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  1. He is beautiful! I think he's the prettiest betta I've ever seen...wow
  2. I just took a silver sharpie and wrote a letter on each cord at the plug (F for filter, A for airpump and so on....)It really does make chosing cords to pull much easier
  3. I went home this weekend to take a look at the gang and they all look good. The gal I posted pics of earlier is starting to heal quite nicely, I think she's gonna be fine. The suicidal houdini fish looks pretty good, very scraped up but not nearly as bad as the girl. I think he'll be fine so long as he stays out of trouble.
  4. It seems that I was a little too hasty to call him lost after having only been missing 8 or 9 days.... My mother was dismantling our waterfall thing yesterday afternoon and guess who she found. Yes...she found him, stuck...but alive and seemingly okay. She says he's a little scraped up, but not nearly as bad as the girl I posted pics of...according to my mother he's swimming around with the rest of the fish again like nothing happened. This little bugger never ceases to amaze me...I can't wait to get home and see for myself how he looks but it'll prolly won't be till Father's day weekend that I'll be able to. And to think I was so upset that I thought he was gone forever....I'm so glad and soooo shocked that he turned up alive and well. Both my fish are very very lucky critters to have survived their ordeals. Hopefully my girl will continue to heal as well as she has been, I still can't get over how perfectly normal shes been acting with all those scales gone...she looks like a swimming fish fillet I just can't believe it
  5. The trap door snails around here often push 3 inches long...but they're not nearly as pretty as applesnails. Their faces are cute though.
  6. My suicidal comet finally pulled a stunt when I wasn't there to save him. Over a week ago he and one of my females turned up missing under my moms watch. She looked and looked and found the female very badly scraped up. She couldn't find my little guy though...I feel horrible. I had a knack for finding him, I feel like if I had been home I could have found him...I don't trust my mom to look as hard as she should have. I had had him for 7 years...he was my first goldie since I was a little kid. I bought him as a feeder fish to give to my turtle and I just couldn't go through with it. He started his life with me in a one gallon critter keeper and lived there for over a year. Then we dug a small pond and got some common goldfish and I moved him in with them. He had his first close call that summer when he got trapped under a rock, I saved him and he wasn't hurt at all. Two summer later he got stuck in a fold in the liner, it took me a couple days to find him. When I found him he was very stressed and I didn't think he was gonna make it. Last summer he had his closest call, I thought for sure he wasn't gonna make it, after I freed him from where he was stuck he just sank to the bottom laying on his side and not moving. I scooped him up and put him on one of the shallower shelves and kinda hid him in the plants so the others would leave him alone. He didn't move from that spot for a couple days. But, after about a week he was back to normal. So now I'm mourning his disappearance. My fish that I've had for so long and rescued so many times... Heres a pic of him: And heres the girl that got stuck and my mom rescued...you can see how bad she looks, I'm amazed she's acting normal and since its been over a week I'm hoping she survives:
  7. Yeah, theres 2 pretty big goldies in there with them. Dad hasn't let them out of the cave yet...but hes making the occassional appearance outside the cave to eat so I have a feeling I'll be seeing them soon.
  8. My male BN pleco has made himself scarce the last couple weeks so I was starting to worry but I caught a glimpse every now and then so I didn't check on him. Then the crazy idea popped into my head that "what if the baby plec in there with him was a female and had reached sexual maturity?" I had assumed the little one was a male because my boy was pretty agressive towards it. This thought scared me into checking and what do I find? Babies. At least 20 of them. I don't know what to do. I'm not happy about it because I've already got too many plecos, and I'm kinda mad I didn't get off my lazy butt and get the little pleco out of there sooner. But...more babies.....now what? Argh, just needed to share.
  9. It is illegal to ship Canas and Haustrum across state lines becasue they are plant eaters and are causing problems in many southern states. Brigs you need a permit to ship. I don't think they are fully illegal in any state, but there are a lot of shipping restriction. If you want one of the big applesnails you should start searching for someone within your state that has them...you'll be hard pressed to find one any other way and if you get caught having them shipped from another state the USDA will come confiscate the snails. Heres a link to a thread about it over at applesnail.net: http://www.applesnail.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=14658
  10. In case you can't get a pic of yours heres a pic of mine from the second time my guys spawned, the eggs were just about to hatch...I think some had started hatching. You can see dad's fin in the bottom of the ornament. I got over 30 babies from that little bit of eggs
  11. Don't let appearance fool you....last time my plecos layed eggs I thought there was a dozen at most. There are at least 30 that survived from that brood...and in the three times my guys have bred they've had over 100 babies. I had to play musical tanks to get the male all by himself so they wouldn't have more babies.
  12. Yep, you should just leave them be. Dad will gaurd the eggs and hatchlings until they "leave the nest". All of mine grew up with goldies and had no trouble avoiding being eaten. I didn't feed mine anything special, they just got fish food and zuchinni and algea wafers mostly, they love peas to....but if you can find a way to get them something special without everyone else in the tank eating them first it might not be a bad idea. Good luck!
  13. Wow They're beautiful....and soooo big! Amazing growth....
  14. The water is pretty green, theres algea everywhere and the bottom is covered in oak leaves....but we don't have any oak trees within sight of the pond...how did that happen? Anyways, we scooped out the bottom, got the pumps running, checked on the plants, I changed some water and my mom (against my wishes) added an algea killer. It looks like most, if not all, of the fish made it. We lost three frogs who we found at the bottom....luckily most of them made it though, they're out in full force and super friendly. Theres one that will just sit there and let me pick it up. Anyways, thought you might like some pics. The waterspill thingie all covered in gook: My school of goldfish...and to think, I only bought 6 of them: One of the mama fish...she used to be mostly orange, now she's white and I'm pretty sure she's blind: Frogs! I counted at least 9 of them:
  15. Yeah, I can't keep brigs to save my life....but I do really well with the plant eaters. Just my luck really, I so love planted tanks but with my crew live plants wouldn't last long
  16. Applesnails with goldies is tricky business. Lots of times the goldies will like to nibble on the snails, nipping off tentacles and sometimes eyes. My goldies leave my snails alone...but I've heard most don't. If you decide to get a snail have a back up plan in case your goldie sees the snail as something tasty. Dojos are cool critters and can be kept with goldies as far as I know. I had a pair at one time and they got along fine. The only thing I don't like is that you can't use a lot of common medicines with them because they're scale-less. The same is true for snails but its easier to catch and put a snail in another container when you're treating the tank. Dojos are hard to catch. They also require food other than goldfish food (so do snails). The worst thing about dojos (in my opinion) is that they can jump out of the water...if your tank hood has ANY little hole in it (even by the filter) you might come home to a dojo on the floor. This is a good site for an overview on dojos: http://animal-world.com/encyclo/fresh/loaches/DojoLoach.php For applesnails this is a great site to check out: www.applesnail.net
  17. Wait...salt? Thats your first problem. You should never under any circumstances use salt when theres snails in the tank. Same with loaches...NO SALT. Can you answer these questions for me please? How big is your tank? Which variety of apple snail do you have and what are you feeding them? Whats the water temperature? Can you get your water tested to find out the levels of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate? If your tank is cycles ammonia shouldn't be the problem...if it isn't your snails could be having troubles with ammonia.
  18. I would quarenteen the snail for a few days if you get one...they don't get diseases that fish can catch but they can carry things like ich and other paracites and pass them on to your fish. Salt in any amount is a no no with snails, they are very sensitive to it. If you do decided to get a snail have a back up plan ready in case your goldie decides the snail tastes good. Every goldie is different....neither of my two bother my snails, but I've heard horror stories.
  19. Yeah, I'm gonna go with Daryl on the sizes and age....in raising fry myself I've found that even common goldies are slow to get to sellable size, and I'm sure I give my babies more TLC than a commercial breeder would.
  20. Oh yeah, I went through a phase where I thought I could always handle just one more....luckily I'm usually past that. Once in a while I get the urge to get a black moor...but then I remember I'm too lazy to go through QT again
  21. Did I read that right? Neons and frogs in with the goldfish? Thats a bad idea....unless you want them to be lunch.
  22. About a year ago Terri got busted by the USDA for selling Haustrums even though they're banned...since then she's been up and down from what I've heard. She had to give up a lot of names of people she sold certain snails to and that really hurt her business and reputation...I think she may have finally called it quits. I don't think anyone has heard from her in a while.
  23. Too bad you're across the pond...I've got dozens of babies that I need to find homes for.
  24. My pond fish survived the worst (at least I hope the worst is over) of this winter, the only casuality was a frog that I found on the bottom . This is their first winter outside even though I've had them for several years. I worry a little about one of them though, I suspect she's going blind and she turned completely white over the course of last summer...she was orange and white for the first 4 years I had her. Weirdness. All the other fish and her babies are doing just fine, I was so thrilled to see them swimming around when the ice melted this week. Just had to share my good news
  25. Yeah, this is the worst winter in my memory...or maybe it just seems like that because I'm out walking to class in this frigid air every day.
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