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  1. They're probably planaria...which is a sign of a healthy tank but also a sign that theres uneaten food. If you start noticing lots of them maybe cut back on teh food a little and do really good gravel vacs when clean your tank. You might try google searching planaria to see if thats what it looked like, if its not planaria then it could be something potentially harmful.
  2. mmm has brigs...they don't carry canas, haustrums or marisas. I don't think they ever have except for the odd one now and then got somehow got mixed in with the brigs during shipping. If you're lucky they might have marisas...but probably 99% of them don't.
  3. From what I've heard thats a really good deal for a salt tank! If you're interested in setting up for salt water you should go for it! Theres a few members here who know lots about salt tanks if you need help, reefman has a beautiful set up...he'd prolly be happy to help you out with advice and such
  4. Eh, they're not super quiet but they're not bad either. I love my Penguin Bio-Wheels but sometimes they get pretty loud, theres something about the two part top that causes an annoying vibration sometimes. I've used whisper filters for more than 10 years and haven't had much to complain about though
  5. They could get brigs from any state if the breeders have the proper permit...but a lot of stores don't want to mess with the whole permit system so they're only buying from local breeders. Its sad really, all because some people were irresponsible and let their snails go in the wild. I'm afraid the plant eating apples are eventually going to go the way of GALS and be banned completely.
  6. They're not banned. Not yet at least. About a year and a half ago the USDA made it illegal to ship Canas, Marissas and Haustrums across state lines. Pretty much the only snails that can be legally shipped are brigs...and even then you need a USDA permit that you have to jump through hoops to get. If you do apply for a brig permit you pretty much can't own any other type of snail because if the USDA comes looking and finds other types they'll assume you've been illegally shipping those. The climate in the snail world is a bit uneasy over these new restrictions.
  7. What a nice invader! My pond has lots of invaders of that variety...according to my mom we know have a bull frog hanging out. I haven't seen the beast yet because I haven't been home in three weeks but I hear its huge and my mom has named it Freddie
  8. Yep, they're a breed of apple. Haustrums are plant eaters like canas...but their spire is more brig like than a cana. They're in the same complex as cana because of their indented sutures on the spire. They get a little bigger than brigs but not nearly as big as canas. I think they only come in one color as well...unlike both canas and brigs. They're in the same complex as cana because of their indented sutures on the spire. They also have a fairly distinctive foot, its very wide and has a blue tint...I can always tell my haustrum from my canas just by size of the foot when they're climbing on the glass.
  9. ooh Haustrum eggs! How exciting! My first pair of haustrums gave me a couple clutches but the first was infertile because it was her first and the second...well, I let it get too dry and it died If you want really good advice on hatching I would suggest popping in to applesnail.net ....those people are as nuts about snail as we are about goldies Good luck!
  10. I had a really rough time quarenteening Bubbles for three weeks because she appears to be perfectly happy but I kept telling myself better safe than sorry...so now that her three weeks in the 10 gallon are up she's swimming around with Scud in the big tank. They seem to get along really well so far Bubbles: Scud: Bubbles + Scud:
  11. I keep several snails in with my goldies and I've never ever had a problem. Even my new goldie doesn't bother the snails and they're a new thing to her. I've had the snails since before I got Scud and he was one of those dinky $1.99 fish from mmm so he pretty grew up with them.
  12. nichjake

    My Betta

    He's still beautiful even though he's not been well
  13. I ended up getting a short tail ryu....heres the link to the pics http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...mp;#entry690065
  14. Yeah I did, Preuss's is amazing...have you been there? After I having major issues with ich and other nasties when I got Scud and his former tankmate (RIP Frosty) I swore that the next goldie I'd get would come from Preuss's because they actually take care of their fish
  15. nichjake

    Bettas And Goldfish?

    When I was little my mom had a tank for me with a betta and a couple "feeder" goldfish. The betta chased the goldies around to the point where they literally jumped out of the tank to get away from him. He eventually caused their deaths doing this. So yeah, based on my experience I'd say keep them seperate...besides, they have different needs. Bettas like warmer water, goldies like colder...and their nutritional needs are different as well.
  16. Healthy, fertilized eggs should look like clear little bubbles at first and then you'll see a little dark spec inside the egg which is the baby developing. Any cloudy and or fuzzy looking eggs should be removed right away or else they'll infect the healthy eggs.
  17. Thanks guys She is such a little cutie, her personality is just adorable. I'll have to figure out how to post a video so you guys can see what I mean
  18. Whoa Thats really weird...and amazing
  19. I've been tossing the idea in my head all summer....I wanted a ryukin and since I had more than enough space I finally broke down and got one. So..... She's a cute little thing, the way she swims around is the cutest...shes so curious and friendly. When the lady at the LFS got the net out to catch her she practically swam right in like she knew it was her turn to go home with someone lol. The way she was front and center at the tank at the LFS reminded me of a little puppy at the pound saying "pick me, pick me" Anyways, heres her first round of pics while I was aclimating her to the water here. I haven't named her yet but I have a feeling Bubbles is going to stick.....at least that'll be what my roomie calls her
  20. Good thing you found him before he had been stuck too long! I have a comet in the pond that likes to get stuck places....I've saved his life no less than three times because he always finds somewhere to get stuck. The first time he got stuck under a rock and we noticed him missing right away so we found him within hours of his getting stuck. The second time he wasn't quite so lucky. He wedged himself in between folds of the pond liner and he was missing for a whole day before we found him. This most recent time he got scraped up pretty badly and had been stuck for at least two days before I went into the pond to look for him. When I found him and got him out he sank straight to the bottom and laid on his side...I thought for sure he was gonna die. But two days later he was acting like his old self again so I guess he was just stressed pretty badly. I don't know how many more times the little stinker will be lucky enough to be found before its too late.
  21. Adorable fish you've got their....Iggy is just tooooo cute
  22. Galileo say hi eh? Well tell him I said I hi back My fantail lets me handle him to. Being in college I have to move a couple times a year...that means completely tearing down my tanks and hauling them across the state of michigan . All the moving has gotten Scud used to me handling him because I never use nets to catch my fish, its too easy to hurt them that way. He just calmly lets me pick him up and put him in his bucket for transport...he doesn't even make me chase him around the tank My bettas and plecos are another story though
  23. No, a 2.5 gallon tank isn't even suitable for guppies to live in let alone breed in. Guppies need 2-3 gallons per fish on average (1 gallon for every inch of fish). I'd say your tank isn't even large enough to house a single guppy and even if it were that would be a bad idea because guppies are social and like to have others of their kind around.
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