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  1. hi guys..it's been so long since i've been on here! and i didnt think i would be, for a while, considering i havent had any golds in a few years and won't be able to afford any for quite a while i dont think! but life happens haha and as luck would have it, one of my friends in my dorm, she left school and left her goldfish to be taken care of by her roommate. the fish's name is Happiness and i can't really quite tell what kind it is because we have a water problem. its pretty round and i haven't seen a wen..what are the options? i forget the types of golds..sad i know! so, again, as luck would have it, while we are in the middle of this water problem (which i'll get to in a few) we also just inherited another fish. a friend of mine won it at a dance tonight (horrible prize, i mean really, its a living thing!) and she didnt know what to do with it. its a celestial and he is SO BEAUTIFUL and i couldnt help but take him knowing that at least a 10 gal with a roomie and cloudy water would be SOMEWHAT better than a fishbowl..or something else just as terrible. so i took him. his name is Bubba, haha, my friend named him. he's calico and really just so beautiful. he's in a bag here sitting on my desk, staring away at me. anyways, so tomorrow (i hope he is alright through the night) morning i need to get him in this ten gal. but the problem with the water is that it's super cloudy and we're not sure why? my friend is trying really hard with this tank but she's not to educated in fishkeeping so i'm trying to help her as much as possible. there is a filter on the tank which she keeps running...she just replaced the cartridge and it was one that didn't even need pre-rinsed? which i'd never seen before but then again, it's been a few years since i've had any fish. she did a water change the other day and took about 1/3 of the water out, not all of it. is that right? i dont remember how much i used to take out and replace. so its not that the water needs changed, and its not the filter. the only thing i can think of is that the water here is very, very, hard and very polluted. we're not even advised to drink it when we brush our teeth. she's using a dechlorinator in the water but what else can we do? i dont' want to have her keep having to buy things for this fish, i get the feeling she's a little overwhelmed by the task already. (she's not a KGW-er ) so...um...any suggestions? i really would hate to see these 2 fish pass away when they are so beautiful and healthy right now.
  2. oh mann....seeing those pics makes me miss my 40 gallon.... i just realized how much i truely miss it, i havent let myself look at alot of pictures! but i understand that i dont have the time, space or money. in the future. definately yes. anyways, my 40 gal. for a year was a river rock/pebble bottom and eventually i took most of it out and just scattered a few handfuls on the bottom...it is much healthier i think because some of that water underneath the rocks you just can't get to with the vac and so it sits there stagnant...LESS IS MORE!!!! MORE IS LESS!!!
  3. good ole Maryland, USA..home of the...nations capital? the president? (or would that be considered DC..never did get that.) ok. heres one you all would like: home of the National Aquarium.
  4. wow...thats amazing!!!! but it says a 'snorkling tank'....they look like they are just sitting there, not 'snorkling' cause its not like they can move around or anything! i wonder how they got inside? in the big pic, it looks like its not far from the ceiling....rather difficult to get in and even more difficult to get out, huh?
  5. i eat fish (but not goldfish!) when i'm eating fish i dont think of my gf cause as nancy said, they are separate. i'm catholic and on fridays during lent (right now) we can't eat meat....so fish it is if you want somehting of that substance. i looooove haddock and flounder.
  6. omgosh i just saw this! i'm sorry koko! i hope that by now you are better...it really sucks to be sick. at least you can look at your fishies for hours on end! i hope that all is well by now.
  7. aw carol, i'm sorry. its good that you learned from this but i'll miss puppy. he was a beauty..err, excuse me, HANDSOME and and he knows how much you loved him.
  8. Hip hip hooray! koko and td made our day! hip hip hooray! we couldnt speak of our love for them, theres TOO MUCH TO SAY!
  9. ok, we can all stop shaking and sputtering, now that our addiction has been fed!
  10. YAY! round of applause!!! (but hopefully there wont be an encore!)
  11. haha, I KNEW thats what you were talking about TD!!!! and then paul said about spongebob...and i was like 'but i thought that was on seinfeld???!" i knew it! yeah, you better not say what it is. yay for the board being back up! so we are going to switch to a new server now? this one is invision, so it will be different. will anything about *this* board (looks, where buttons are, etc) change? good work you two!
  12. YAY FOR KOKO AND TD!!!!! WOO!!! koko, maybe you can put a link to the old board on that white page that shows up when the board is down, so that if people have probs (like me, unfortunately) they can go there?
  13. but i came home from school today to find my fish dead.....he hadnt moved since this morning, and was in the spare tank with my filter from the other tank AND the regular filter from the spare tank running. last night i went out and bought a little 'breeding' thingy to hang on the side and i put him in there so that the water could be running while he didnt have to worry about being sucked up...i also used the Mardel Coppersafe stuff. I also bought these tab things, by Jungle, called Ich Clear, they look like alkaseltzer. i put one of those in the bucket with the gravel and half of one in with my healthy fish just to make sure he's ok....but i noticed last night that whenever i come near that tank, or turn on the light, he darts like MAD. theres no visible signs or anything except for the fact that he looks a little..bloated i guess? he looks longer, vertically. but i dont know if that is just because he's in a hexagon tank, and not a rectangle one and maybe that makes a difference? this is now the last fish i have...and he's my oldest. i dont want him to go, even more than i didnt want my other one to....this is soo darn frustrating and i BET that none of this would have happened so bad, so quickly, if my stupid tank wouldnt have broke. i mean, i know that it probably would have happened slightly but i KNOW that the fact that i've had to move these fish around 3 times, from bucket to bucket to tank in less than 3 hours definately stressed them both out. i hate this so much. and to top it all off, now i'm not so sure i'm getting a new tank after all, the lady at nnnnnn made it seem like i wouldnt even though the people at the tank company told me i would. to everyone who's helped me thus far, through email and the old board, a big THANK YOU. i dont know waht i would do with out you all.
  14. i am planning on finishing it when i am laying around the house after my wisdom teeth come out. at least, on the second day. on the first day (tomorrow) i'll be pretty messed up.
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