
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