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  1. Ah, reminds me of my old calico fantail a couple years back when I still had my tanks. He was in a 10 gal all by himself, and one day I just saw a piece of poop stretching from its bum to another end of the aquarium and then halfway across again in the other direction. If only I had taken a picture.... Edit: I see Koko's ( I mean the site ) is still going strong. Can't believe I signed up here 5 years ago now.
  2. Yeah, most of those all in one systems usually don't provide enough water turnover to be sufficient for goldfish. Also, those things are overpriced in my opinion. It's much cheaper to buy the accessories separately.
  3. Not really......I've never read any actual books about aquariums myself. I just picked out knowledge from spending too much time surfing websites.
  4. Here's a nice article with pictures/explanation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bubble_nest
  5. Here's a site with great prices. The products don't have any reviews and their descriptions are vague though. http://www.bigalsonline.com/ For reviews and such, this site is really nice. http://www.aquahobby.com/e_products.php That link contains tons of reviews from people. http://cichlidforum.com/reviews/category_d...y.php?CatID=107 That site is also full of nice reviews. As for a HOB, I recommend http://www.bigalsonline.com/BigAlsUS/ctl36...200bpowerfilter . It's a Penguin Biowheel by Marineland. I have it myself (the 350B version) on my 20 gallon tank and it works wonders. The 200B should be adequate for you though. I only bought the 350B because I was massively overstocked at the time. If you don't like the biowheel, I suggest buying an aquaclear instead. http://www.bigalsonline.com/BigAlsUS/ctl36...ar50powerfilter Those are the two most popular filters on this site. As for the carbon, those are completely unnecessary and a waste of money in my opinion. Just use the filter floss. Most people around here just dump out the carbon, as it loses its effect in a month or less. It's pretty useless unless you're trying to take out medication from the water, which you're most likely not. And a tip for the filter inserts, just rinse them out every water change. You don't need to change them until they're ripping. Even then, you can buy filter floss in bulk and just wrap it around the old filter insert when the original floss is starting to rip and wear out. This really saves money with those expensive filter inserts. Also, the aquaclear features a sponge instead of a traditional plastic insert. The sponge is really easy to clean, and you almost never need to replace it. Just wring it out in a bucket of old tank water during water changes and you're good to go. Now about the pumps, I honestly have no idea since I never use them. So I'm no help there, sorry.
  6. You could just buy a big bag of filter floss to put around the old biobag frame. It's much cheaper than buying cartridges. And yeah, you can rinse out the biobag and reuse it until it starts to rip. As for me, I'd just buy an aquaclear sponge insert. Just stick the sponge into where the biobag usually goes and make sure it's the right size to make it a snug fit. Then just rinse/wring it out in a bucket of water during water changes.
  7. Rinse the tank once or twice with normal water. If you still smell bleach after the rinsing, just let the tank dry out in the sun. That'll take away any bleach left. After that's all done, you can start cycling.
  8. Alright. Thank you guys. So if the ammonia is usable, the ingredient list should only contain ammonia and water right?
  9. I prefer halfmoons myself. I still remember your breeding from last year. Good luck.
  10. Can you use fish food and just let it rot in the tank as a source of ammonia in fishless cycling? I'd like to purchase pure ammonia, but I don't trust myself to buy the right kind. Chemistry isn't my best subject in school....... And if I were to use this method, approximately how long would it take to get a nicely cycled 10 gallon tank?
  11. I recommend either an Aquaclear 50 http://www.bigalsonline.com/BigAlsUS/ctl36...ar50powerfilter or a Marineland Penguin Biowheel 200B. http://www.bigalsonline.com/BigAlsUS/ctl36...200bpowerfilter Both are really nice and are generally the most popular power filters besides the Marineland Emperor line. Whatever power filter you decide to get, make sure it has a gallon per hour (gph) of at least 200. Up to 350 gph would be fine. I used to run a Penguin 350B in my old 20. But that was only because I was overstocked. The power filters in the links should be adequate for your tank.
  12. Actually, before I knew this site, I kept 12 YES TWELVE common/comets in a 10 gallon tank successfully for about a year. No doubt they were stunted and such. ( I had no idea the neighbor just said here have them) Anyway, I'm not saying you should do this! Just that they can take some blows and still come out of it. Haz I think you shouldn't even think about breeding until you get a big tank. Like the others have said, spawning sucks! They get eggs everywhere and the males can become aggressive. Last year, my uncle and I spent a couple of days cleaning his pond since those goldfish frickin put eggs all over the place. Also, many stores may change their mind about buying fry very quickly. Do not count on the stores to take the fry. And, what the heck happened to that 365 gal pond you were talking about?
  13. I think the majority of plants prefer ammonium while only a few prefer nitrates. Anyways, no problem.
  14. Ah.... I've become pretty lazy with testing my water too. I usually change my water every two weeks or when and if the fish start to look unhealthy ie: bottom sitting, swimming with clamped fins, etc. Also, according to this http://www.aquabotanic.com/plants_and_biol..._filtration.htm plants love ammonia and will only start taking in nitrate after all the ammonia is gone.
  15. Well I'll just post an old pic or two of Crimson for now. I'd put upload a pic of him after his finrot but I procrastinated again so ...... I need to do lots of work lol.. I'll do it later. Here's an old pic for now..... his rays aren't as exaggerated anymore. His webbing has moved way up.
  16. I tried it a couple years ago.......didn't turn out well.... They looked ok the night before but when I woke up the next morning, some neons were floating/on the bottom of the tank and had chunks of fin missing....
  17. I'll put up the site as soon as I can. I have it in my list of bookmarks but as my profile says I'm a master procrastinator so I need to get lots of homework done lol. It was called a goldfish aquarium board or gab and it was an article about walstad natural planted tanks. Edit: Lol it's at the top of my bookmarks. Heres the link. http://thegab.org/Articles/WalstadTank.html Hm....maybe I read it wrong? Oh.....I think I read it wrong. It is good but probably wouldn't work for goldfish as goldfish scavenge around the floor. Here's the link I used to set up my betta tank. http://thegab.org/Articles/NPBettaBowl.html Here's a link from the betta article that says plants prefer ammonium of nitrates. http://www.aquabotanic.com/plants_and_biol..._filtration.htm
  18. Really? Hmmm.... according to what I've learned planted tanks do really well without filtration.....at least the small ones....O.o Someone told me that plants love ammonia but I guess they're wrong. I'm sorry for giving bad advise! I should make sure I really learn it first. Thanks for setting things straight guys. Edit: I checked back from the site and it said that plants take well to using ammonia... oh well......must be wrong.
  19. You're not the only one. I'm sorry if this sounds mean, but it kinda sounds like you're making all this up....
  20. I'm sorry but could you be more clear with your posts? Also, try to type with some punctuation as it helps us understand and help you better and faster.
  21. Undergravel filters especially in small tanks are a PAIN. lol. Just plant some low light requirement plants in the tank and you should be fine without any filtration. Plants love ammonia and my plants keep my water so clean that I only do water changes every week and only 50% on my one and two gallon tanks. Edited for language
  22. If you want active fish, I'd with the zebra danios. They're WAY more active than my black and regular neon tetras. My tetras just kind of chill (lol) and float in the water. Mine don't even school lol.
  23. I wouldn't recommend using an undergravel filter in any of your tanks. They're a pain in the but to clean and you need to clean em out regularly or detritus and such builds up under there and messes up your water. To clean em you usually have to take out everything that's on top of it and take the actual grate out. If you cleaned it frequently, it'd probably be pretty good. I'm way to lazy though lol. I think you can clean them out using a reverse flow powerhead also, but for the price and the trouble, I'd just get a power filter.
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