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  1. Globe Eye in the UK

    I have never seen them called that. They just seem to call them moors or telescopes round here.... maybe my little corner of the UK is behind everyone else! :lol:

    My moor has got that strange whiteness in one eye; I think in his case it was a disease because the eye also swelled up. I treated it and it went back down, but not completely - it's still noticeably bigger than the other one - and the whiteness stayed. Oh well. He doesn't seem to mind. :)

  2. What an excellent article (as usual!) - thanks Andrea! :D

    Wakins are such beautiful fish, but sadly they're also incredibly rare in the UK. I have only seen them on sale once (at ?20 per 2" fish!).

  3. I love Ryukins, but for some reason they're not that common in the UK. Very very rarely have I seen true ryukins for sale (and always when my tanks are already fully stocked, sigh).

    I'll just have to enjoy looking at yours. :)

  4. I never used to like moors much - I thought they looked a bit sinister! - but ever since I got my moor Damon, I wouldn't be without one! :lol:

    Damon's such a happy, handsome little fish and he still manages to boss the others around despite being half-blind, bless him. He has a little trouble finding his food, but he learned to hand-feed within 2 days so he certainly gets his share, in fact he probably gets extra! :D

  5. Yup, the Bristol is definitely my favourite too. :) It's easy to find London and Bristol shubies in the UK, but the American / Japanese one is very rare here.

    Oh, I wish I had a pond so I could keep some of these lovely fish! *groans with longing* :rolleyes:

  6. Wow, that's great! I just read through your article with total absorption.

    I'd love to have an elegant Panda Oranda, but unfortunately I've just got Aristotle. I didn't know he was an Oranda when I bought him and frankly I don't think Aristotle suspected he was either. He's been rather startled by the object that recently started growing on top of his head! :lol:

    The Oranda in your pic is absolutely stunning though. :)

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