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  1. I would go with two orandas, fantails, ryukins or ranchus as those are about the hardiest of the fancy breeds. You could alternatively have one common (though I would not recomend a even a single comet for a 20-gallon) but it would be nicer for the fish to keep more than one; GF can get lonely on their own. What a thoughtful teacher! Wish mine had been more into fish and less into Maths and French!
  2. Hi Ryukinsamurai, and welcome to Koko's. The main problem you have is too many fish in too small a tank, which I suspect has made the water quality is very poor. Goldfish are exceptionally messy fish which produce a LOT of ammonia, and therefore they really need at least 10 gallons of water space each. Five fish should therefore ideally be in a 50-gallon tank, at the barest minimum (my five are in a 90 gallon). They also need plenty of space to grow; GF can easily reach between 6 and 12" long, but in overcrowded conditions their growth becomes stunted and their immunity to disease is greatly reduced. That said, the symptoms you are describing actually sound mostly like normal colouration changes to me (aside from the red streaks, which we'll get to in a minute). It is not at all unusual for goldfish to turn from red to white - or indeed white to red! - as they get older. Their fancy colours have been bred into them and therefore are not very stable. These changes are nothing to worry about. However, the red streaks are another matter: those are symptomatic of a bacterial infection. This type of infection is almost always the result of poor water quality. Fortunately, the fish seems to have fought off the infection, but in overcrowded conditions I am afraid it will keep returning. You also need to test ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH regularly - at least once a week. Those tests are the only way of knowing for sure how good your water actually is. And you need to increase the amount and frequency of your water changes - about 30-50% weekly is ideal for goldfish - in order to maintain considtently clean water. You would be surprised how quickly the wastes build up. As for food, GF need a balanced and varied diet; I would feed a couple of different varities of dry food, and also some gelled or frozen live foods too. Peas, lightly cooked, de-skinned and mushed, are also a great treat for goldfish and very good for them. Is a larger tank and some test kits an option for you? If not, it might be better to re-home 4 of your 5 fish either with a local pet store or with a friend who has space in their tanks, and just keep one fish in your 10-gallon. Hope this helps.
  3. Okaaay.... Certificates will go in the mail tomorrow for the following people: Froggydella Bigredandblindwillie Dataguru Errika1979 Tamianth JenW Ranchugirl Sandy Fishmerised Tamthelittleblackmoor Old Hag Lozbug Queenie Smack536 Devs Black Oranda Coyote Ugly, Fishrpets and Tinkerbell, I'm awfully sorry but I had a slight mishap with yours due to a full mug of tea and a newspaper left lying on the carpet (don't ask!), so I'm afraid yours will be a few days longer because I am going to have to have them re-printed. *blushes and looks very sheepish* Podgygoldy, Kev, Pearlscale, Raith, Nycole, Myaj, Fisharenewtome, Daryl, LaurieP, Sourmilknightmares and Barbra44 - I can't send yours out until I have your addresses, my dears. Toothy and Captk, I need your addresses AND I need to know what name(s) you would like enscribed on your award winner's certificates! Honestly... get it together you guys!
  4. GF can actually survive up to 90F believe it or not, but it is best to keep them in the high 60's / low 70's if you can. If the tank temp rises above 82F I would cool it off by floating large frozen bottles of water in it, or by leaving the lid up and directing a room fan across the surface; this will knock the temp down several degrees through evaporation. Edit: Forgot to add, the real killer of warm water is lack of oxygen, as warm water holds MUCH less O2 than cool, so the fish can quickly suffocate in warm, still conditions. If the temp goes above the mid-70's then start aerating the tank with everything you've got; I usually run two 12" bubble wands plus another airstone and open both filter venturis to full blast. You're aiming to get the surface absolutely roiling, as this will ensure the water is oxygenated enough.
  5. Carbon is very good at removing pollutants from the watwer and giving it an extra bit of 'sparkle'. It does have a limited life-span though; carbon should always be changed every 6-8 weeks. If it gets too old it will stop absorbing substances and may even begin to release them back into the water. It also doesn't remove *everything*: it won't remove salt, for instance. Though it will remove pretty much any fish meds, so always take out carbon before medicating a tank. Edit: I forgot to add, you don't have to add it to your filter set-up if you don;t want to and in fact many fishkeepers choose not to because it has to be changed regularly, as I mentioned.
  6. I still need addresses from the following people: JenW PodgyGoldy Kev Pearlscale Raith Nycole Myaj Fisharenewtome Sourmilknightmares Tamianth Barbra Toothy Ranchugirl Daryl Laurie C'mon you guys - get PM'ing!
  7. emmahj


    They can be left up to two weeks without feeding, but only if they are well-fed to begin with, if they are mature (over 4" length really) and only if the tank temp is under 65F. I personally do not trust automatic feeders: I have read too many accounts of them malfunctioning and dumping all the food in at once or not releasing it. I would have a trusted friend or neighbor come in once a day during the week you're away to feed them and check on them. That way, if there is a sudden crisis like a filter failure, someone is there to do something about it.
  8. Gosh, Rocko looks exactly like my little ranchu Wriggler, even down to the mischievous expression! That olive-bronze colour is the original colour of goldfish (back when they really were just wild carp). It is still the colour of all goldfish fry during the first few months of life; the fancy colours only appear as they mature. It is very rare that they keep that colour, although if they are put into a pond and allowed to live and breed naturally, sometimes they do.
  9. Hi All, Congratulations once again to all of you. Your outfits were absolutely divine darlings and you looked like the stars you are! Now, I need to know what address you'd like your award certificate(s) sent to please. Members under 18, please check with your parents first before giving out your home address. If anyone is worried about security, I suggest using a work / school address. Each winner / nominee receives a certificate for every award they won or were nominated for, so for examplei f you were nominated for 4 and won 1, you'd get 5 certificates. The certificate designs are different for winners and nominations. Nominees, you'll have your board usernames written on the certificates. Winners, you can opt to have your real names and/or usernames put on if you'd prefer - please just PM or email me your name exactly as you'd like it to appear. Sorry that I can't do this for everyone, but getting 70 different names collected and hand-enscribing them on the certificates takes a lot of time! Don't forget that the certificates are being mailed out from not-so-sunny England, so don't worry if nothing arrives for a couple of weeks. It takes between 4 and 12 days for mail to reach various parts of the US from the UK.
  10. He is so ugly he's cute! I actually like his looks immensely. I think he may be the 'Rocky' of the bubble-eye world. Good on you for taking in a poorly fish. You are a darling.
  11. I think he might be an evil little sod, because his owners said he killed off all the other fish. Although they did not exactly strike me as great fishkeepers so they may well just have put unsuitable tankmates with him. <_< Hm, well, I could probably manage a 20-gallon tank for him - hopefully that will be enough. Thanks for the help.
  12. It is so satisfying to earn money, save up and spend it on the fishy things you really want! Your plans sound cool. And it sounds like you'll have fun painting in the sun with your girlfriend too - you have a happy summer lined up!
  13. That's a ...curious.. way of expressing yourself! Remember this is foremost a goldfish lover's forum and that some younger members can take what you say literally.
  14. Hey guys I have been asked to take in an unloved and unwanted Jack Dempsey, but before I do I need to understand what exactly he will need. I went to a christening last weekend and found him languishing miserably in a small tank. When I asked about him, his owners said 'take him if you want, we don;t really like him much. He's boring.' Poor little soul. So - what's the story with these? I know almost nothing about them and the internet - as always! - offers conflicting advice. Any info gratefully received.
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