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  1. Congrats! Oddly enought I've never seen one of those in person, they're very unique looking
  2. Make sure you don't have zeolite in your filter. It looks like carbon but is white. Zeolite absorbs ammonia and salt makes it release the ammonia. You definatly don't want that to happen. Carbon is fine to leave in with salt, but zeolite can be deadly.
  3. I've recently aquired a brown algea problem in my pond. Because of the UV sterilizer the water is crystal clear but theres algea growing on all the surfaces of the pond. I swear its half an inch thick in places. Its clogged up the old pumps and caused their motors to burn up. My dad went and bought a new pump, a much nicer one than the one we had but I'm afraid this one will get ruined to. We never had this problem before but I'm starting to get worried about, new new pump was $140, the old ones were about $110 put together. We tried algeafix for a month and it helped a little but not nearly enough. We've run out of algeafix and since its $14 dollars a bottle and it didn't really help we're not going to get any more of it. Are there any other products that anyone here could recommend?
  4. Lets see, its a tablespoon for every five gallons. You've got 60 gallons so that would be 12 TBSPs. Theres 4 TBSPs in a quarter cup so you would need 3/4 of a cup of aquarium salt. YOu may already know about salt but I'm going to tell you anyways just in case. No salt if you've snails, plecos, loaches or any other scaleless critter. Use only aquarium or pickleing salt, basically no table salt as they add stuff to it that is very bad for fish. Heres a link on salt that goes over the fine points in greater detail. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...?showtopic=8382
  5. Ooh, a little lady bug looking thing? I want a microscope now! I love looking at little microscopic thingies
  6. Short of seperating them I don't know how to get them to stop but if the damage looks to bad and its safe to salt your tank you can salt to .1% to help relieve some stress and promote healing. Beyond that I'm not sure what to tell you, perhaps someone else will chime in with an idea.
  7. How big is your common? I'm not sure about the dojo troubles, I had a couple dojos last year but they died not long after I got them. Commons are usually alright until they reach a certain size, then they can catch the other fish and seriously hurt them.
  8. Patience is a virtue you know . At least two of those views have been by you. Those preformed ponds are okay, I had a 90 gallon one for a couple years. They do need a filter if your going to have fish. I shouldn't be one to talk about pond filters too much though. The one I had on my 90 gallon pond could hardly be considered a filter. This summer I built a much larger pond with one of those rubber liners and I've got a UV filter on it. The water is CRYSTAL clear! It was never that way in the old pond
  9. I think it depends on your water. When I got my haustrums they were absolutly covered in algea. I tried scraping some of it off with a soft toothbrush but the snails were not one bit happy about it so I left it alone. Their shells don't have any algea anymore
  10. That looks pretty cool Sandy. A nice one for sure
  11. Its hard to tell if you've got a brig or a cana but I'm leaning toward brig due to the recent USDA ban on shipping canas. As far as the shell goes, its not great but I've seen worse. Just keep the pH high and feed calcium rich foods and any new growth should be very nice. Theres not much you can do about damage already done though.
  12. Yep, it looks like fish lice.
  13. You can use the bowl as tank decor, thats really all their good for. Why would you be putting the comet in a 10 gal for just a little while, what would you do with it afterwards? It certaintly can't live in a 10 gallon for very long, its just not big enough, especially if its not cycled.
  14. Veiltait is a type of finnage. Any type of goldie can be a veiltail. They have nice long flowing tails Heres a pic that I found on a google search http://www.aquanovel.com/images/peces/veiltail.jpg If you never want to upgrade I would consider just going with two fancies. Three would really really be pushing it and would be cramped once they reached their adult size.
  15. You have a 29 gallon tank? A Penguin biowheel 350 should suffice. How many fish have you got in there? I've got a 29 gallon tank with a goldie and three snails, it has a 350 on it and it does wonderfully, although I am blissfully properly stocked, that didn't use to be the case though Any larger filter on that tank would just look monsterous.
  16. You might be able to get ONE more fish but even that would be pushing it. If I were you I wouldn't get any more and let the ones you have grow nice and big. That comet of your will get huge and eventually that tank will be too small for it even if it were the only fish.
  17. I thought plaster of paris fell apart when wet? Maybe I'm thinking of something else though
  18. Yike! I've always been afraid of that happening so I try to use that valve as little as possible
  19. Yeah, you need a filter if you haven't already got one. That looks like the cloudiness that cycling can cause, either that or you've got an algea bloom, either way a filter should help a bit. The ease up on the amount of ammonia being put into the water try feeding your fish only every other day, and don't give them much. I know it sounds cruel but they're better off being hungry than being poisoned by their own waste. Are you looking into getting a larger tank? That would really be your best bet to keep your fish healthy. What brand of dechlorinator do you use? If you could get one like Prime made by seachem it will help make the ammonia and nitrites less toxic.
  20. Lets see, do ponds count? I've got one 350 gallon pond, one 55 gallon tank and one 29 gallon tank for the goldies. Then I've got a 10 gallon betta tank with some snails and a 5 gallon tank that currently houses some baby snails that will be moving soon, their almost big enough to where they won't get sucked up in the gravel vac So thats four tanks and a pond
  21. By pineconed I mean that the scales stick out a bit, kind of like a pinecone. Its pretty obvious if the fish is sitting still and you can look straight down on it. Hopefully they're not and the lethargy is only because of the injury. Fish can heal quite well as long as the water conditions are good. How long are you going to be on vacation and when are you leaving? Are you certain theres no time for even one big waterchange? Since your salt is at .1% already the best thing you can do is keep the water perfect, it crucial to recovery
  22. What percentage of salt have you got in there? I second doing water changes to get the ammonia and nirites as close to 0 as you possibly can. Perfect water conditions are critical if this little guys got a chance. Can you descirbe the wound a little more? Or better yet get a picture? How big is it? How deep is it? Are his scales pineconed at all? In my tiny bit of experience the early stages of dropsy kind of appear to be swim bladder troubles, or maybe that was just my two fish <_<
  23. Can you give us the title of the book and the name of the author? Sounds fishy to me, no pun intended
  24. I would recommend shortening the letter up a bit. All the information you presented is important but whomever is on the recieveing end of this long letter probably wouldn't take the time to read the whole thing, its kind of a daunting task to someone who otherwise wouldn't care. I even found myself skimming over the middle part Also look into state laws regarding giving living creatures away as prizes. If its illlegal where you are like it is in many places your battle is already won, just bring it to the attention of your school. If its not search for where it is illegal and bring that to the schools attention. It's illegal in Rome to give fish as prizes AND its illegal to keep goldfish in bowls Check this link out http://www.iguanafirst.com/carnival.htm , its mostly about iguanas but it can easily apply to goldies as well.
  25. I shall go to the lfs and see about getting some prazi, they do sell it there right? Its just horrible to see this little guy so miserable. There weren't as many worms this morning, it was just bizarre how many there were right after I did the salt dip. Do you think the high salinity could have done something to make them come out? Its just so gross
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