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  1. I have a common in my pond that was mostly orange with some white but over the summer she went completely white. I've had her for almost 6 years and she just now changed. I hope its not all that uncommon
  2. Very nice! I wish I had that kind of luck with plants...my snails keep eating all of mine
  3. I'm hoping its normals...my bettas do that all the time
  4. Jeez, when I first looked at the pic it didn't even register that it didn't have a tail....I just assumed that the fish was in the process of turning and its tail was hidden from view. I didn't even know someone would do such a thing to a fish, how horrible! I can't imagine what kind of person would think that its cool to mutilate a perfectly beautiful fish, certaintly no one I'd want to know!
  5. Hmmm, I must just be lucky....I've never had a problem with my goldies picking on my snails. Even when I go away and the goldies go without food for a few days they leave my snailies alone. Everyone gets along fine in my tank
  6. Yep, looks like a lovely red cap oranda! Pretty fish you've got there
  7. Congrats on the new fish and welcome to the board! Listy is a cutie, I've always loved blue orandas
  8. Yep, mystery snails are P. bridgesii usually. Which is a non-plant eating type of applesnail. If you want to know more applesnail.net is a great place to learn
  9. Yeah, I all but sanitized after my first betta died. This was almost a year ago so I don't think he picked up anything leftover from before. Its still makes me wonder though. I don't have anything in there not intended for aquarium use but still... Maybe its just bad luck, who knows.
  10. Hadrian passed sometime during the night. When I checked on him this morning he was gone. That tank seems cursed, Hadrian is the second betta I've lost to dropsy thats lived in that tank. I've got to break it down and clean it up tomorrow when I have time, today I've got class until 8 pm so I'll be beat when I get home. RIP Hadrian
  11. When I left for Thanksgiving last wednesday all my fish were fine. When I got back Sunday afternoon Hadrian was all pineconed . He still showed interest in food so I medicated for dropsy (I'm pretty sure thats what he has) but I'm afraid its just too late. The poor guy is hanging on but this morning he didn't want to get up from the bottom to eat. I have a feeling he isn't going to last much longer. He was such a beautiful boy, it breaks my heart to see him all swollen and tattered. I just don't know what happened, I did a water change right before I left...the water quality was near perfect. He seemed just fine. I'm just bummed right now I guess
  12. Those vacation feeders are notorius for mucking up the water quality. If they aren't completely consumed the food starts to rot (which is never good) and then theres the plaster being released into the water, if you're going to be gone a week or less they're not worth it. Even if you're going to be gone more than a week you should try all other options before thinking about using them. I used one once when I was gone for a week and a half. I used a 3 day one so I knew that it would all get eaten in a few days and then the fish would be fine until I got back. I wouldn't use it again though unless there were no other options, too much risk.
  13. nichjake

    Filters For Bettas

    I would definatly find a way to be able to keep the filters...its soooo much easier to keep fish healthy in a cycled tank. Perhaps a filter sponge around it would help?
  14. Yeah, loaches have a tendancy to do that....did you happen to get a dojo loach by any chance? I had a pair a while back...they were the most amazing creatures I'm not sure what you should do except make sure there aren't any opening in the hood where it could get out when you're not standing right there....and open the tank as little as possible I guess.
  15. Wow, thats pretty cool! That last pic would be a great one to show people when they ask what eggs look like
  16. Awww, I'm so glad to hear you rescued the little guy! Blind fish get along just fine. I have two blind commons in my pond, one of which just lost her sight recently...I'm not sure why. The other has been blind for a couple years. They do great.
  17. Wow, I'll have to agree with Ryuu's HOLY CARP! I've never seen a koi that big. Theres a koi pond at one of the local apple orchards that has some biggies...my guesstimate is 2.5-3 ft but I couldn't imagine a 4 footer
  18. I used to have some white gravel mixed in with some bright colored gravel in my 10 gal betta tank but I got sick of looking at the creeping brown crud that I just couldn't get rid of. Now I have river rock type gravel in there. I never tried algea fix type stuff because I didn't want to add chemicals to my tank that weren't absolutely needed. As far as I know white gravel is a losing battle...
  19. If your betta is pretty lazy then they'd probably be okay. I had some guppies with my old lazy betta and he just ignored them. Then he died and the new betta I got, Hadrian, had a major attitude. After only a month he had killed all my guppies The only tank make Hadrian will tolerate is a BN pleco thats been in there since it wasn't even an inch long baby. So I say it depends on the betta, some will allow other fish in their space...others won't.
  20. I can understand your frustrations. I was about to throw in the towel and I thought I'd give it one more try. Thats when I bought Scud and Frostie as $1.99 babies from mmm. Frostie has since died, she had SBD problems and then dropsied when I was in florida over christmas with my dad taking care of her. She died the day after I got back . Scud on the other hand has turned into one handsome fella. He's grown so much and is super healthy A couple months ago I got him a buddy and she's doing great as well. Hopefully these new fish will be the turn around you need
  21. A rubbernose pleco would get along fine with your goldies but I'd be hesitant to add one because 6 gallons really isn't enough....plecos are almost as dirty as goldies. I personally wouldn't give a pleco less than 10 gallons to itself, but thats just my opinion.
  22. The only time I do "just in case" treatment is when I get a new fish and that's only if there was any sign of illness in the tank (or system of tanks depending on lfs filtration system) that I got the fish from. If there wasn't any sign of illness I just quarantine for a few weeks and treat whatever might come up. Treating apparently healthy tanks "just in case" can cause the undesirable things to build up a resistance to the treatments.
  23. I'm not sure what the problem might be. I know its sometimes recommended to soak new airstones because the pores or whatever need time to open up...maybe thats whats going on? Also have you checked to make sure your air pump is putting out enough air to make a decent amount of bubbles?
  24. I've got lots of stuff to! I have a 30 gallon hex tank that has an older air pump, two filters, fake plants a breeders net, spare gravel and a bunch of random little things in it, in my closet I have a box with salt, two internal filters, more gravel, fake plants, ornaments, extra filter cartidges and a whole bunch of other stuff. I also have an empty 10 gallon tank in the linen closet and an empty 29 gal tank and stand. I've got a bunch of fish bags hanging around somewhere to just in case I need them sometime. Somewhere I have a spare canister filter that I keep resolving to set up but somehow I never get around to it. I've also got a bunch of stuff hidden in my tank stands.
  25. I've got my oldest betta in a 10 gal all to himself, he loves it. My other two are in 5 gal tanks. With the larger space I can have decent filtration and bubbles and still have nice quiet areas for him when he wants nice still water. My bettas in the smaller tanks flip out it I try to add a filter or anything that moves the water because it disturbs the whole tank.
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