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  1. Thanks you guys so much! My sweet little guy passed this a.m. I am so devastated. RIP sweet little Butter!
  2. Hi everyone. I have two little fantails who has SEVERE SBD. I have done EVERYTHING under the sun and been dealing with it for almost 18 months. At this point, I honestly believe there is permanent damage. I feel horrible about it, too. My one fantail is almost ALWAYS completely upside down - she either bottom sits or lodges herself in one of the plants and hangs out all day. She comes out and swims around for meals and goes right back to her position. My other fantail really has it bad. I swear, it's like someone BLEW him up. At first, he was either stuck at the top or he had to lodge himself in a plant as well. Now, the last week or so, he is bottom sitting on his side. I am not sure how that happened because before he was so floaty he couldn't even touch the bottom. My question is: Are they suffering? They seem miserable to me, but I honestly don't know. Do I euthanize? When is enough enough for these poor little guys? I don't want to euthanize them, I feel horrible about it, but I also feel that these little guys don't have any quality of life. Any input you guys give me will be greatly appreciated.
  3. I'd be interested to see a picture too - my three year old six and a half inch fantail started "smudging" and because it came with bottom sitting I freaked. After treating her and seeing that the black marks became more smudgy and spread, I am begining to think it is her color changing - can you give us a pic?
  4. Hi and welcome to Koko's - I am no expert, in fact, I have relied heavily on the mods here to guide me in caring for my goldies - since your water params all check out, the first indication would be that it is something bacterial, but I too am new so I don't know of any specific bateria. I will tell you this, and it's only my experience, I have seen where keeping the tank salted all the time did result in mild cases of fin rot for some goldies - not saying this is what happened to yours, but I have seen it. Whenever the poop goes bad like that and there is bottom sitting, the first thing I do is change the water out about 90% - I also give the filter intake tubes, etc., a good cleaning - it always surprises me how much gets stuck in the tubes that only comes out with special brushes that they sell at the petstore. The last time I had bottom sitting, I hit my tank hard - First, I dosed my tank with Prazi - the real stuff - the powder - for any parasites - I have a 46 gallon tank and Daryl recommended a 1/2 tsp for the tank and then retreat at 48 hours - she also had me put it in a container and shake it really well before I add it to the tank - mix it as much as possible. I also dosed the tank with Maracyn I and II hoping to wipe out any bacterial infections. At the same time, I fed the Medigold - I can't remember where I got the actual Prazi powder, I will go check my records, etc., but this is what I did with Daryl and some other great Mods' advice, and I am happy to say that my goldies have been ok (knock on wood) for a few weeks now... Like I said, I am very new to this, and am nervous about this advice - but I know it's hard when you put a post in 911 and you don't get a quick response....maybe someone else can come along with more experience and give additional advice. I just know for me that the Maracyns and Prazi powder are the only thing that truly helped my goldies.. Good luck.
  5. Hi Sea, hi everyone. She is ok, BUT the black spots have spread and are more. No other symptoms, though. I just can't figure it out - she is eating fine, etc., but those spots just freak me out. I don't know if I should treat her with another dose of the Maracyns or just keep watching her and keep the water clean -any ideas?
  6. Thanks Trinket! Thanks Daryl - I am going to wait and keep the water PERFECT for a few days and see what happens. My tank has NO GRAVEL and her bottom sitting was for about a day - I am going to keep my fingers crossed and watch her - As for my two baby fish, they have chronic SBD - if the water params are PERFECT and the food is all gel, they don't flip but anything else - even Pro Gold - and they flip. They've been that way for close to a year and a half... I really appreciate everything you guys. I just love this board, bless your hearts - and thanks for being there for me.
  7. McKenzie is not quarantined, but my two other small fantails had some white stringy poop so the Maracyns can only help them - that was my thinking. Plus, the other two are major upside down floaters - over a year now - Maybe it is just the normal development of black spots, I guess I have to remain faithful and keep my eye on her - only time will tell. Do you guys think I should do one more round of the Maracyns to be safe?
  8. Black Spot Disease - eek! I am on my fifth day today of Maracyn II and there seems to be more - should I do another round? I don't want to lose McKenzie - you should see how pretty she is - she is such a good fish, she eats right out of my hand...
  9. Ok...I am using photobucket - I am worried, the spots are getting LARGER not smaller - now that I look at one of them, it appears to be slightly raised, and it didn't a few days earlier...help.. McKenzie is showing no other symptoms now - I have the Maracyns in - she is not clamped, bottom sitting, flashing, nothing. I am flipping out!
  10. I am going to photobucket - I want people to see them..hold on.
  11. sorry everyone, but I can't add a picture all of the sudden can anyone look at the spots and tell me what they think?
  12. Now I can't even add any picture..hold on.
  13. Foooey I can't figure out how to turn off the flash..working on it..
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