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  1. They're generally not as aggressive as the common plecos. The male BN that I keep with my goldies has a bit of a temper on him but I've never seen him chase the goldies, he'll just tell them to get away from him. My female BNs are really laid back except for when I try to handle them.
  2. I have a whisper 3i in my 5 gal betta tank...its never given me reason to complain.
  3. I signed up and haven't gotten anything....but since it was a FREE offer I'm not gonna get my panties in a twist because I haven't gotten it yet.
  4. Thats a really cool story, very informative. I wish there were more fish vets around...it would be nice to be able to take our finned friends to the vet like that. The lady who wrote the story is lucky to have a vet around that treats fish.
  5. This first is at least part ryukin....but the hump isn't very pronounced. Its a tossup whether to call it a fantail or ryukin. I would lean towards "poor quality" ryukin but since its your baby quality doesn't matter....its a lovely fish either way. The second is either a blue or black oranda....its looks like a black in the process of a color change to me, but its hard to tell...definatly an oranda though.
  6. Yeah, some people are really into raising goldies for show....it appears you came across a group who is obsessed with perfection. I tried hanging out at another goldie forum to but I couldn't stand the people there....eveyone is so much nicer here
  7. I have a bit of bamboo that I've had in my 10 gal betta tank for over a year...its always done really well. This weekend when I was doing waterchanges I noticed part of it was a tad yellow so I pulled it out to examine it. The smallest of the three stalks in squishy...I fear it might be dead. This is one of the little potted things that you can get at stores like mmm and the three stalks are bundled together. The two larger stalks are fine but I was wondering if any of you have had to dissect these plants before. Should I just cut the dead one off as close to the base as I can or should I try and extricate it from the bunch? Should I do anything to make sure the rest of the plant doesn't go to squish? I took it out of the tank but Tiberious misses his bamboo, he likes to rest on the curves of the stalks.
  8. I like both...the only thing I'd have considered changing is the background...but I think thats just my personal preference for dark backgrounds that make everything in the tank stand out.
  9. Thats very interesting...how can you tell? My friend got him from a place that raises their own bettas for sale and they take very good care of their fish...so I don't think lack of care was a problem with this guy. None of the other fish they had were white like Trajan was...so I can imagine how the marble gene thingie might come into play. Either way hes a beautiful boy and has a great personality. My friend that got him for me is proud that he did a good job lol
  10. The tank is 45 gallons. You want snail pics? Oh boy...I've got 10 snails in there (too many, I know..8 of them were rescues and their shells aren't in good shape at all) lemme see if I can find some decent pics. This is my haustrum who has a shell pigment problem, he should be dark brown and stiped...its kind of an old pic, hes about twice that size now And this is Dani, my big cana And the snails I rescued when I first got them, you can see the shell damage....they're all canas.
  11. My best friend got me this little fella for my birthday last year....and hes slowly changed color on me! I didn't think bettas did that If I didn't know better I'd swear he was a different fish....weird When I first got him: Now: And his 5 gallon house:
  12. Whole tank: Bubbles: I thought he was a girl till he got breeding stars lol and Bubs when I first got him for comparison Scud examining the temperature reading: And the two together:
  13. Yeah....carbon dioxide. Thats what I meant...I wonder what planet my mind was vacationing on when I made my original post
  14. Don't worry...none of my babies are sick My aquaculture prof said that the commonly used method of euthansia in commercial aquaculture is putting the fish in carbon saturated water (club soda type stuff) and that this is regarded as a humane way to euthanise them. I haven't heard of this before he mentioned it friday, I had to hurry out of class to catch the bus so I didn't get a chance to talk to him about it, I plan to after class tomorrow. I'm just curious if you guys have heard of this, what are your opinions on it and how does it work? I know clove oil acts as an anesthetic...but what does carbon do? Does it do the same thing? Thanks guys
  15. I've got a couple of those, they work just fine for me. I've been having more trouble with my air pump wanting to die...but thats what I get for getting the cheap-o pumps. I have a 15 inch black bendy tube that I don't normally use because its in my "spare tank kit" but my bigger one, I think its 22 inches works great and I've had it for a little over a year. It is annoying though becuase it works its way up through the gravel, luckily its the same color as my gravel so it doesn't quite stick out like a sore thumb.
  16. But hagfish don't eat the other fish alive...they're scavengers. They eat mostly sea worms but they'll eat their way into a larger, dead fish and eat it from the inside out if they happen to find one. They're blind, jawless and bottom dwellers so they're just not built to be predators and theres no evidence of them attacking healthy fish. They've been known to attack fish that are too ill to move much...but thats about as predatory as they get. At least according to my zoology professors here at MSU. I think their slime is awesome, try youtubing hagfish slime...the first video that comes up is pretty awesome I think. The Fear factor one is cool to
  17. 40 gallon might be okay for 3 fish...its all up to the fishes genes. Some orandas can get up over 8 inches not including the tail, but not all have the genes to grow so big. I would skip the sand on the bottom though. Goldies like to pick around at the bottom and sand is very irritating to their gills.
  18. Yep, lampreys are killing lots of fish in the great lakes...they're a major pest not to mention disgusting! We're dissecting them in my comparative anatomy lab....they're downright foul. Theres lots of types of them though, not sure which kind is pictured. And aren't rat tails (#5) and grenadiers (#10) the same type of fish? I'm pretty sure they are.
  19. None of my other pets pay attention to the fish. When we want to occupy our psycho kitten for a few minutes we'll make a big fuss over the fish and plop her down on top of the tank...but other than that she ignores them because she prefers my gerbils. My dogs couldn't care less. Heres the kitten on the tank....its an old pic, she's all grown up now.
  20. When you move the pleco be cafeful again of the salt. Unless theres illness in the tank that you were using the salt to treat I would recommend doing your regular water changes but not adding the salt back in. Moving a fish from salted water to non salted water suddenly can really stress then out, its best to do it gradually. So the issue with the plec started before the salt? Hmmm...I think blue asked if he was rubbing on anything, is he? Also is the tank aerated (air stone)? Do your other fish appear totally normal? Any little detail will help
  21. Mine don't hang out together either...but they sure like to make babies, I've got more than I know what to do with. If your male kinda disappears for a few days he might be guarding eggs...then you're really in for it
  22. hokay...the salt might be part of the problem. Plecos do not like salt and in high enough concentrations it can hurt them. What is your salt concentration? Why did you start salting to begin with?
  23. Yay! How exciting! I'm up to my ears in BN babies but I remember how excited and confused I was when I first spotted babies from the first batch, it was wonderful. Your girl must have laid eggs before you moved her...they can be sneaky. I didn't even know mine bred until I was siphoning the tank and a little thing stuck itself to the siphon...my first thought was "what the....what is that?!?!?!" lol. Congrats!
  24. The applesnails that you can buy in the store won't do a thing for algea...most would rather starve than eat algea (at least thats how mine are). They breed quite a bit if conditions are right and you have a male and female, but their eggs are laid in clutches above the water so its super easy to remove unwanted eggs...so no problems with uncontrolled breeding. With apples you need to make sure there is plenty of space for them, they're poo factories. Almost as bad as goldies. Unless you want them because you really like them I'd recommend passing because all they do is muck up the tank and look awesome. They need at minimum 2.5 gallons per snail, depending on the variety. I'm assuming you'd be getting brigs because they're the only ones readily available because of shipping laws. My canas and haustrums get 5 gallons per snail because they're so much bigger than brigs...but you should plan on 3-5 gallons per snail for them to be comfy. As Crissy mentioned snails are piggys, you'll have to get them snail biscuits (or make them yourself) and or give them fresh veggies on a regular basis. Left over fish food isn't enough. My snails love dandelion leaves and romaine lettuce. If you want to have access to everything you need to know and more about apples you should check out www.applesnail.net . They're the local snail experts. Hope to see ya over there
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