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  1. I've decided to set up a fluval 304 that I've had for ages but have never used. It came with the 55 gal tank my mom bought used a few years ago. Since the fluval media for it is very expensive I've been thinking of using other things. I'm thinking of using a filter sponge from an aquaclear that didn't work that came with my 45 gal in the bottom basket, the fluff that comes out of stuffed animals for the middle basket and crushed coral for the top basket as I have snails that could benefit from some extra calcium. Does this sound reasonable? How would the crushed coral affect my pH? Its already on the low side, about 6.4 and my snail's shells are suffering for it but I'm a bit afraid to mess with buffers that you add periodically like baking soda. I've never used a canister filter before so any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Monthly water changes with goldfish is pretty much never enough, bi-weekly should be the bare minimum. How old is your UV light in your sterilizer? Those wear out after 6-8 months and need to be replaced...so if you haven't been replacing it then that could be part of your problem if you're relying on that to take care the nasties in your water. Also, when you quarantine what do you do? Do you just observe the fish for problems and then treat or do you treat prophylactically? The average age of my inside fish is about 3 years (almost how long I've been keeping inside fish) and my pond fish, except for the babies, are at an average of 7 years and still going strong. The adults in my pond are all originals except for one that I bought to be an inside fish and he just got too big.
  3. My pond guys are doing alright so far....but we're in for some sub-zero weather the next couple days so I'm a bit nervous. The windchill is supposed to be -25F tonight and the pond is practically in a wind tunnel
  4. From the pics they look infertile...but give them a couple days. Fertilized eggs will be very clear and after a couple days you'll be able to see the baby fish developing in them. Unfertilized eggs look white and cloudy.
  5. I didn't say it was a tumor or anything either...its just a natural part of the fish.
  6. I don't know how often this happens in goldfish, but in many species abnormally high levels of androgens in a female will cause her to exhibit male secondary sex characteristics such as breeding tubercles....so it may be possible that your fish is still female. Basically its possible that you do have a female, but for some reason she has an abnormally high level of testosterone that is making her develop breeding stars. Another way to tell the sex of your fish is to look at its vent. Compare the vent to an innie or outie bellybutton. If it looks like an "outie" your fish is most likely female while an "innie" signifies a male. Let me know what you see please, I'm curious
  7. eep! I forgot this site does that lol. It does that because the filter was set to block those words out. Often times those stores have less than decent fish displays (sick/dead fish, disgustingly dirty tanks etc...) and we, like the good fishkeepers we are like to vent to each other about how bad the conditions often are at petstores. But, in complaining about those bad things about these stores we run the risk of commiting libel (even though most of what we'd rant about is justified), which is against the law and could get Koko in trouble. So she had to set the filter to block out the names of those stores to protect herself (she's held liable for what we post here because she owns the site), us and the website from getting in trouble if those stores found us spreading bad things about them and decided to press charges. At least I think thats the reason I stumbled across somewhere on this site before....
  8. The fish food section of pretty much any pet store will have them...at mmm they have cute ones where the clip looks like a clownfish
  9. Veggie clips for the veggies makes it a little easier to feed snails. Whether or not the fish would get to it first depends on what you feed them. If you're intending some of the fish food to be for the snails you might have a problem. The fish might nibble on whatever veggies you put in but the snail should still get plenty...when they smell food they can move pretty quickly to it. Always remove uneaten food, regardless of what creatures you have. For veggies for the snails you can leave it in for a day or so though, just keep an eye on it and when its no longer fresh (soggy, turning colors, slimy...anything that you wouldn't call edible) take it out and add something new. Like I said before, some types of applesnails will eat plants. Brigs only tend to eat dead plants so they'll eat their veggies but generally leave aquarium plants alone. If you get anything other than a brig though they'll eat any type of plant, whether its intended for them or not.
  10. Snails are pretty much poo factories....so you need to be careful not to overstock (think at least 2 gallons of water per snail). They really don't eat much in the way of algea if there is ANYTHING else for them to eat...they enjoy fresh veggies, Kale and broccoli are especially good for them because of the calcium content. They like fresh spinach as well, and green beans...pretty much any veggie you eat, they can eat so long as theres nothing on it (no butter, salt or any other added topping). If you're going to give them something hard (like broccoli or carrots) make sure you boil it a bit first so its soft enough for a mystery snail to eat. The larger varieties of applesnails like Canas and Haustrums can handle the hard stuff, but not Brigs (commonly known as mystery snails). They'll get along fine with tropicals and a BN pleco. If you're worried about having an algea problem the BN should take care of it for you...they're algea eating machines! Oh, and if you have live plants make sure you get a snail with the scientific name Pomacea bridgesii....they're commonly called Brigs or Mystery Snails. Any other species (and theres several that look very very similar) WILL devour your plants in a matter of a day or two. Sometimes other Pomacea species will try to be passed off as mystery snails, Canas and Haustrums being the most common, and they will eat plants. If the scientific name isn't posted on the sign for the snails look at the face and edge of the foot of the snail...if you see little red specks then you have a Brig, the other common LFS species don't have those spots.
  11. Looks like a lionhead to me...not too uncommon but it looks like a very nice fish, especially with that tail being long. Thats something that I haven't seen much of
  12. Snails are hard to tell when they're sick...they can seem perfectly healthy and then the next day they're gone. Just make sure your water params are good (snails can be pretty sensitive) and check to see how hard your water is. If your water is soft you may need to supplement with liquid calcium or somehow make your water harder (baking soda can work but its tricky) so their shells grow healthily and don't errode. Also make sure to avoid using any salt as they're very sensitive to that...think how slugs and salt get along. Not a pretty picture. In addition to the zucchini snails LOVE other veggies. Kale is really good for them because of its calcium content, brocolli is another very good one. My snails very much enjoy spinach and the occassional par-boiled carrot. With the mystery snails make sure whatever veggies you give them are lightly parboiled...they're easier for the snail to eat that way.
  13. If you jump over to applesnail.net theres a good guide of snail reproduction...they're the snail experts...just like we're the goldie experts http://www.applesnail.net/
  14. They definatly look like eggs! Since you're saving them make sure you take out all the ones that don't look clear...infertile eggs stay cloudy and will get fungus that will hurt the fertile eggs if you leave them there.
  15. Sunshinegurl recommended doing a 100% water change every month....I would strongly not recommend this. It would damage your cycle and if you do 30-50% water changes each week there should be no reason whatsoever to change out all the water unless there is something majorly wrong with your water quality.
  16. I went to the lfs with my roomie but they didn't have any fish that captured my heart...which is prolly a good thing because the fish there are expensive and I spent almost $30 on stuff for my bunny and bettas...so I really couldn't have afforded to get another fish. Oh well, once they get their winter stock in they might have some prettier goldies, right now they've still got their pond stock out. They had some AMAZING koi though, some of the butterfly koi were amazing (and huge).
  17. My pleco is about 3.5 inches and fully grown...I figure between him and the snails they would equate to a goldie in terms of waste production. I didn't notice much of a difference in water quality when I added him a few months ago from my 55 at my parent's house (he was having too much fun with his girlfriends ) I think thats prolly because I do such large water changes that I have a chance to very thoroughly vacuum the gravel every week, I'm also careful not to overfeed...so that definately helps. The snails have been there as long as the goldies...so I don't know how much of an impact they have.
  18. Lately I've been wanting to get another goldie, I'm not sure what kind I'd like but I've been avoiding pet stores for the last month because I know my resistance to the "take me home" dance is very much lowered. My roomie wants to go to the most amazing pet store in the area later today just to look and I know if I go with him it'll be hard coming home without a fish...so I wanted to ask your guy's opinions. I have a 45 gallon tank with 2 fancies, a bristlenose pleco and 2 large apple snails. I haven't had any trouble with my water quality, in fact my params stay acceptable for almost 2 weeks if I get behind on my water changes...although I almost never let them go that long, so I know I'm not currently overstocked. My question is do you guys think getting another fancy would push my system to the point of being overstocked? My guys are both about 4 inches without the tail so I would get a fish of similar size. I have a 10 gallon tank thats been set up with baby plecos for a couple months that I just emptied a couple days ago but I haven't torn it down yet...so it would make a good QT tank if I were to get a new fish. I'm just not sure if adding a 3rd would be too much for my tank to handle. Any opinions?
  19. Theres been some pretty good advice...but someone suggested automatic feeders and I just want to put my 2 cents in and warn against those. Its not uncommon for those to malfunction and dumb its whole bin of food in the tank at once. For your situation I think you'd be better off not feeding your fish unless you were gonna be gone for more than a week. The food situation is a lot less critical than the water quality situation.
  20. most of my teacher went to MSU MSU is the place to go for teaching, they have pretty much the best program in the country. I hope your teachers from here are good ones
  21. My first day of classes was today...considering I had 4 classes all before noon it was pretty good. I can't believe I'm a senior though...its my 4th year (thankfully not my last) at the one place in this state that I feel at home. I love MSU....
  22. I have some commons and comets in my pond that are about 12 inches...but my largest fancy is only 4-5 inches not counting his tail. He came from mmm though so I don't expect any major growth...he was one of those half inch long fish when I got him so I think he's done fairly well.
  23. I have a betta that nips his fins. I'm not sure why he does it but it makes me sad. He had the most beautiful, long purple fins when I got him but about a month later he started destroying his tail. He'll get it short enough to where he can't reach it and then leave it alone for a few months until its growing back and starting to look good and pretty again...then he starts nipping again. He always looks so raggety
  24. A great number of us here went through the same thing, myself included. For some reason people got the idea in their heads long ago that goldfish can live in bowls and that idea is hard for society to shake. Usually it takes someones fish getting sick or dying to make them realize that something isn't right...so the real animal lovers go in search of information so they can figure out what happened to their fish and they come across great sites like this one. Although the suffering of the fish is lamentable, be glad that now you know how to properly care for goldfish and whatever future fish you have will be better off for it Hope to continue seeing you around
  25. He's about 6-7 inches without his tail...so he's not huge, but not a tiny lil fella either. I dunno how he does it.
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