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  1. Unfortunately, yes, the lionhead became very bloated
  2. I've been feeding the medicated to the pearlscale 10 days and the lionhead for a week. Originally, the pearlscale was swollen, developed popeye, and had a couple of red dots on his belly. The lionhead doesn't have popeye, or the red dots, but has been having stringy feces and was isolating himself in the top right corner of the tank at night (only at night though, which I found weird.) After about 4 days on the medicated food, each of the fish looked significantly better. The lionhead was more active and the pearlscale's swelling and popeye improved. If you looked at them now, you wouldn't know the problem was bacterial and would just assume it was constipation. The floating is giving them lots of stress though so I must admit I'm worried about feeding them today. Should I fast them and start using Maracyn 2?
  3. The pearlscale is DEFINITELY trapping gas. Lots of air bubbles recently. Lionhead's feces are looking better, they are no longer strings...they are now closer to normal looking. However, I must admit that they look 100 times better than when I first started the meds; except for the floating etc. So I am interested in trying a waterborne solution, but I'm not sure which one to use or where do get one. Is Melafix or Maracyn 2 good for this? Or do I need an antibiotic?
  4. Alright so I fed them in smaller doses/more frequently today but they are really having floating/constipation problems. I gave them a little more peas and hopefully that will clear things up by morning. If the food continues to give them these difficulties what do you guys suggest I do?
  5. i'll try 2 pellets a day, 5 times a day...that SHOULD be good. However, I noticed the pearlscale's poop has air bubbles which probably means he is constipated. Should I try giving him more peas or just keep with the feedings. Also, I really want to express that, despite the fact that I was only giving them a few a day, the medication really seemed to be working...they really do appear much better. Hopefully, I haven't screwed this up
  6. Honestly, I think that they just stuff their little faces...they seem to be doing MUCH better and had no problem eating the peas I gave them (Which really did the trick for their floating problem)
  7. I tried that, the problem is, they'll put like 4 into their mouths at once and it will take them forever to eat. Often, they'll really struggle and then spit out a lot of the food. Is this a problem?
  8. Params are still the same using a kit from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, INC. Temp is the same. They get about 3 pellets a day...is that not enough? Too much? They have trouble with eating the pellets...takes them forever to finish just one.
  9. 30 gallon. I have 2 air pumps working and have 4 total fish (all about 2 inches in size). I have a Penguin 300 filter. Now I have a new problem. The fish were looking great but now the Pearlscale & Lionhead seem to have floating problems. Is it swimbladder? Do I stop feeding the the medicated food? Is
  10. The Chocolate Pearscale acts perfectly fine...he has been on Medigold for 5 days now. I actually haven't seen his feces in a while but last time i saw them it looked ok. The Lionhead has been on for meds two days. The Lionhead's belly looks slightly swollen now (I may just be being paranoid...he definitely doesn't have anything like popeye though) and this morning he had a long thin string of feces. Later tonight, he had perfectly fine feces though...medium length and the color of the food. He seems perfectly fine during the day but he gets a little sluggish later at night; sometimes going to the top right corner of the tank for extended periods.
  11. Recently my Chocolate Pearlscale began swelling, fluid filling up around his eye & developing little red spots on his tummy. I began treating him with Medigold and his condition seemed to begin improving; especially his eye. However, my Calico Lionhead just developed two small red spots on the back left part of his belly. This, I guess, could be an injury he suffered somehow but I doubt it. Since they may/probably are related, I'm worried about what disease they may have and how I should go about treating them. I've begun to feed medigold and did a water change/am raising the heat/checked my params & everything. Their feces hasn't been of great quality recently but since they have really no other symptoms, I'm wondering if it is just inflammation instead of something like dropsy or septicemia. Please help me help Albert and Seymour!
  12. Hi, I live in NY, Queens...I have been looking for a good goldfish store for a long time. There was one store that I used to like going to, Aquarium Adventure in Garden City, then they stopped taking care of their goldfish, they had about 8 tanks and all of them were filled with anchor worms, sores, fish lice etc. I figured they got a bad shipment and left, I came back 3 months later and there is no change in the tanks, I was really disappointed. Anyway, does anyone know of any good goldfish stores? Or if buying goldfish online is a good idea?
  13. Just wanted to post on update on my pearlscale. After three days, there is no significant change in his behavior (still around at the top of the tank) but he does seem slightly more "active" in trying to swim around and his popeye doesn't look quite so bad. I could just be seeing things that aren't there though. However, his mouth has developed what looks like a red line at the corner. It doesn't look like a sore or anything but I know a red line by his mouth CAN'T be something positive. Any clue as to what it is? Also, I fed him the pea with a piece of Epsom Salt and, from what I can see, he didn't poop still. I'm sorry I have all these questions I'm just nervous and want to make sure I'm covering all my bases
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