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  1. I think about 3 weeks now. Oinklet had a creamy white/yellow substance coming out of her head a few days before her death, also she swelled up (pineconed) and stopped eating. Gumpy currently has no external problems, but is not eating once he got off of furan-2. I suspect the furan-2 was a stop gap for him and now that he is off his meds he is starting to feel poorly again. He used to have a head sore that healed when I put him through furan-2. I checked carefully and he is not pineconing, but not eating either starting today, I got him off furan-2 yesterday, and he was eating while on furan-2. I read on several websites that hole in the head is effectively treated with metronidazole. My gut tells me to treat him with it, which I will do tomorrow unless advised strongly against it or if I have other good options to choose from.
  2. I was planning on stopping feeding medi-gold, but they didn't get better.. but they have been on meds for a long time, so I will stop feeding medi-gold now. After reading up on hole in the head disease and dropsy, I am convinced that is what oinklet had. I fear that gumpy may fall to the same fate. I have metronidazole on hand, and I am considering doing this one last medication.
  3. Actually gumpy won't eat anything now. He won't eat at all (doesn't go in his mouth). He is in non-medicated water now. I have been changing 30% of the water and testing all the water parameters daily. I fear that he may have what oinklet had, which I suspect hole in the head followed by dropsy. I know a lot of medication is bad, but i wonder if I should use metronidazole
  4. Unfortunately oinklet passed away 2 days ago, she started pine coning and I knew that was the end. Her tank mate Gumpy is still doing ok, but strangely only likes to eat medi-gold. I was going to stop medication and start feeding pro-gold again, but he doesn't eat it. I also tried feeding peas and he wouldn't eat it. But he loves medi-gold.. any suggestions?
  5. Well the white stuff/sores are gone. Gumpy (the not so sick one who didn't eat much) is much better, will eat and swim around now. His sore is also almost gone. But oinklet (the sicker one, who didn't eat at all for 8 days except for 1-2 pellets and had white fluffy stuff on her head) now has no more white stuff, but is still pale and upside down. Before I put her in the medicated hospital tank she was upside down and a bit pale. Now she is about the same or possibly a bit worse.
  6. So you think I should discontinue medication and do a massive water change? So a quick review, she started not eating and had some white stuff leaking out of her head(low PH high nitrates), then I raised the PH/KH and did 20%-40% water changes daily. I also added salt slowly. I did a salt dip and massaged her belly (in case something was stuck) and that day she ate 1-2 pellets. 2 days ago she was flipped upside down and pale and her tank mate got a red sore (both not eating). I moved them both to a hospital tank and started medication. In the hospital tank, the one with a sore got a lot better, she is eating again. The one who is upside down and pale does not look better or worse than before I put her in the hospital tank.
  7. One more update. She is still alive, but still weak and pale, as well as upside down. She can still swim a bit, but she hasn't eaten in over a week. Her belly is not mushy and she seems to recognize people and swim over. I tried with limited success to force feed her using a dropper in her mouth and squeezing in some mushed up fish food. She spit a lot of it back out, but hopefully some got in. In the past, by the time the goldfish gets to this stage (pale, weak) they seem to die very fast after. I guess she is a fighter, but I don't know what else to do.
  8. She is with another goldfish, since the other goldfish has a red sore. I added in Furan-2 medication into the water. I tested the water in the QT tank and the numbers look ok. The PH is between 7.4 and 7.8 according to both my strip and drop tests. The Ammonia test says 0 (API drop test). The nitrites are 0 and nitrates are between 0 and 20 (strip test). I tried to feed her peas and medi-gold soaked in garlic juice. She is very weak and upside down with a pale color (but in the middle of the tank). Since she was near the top i gently grabbed her and put the food straight into her mouth. She spit it back out. I fear the end is probably near for her =(. She is looking pale and has some white stuff from her head is being leaked out into the tank. I took a q-tip and poked her head and it was bleeding, so I disinfected it with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide on a q-tip.
  9. I forgot to add that its been 1 week that she barely ate (3 days ago she ate like 2 pellets). Should I try to force feed her soon? or are goldfish ok not eating for so long?
  10. oinklet took a turn for the worse yesterday, I put her in a medicated tank and she is still swimming around, but very weak and upside down. She survived the night. Here is her today.. I don't know if she will make it much longer.. Here is her and her brother gumpy 1.5 years ago! Oinklet is on the left.
  11. I tested using strip and API drops (a couple times) and the PH looks like its 7.5 now. Nitrates are down to 20. Ammonia and nitrites are still 0. They are not looking so great =(. I'm going to transfer them to the hospital tank and medicate them again. They have some red sores and now both are not eating. I feel so bad for my goldfish oinklet and gumpy (my wife named them). I have had them since they hatched, sadly their mother who was in my dad's care passed away last year. Thanks again for all your help, I really hope they can pull through my mistake! 2 years is too short a life for a goldfish.
  12. Thanks I'll try to get some of that seachem gold buffer. It looks like the KH has risen to 180 (mq/L) and PH has risen to about 7.2ish. She ate a little yesterday (1-2 pellets) and none today so far. I'm going to try to slowly boost the Kh and change some more water today. Thanks for all your help.
  13. I have this: seachem alkaline buffer Just to be sure, I should be aiming for around ph 7.5? Thanks for all your help, I will be getting a api drop test kit for ph when the store opens today.
  14. I'll pick some up tomorrow. Which parts seem wrong? I have a drop test kit for gh/kh (from API that I didn't use) and the strips are made by API. I recently retested them, and my wife says I must be color blind because she says the GH is 0 and the kh is about 20 now, on the API 5 in 1 test strips, this is after I added 5 teaspoons of alkaline buffer and the PH shows around 7 now.
  15. My test strip says: ph 6.0 (but thats the lowest it goes) kh: 0 gh: 0 I have this product called "alkaline buffer" I am starting to add it to the goldfish tank now slowly.. =( Also does my nitrates seem high? I have changed the water 3 times in the last 3 days (20% about each).
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