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  1. Very interesting Una! Looking forward to reading the replies. TC
  2. Would be interested to know if anyone else has grunting common goldfish or if it's a talent only mine have developed. I have no idea how they make the noise, they must be forcing water out from somewhere. Hubby noticed it a few weeks ago, they incorporated it into their begging for breakfast routine that he gets every morning (hard stares, slapping the water & picking up then blowing gravel at the tank sides to make a clatter). I thought he was going mad but this morning I heard them doing it myself. I have ruled out filter noise btw, the sounds are definitely coming from the 2 fish (huge 4.5 year old commons). Thanks, TC
  3. Not in all cases hun. I have a CAE in with my 2 goldfish & in the right environment & with the right fish (I believe they all have very different temperaments) it can all be harmonious. Helped a lot that my goldfish were the size of adolescent cod & he was the size of my fingernail when he went into the tank. 2 years & 2 inches growth later he still very much toes the line lol. Hope the OP has their situ sorted now. It's awful when the tank kids argue
  4. Can't identify him I'm afraid but most certainly agree with you on him being beautiful! Hope he's compatible & you can keep him. TC
  5. Well, what a saga! After 5 weeks (approx) of no show he's just suddenly reappeared again as if nothing has happened! He's back to all his usual tricks as if there's been a time warp. No change in behavior, he's slightly bigger so he's been eating, he's not showing signs of being timid or scared of the goldies so I doubt it was fear that's kept him hidden. I've come to the conclusion that the only possible explainations are either: a. He's some kind of hedgehog/loach hybrid & has been hibernating. b. He's been away visiting friends for a while. c. There's some kind of inter-dimensional worm hole in the tank. d. He's "The Invisible Fish". I am stumped but v happy he's decided to grace us with his presence again. Big loach lesson learnt: If there's no dead body then they're probably still in the tank somewhere. TC P.S. Thanks everyone for your congrats on the birth announcement post. Enzo is now called Gino (Daddy went off the original name even though he picked it..... men!) & he's doing great :-)
  6. Thought I'd just quickly post for you lovely folk who asked me for an update. Our baby boy "Enzo" arrived safely at 10pm on Fri (6 Apr) night :-) Had a fantastic home water birth, laboured very easily on 2 paracetamol, homeopathy & smiles for almost 4 hours then got into the pool expecting the long haul as contractions were starting to nip a bit. 20 mins later I was holding the little guy! It was all so relaxed I managed to achieve the whole "out of body" self delivery, natural thing. Completely indescribable & life changing experience. I'm still on cloud 9! Here are the girlie stats: 9lb 2oz 62cm long 4 hour 1st stage, 8 mins 2nd stage (3 pushes, weyhey!!) APGAR 9 He's a long 9lb'er rather than a chiubby one & has masses of black hair. Take care everyone, especially you pregnant ladies. TC
  7. Would need a wide angle lense to get my huge lump on a pic now-a-days lol.
  8. Thanks everyone for your help with my earlier panic post. Well, I still haven't found him..... but..... I can't be 100% certain that the wee guy I see out grazing is the same one all the time so it's possible he's still in there but they're only coming out one at a time IYKWIM. Still clueless in other words lol. On a brighter note, my tank has never looked better. I had a problem corner that kept developing an algae patch no matter how well I cleaned or what I used. Not a sign of this since introducing the loaches so they're definitely earning their keep. TC P.S. Baby due on Monday so intently sat home fish watching as I can barely walk. Now have the goldies well trained in hand feeding & chasing anything blue round the outside of the tank..... oh the things we do when we're stuck at home bored lol.
  9. Still no sign Sharon. Even double checked the gravel vac this morning to make sure he hadn't been sucked up :-(
  10. It's a complete mystery Blue. I took the filters off the tank sides & had a look but they're so fast he could have bolted & found another hiding place without me seeing. I can't imagine my goldies killing him but at the end of the day they're animals so you never know. Thing is, I'm heavily pregnant so spend a heck of a lot of time lately sat resting & tank watching. I would have thought that if he'd died or been killed I'd have seen some evidence of this (goldies picking at the body or similar) but there's nothing, he's just vanished. I suppose only time will tell but it's a relief to know they're not prone to jumping, thanks for that :-) TC
  11. Hi All, I have a 50 gallon with 2 commons & 2 tiny loaches. They are great friends, very happy & play well together. Although the commons aren't aggresive they do play fast & hard if you know what I mean. I'm in the process of buying another 50 gallon for a different room. Now, I'm contemplating seperating my commons & having 1 fancy, 1 common, 3 loaches & plenty of "toys", plants etc per tank. What are everyones thoughts on this? Has anyone experienced fish missing their tank mates if seperated? Any problems keeping enthusiastic commons & fancies together? Thanks in advance, TC
  12. Hi All, Could someone who still remembers maths lessons please let me know the equasion for converting mesurements into water capacity (gallons or litres, doesn't matter which)? I'm looking through small ad5 for a 3rd tank & all of them seem to be giving measurements rather than capacity & I can't remember for the life of me how to convert. Thanks, TC EDITS: Not got my spelling head on today.
  13. Hi All, I know I'm prbably being paranoid & that he's in there somewhere but my smallest hillstream hasn't been seen for 3 days & I've just scoured the tank & can't see him anywhere. Does anyone know if these little guys are prone to jumping tank? There is a small gap on 1 part of my hood that it's possible (if unlikely) he could have got through. He went absent on Saturday, last spotted when I was putting a brine shrimp feed & new large pebble in there. Wondering if the shrimp & pebble stressed him out & sent him into hiding? I know they're mostly nocturnal but he always used to make an entrance a few times a day to sit on a plant in the fast current area. Just seems strange for him to break his habbit. Thanks, TC
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