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  1. Unfortunately, Google passed away over the weekend. I left friday night and got back sun night. He was floating at the top of the tank with a white cloudish layer on the underside of him. What was also weird, is that some whitish cloud has seemed to drop from him onto the tank floor. It's a dome of whiteness, surrounded by a clearish layer. I partly bleached the tank, ran out of bleach. so will pick up more bleach to run through the entire filter and tank. starting new. sigh. poor google and mac. what do i have?!?!?! google wasn't pineconed as much as he was before though.
  2. Unfortunately, i don't have a microscope to look at the buggers closely =T Sad to say that Mac, passwed away today. Odd thing was, he seemed healthier than the moore, but lo and behold....he couldn't fight it. I cleared about 95% of the water today, added prazi again. Will see how Google fares.....if google doesn't make it, (knock on wood), i'm probably going to bleach the tank. Bleach WILL kill these bugs, right?? The worm, they do seem to have a mind of their own. they're clearing try to inchworm along the glass where there is no current.
  3. blackie came from a petland discounts about 5 years ago. never had any issues with him except the dropsy incident a couple years back which occurred while i was on vacation. then recently in the past couple months, he got a whole onset of problems, between SBD issues, constipation, pop eye and then what i think was dropsy. he was the only one in the 20 gallon tank for a good 2 or 3 years. never introduced any new fish or creatures. after he died, i had no fish in the tank for 1 week, but changed 100% of the water. didn't change the biowheel on the filter. mac and google i got from different aquaiums. all 3 fish were from different places. i got the antiparasite food from jungle labs, and got antiparasite tablets from jungle labs as well. was only able to get to 0.3% salt tonight since i ran outta aquarium salt. will let that sit till friday morning before i change to epsom salt. i'm gonna have to do a 100% water change again? can't mix epsom and aquarium salt, correct?
  4. the little black moore definitely has SOMETHING. i tried taking pictures of the squigglies, but they won't show up. i can't find any of the 2 mm long ones. all i see now are really tiny tiny ones, like the size of dust. maybe 1 mm if at that. they float around in the water wiggling slowly around, but you can barely see them. i'm not sure if they're wiggling or the water current moves the shape around. i have to stare into the tank w/ a light source behind the tank in order to illuminate the water well enough to see these things. they're thinner than hair. waiting till traffic dies down before i head to the pet store. as you can see...google is definitely pineconed now. mac, the other little one, has his fins clamped down for periods of time and his tail fins have started to curl. water params still in check. very frustrated. i'm wondering if it was this and not dropsy that got blackie sick, which means i was treating for the wrong thing all this time?? oh the frustration!!!!
  5. oh, and blackie, i don't know what type of dropsy it was. he had dropsy years ago. and then this go around, he got it, recovered, and then it came back about a week later. the pineconing would start at the area between his dorsal fin and head, and then couples days later, he would be slightly pineconed, but not fully. i treated w/ maracyn 2 and metro meds throughout it all, and continued feed metromeds w/out stop from the first time i saw the pineconing happen.
  6. thanks trinket! that was a great explanation. i prefer the longer one! there are white looking worm thingies in the water. they kinda drift with the current, or are at the bottom of the tank. they're around 2 mm long. hair thin. maybe even thinner than hair. what are those? is that what's causing them to get stressed and sick? salted to 0.2%, ran outta salt. will pick up more tomorrow as well as some prazi.
  7. so, about 2 weeks ago, my blackie passed away from dropsy. i emptied the tank of all it's water and put new water in. i got 2 new fish last week, and they're still stressed. the water params have been in line, so i'm not sure why they're still stressed. but my concern is that i have a little black moore, that may have dropsy. but i'm not sure. he's so tiny, so i can't tell if the scales are really protruding out. can dropsy causing bacteria stick around in the tank? i didn't bleach the tank since i figured it was an internal infection and i changed all the water. he's like, 1 3/4" big, so i wouldn't even want to expose him to maracyn 2 just yet. the other fish, i got from another aquarium, and hasn't show signs of dropsy, but he is a bit stressed, i think. i could just be paranoid about the dropsy on the little moore, but better safe than sorry.
  8. he had the piece missing when i got him. so not sure if it's even a tear/rip or just tail growth!
  9. nopes. just a small 10 gallon tank filled to the brim with plants and tiny - small goldfish. a mixture of types...lotsa telescope and a good mix of orandas too.
  10. So...I got 2 new fish today! It took me awhile, but I decided I should continue on and have more goldfish. I've posted pics in the photo section. I do have a question about Mac's tail though. I got him from the aquarium shop today, and he has a chunk of his tail missing. It's a pizza shape missing from his tail. I know slits will heal, but will that piece always be missing? Here's a pic...you can kinda see it on the left side of his tail.
  11. I wasn't going to get another goldfish after my Blackie succumbed to dropsy. But after much thinking, I realized my living room would be so bare without a little face greeting me. And I would definitely miss seeing a tiny one grow into a beauty. How could I resist their antics? So I'd like to introduce you to Mac & Google. (I always meant to have 2 fish, but after giving Chester to Glitterfish, I never got another one!) Mac is the little orange & white guy. He has a little orange lip...hence the name. He looks like he ran into a tube of MAC lipstick! It would probably make sense to call Mac a girl, but somehow, I like to refer to goldies as guys. The 2nd one, the black moore, is Google. Couldn't come up with a name other than that. Google is constantly searching for food...hence Google. haha. Mac is a little firecracker who's found joy in swimming against the filter current. While Google is more slow & intent in his movements. He was feisty at the store, probably b/c he was in a tank with 50 other fish. But the big spacious tank seems to have calmed him down. They are super tiny! Definitely very different than my monstrous 7" Blackie (RIP) So here they are! Here's the 2 of them together. This is just to show how tiny they are! They're all by themselves in a 20 gallon long tank.
  12. after so much fighting, i guess blackie was just too tired. he passed away while i was at work today. i've had him for like 5 years now. then again, i said i had him for 3 years for at least 3 years. it looks like the swelling got worse during the day, as he seemed ok during the morning. he gave it his all...i found him lying on his side at the bottom of the tank. will miss you bunches blackie.
  13. i think the pineconing in the top region has become sliiiiightly more pronounced. should i mix metro-meds and medigold? ive run out of courses of action.... should i restart maracyn 2 if the pineconing continues?
  14. ammonia tested after water change...0 i've been keeping consistent water changes every weekend. 75% water changed pineconing is slightly back. very very very very small....in the region between top of the head and the dorsal fine.
  15. sigh. i'm not 100% sure, but i think blackie is a bit more swollen than usual. more concentrated to the region behind his head, before the dorsal fin. is this dropsy coming back again? should i start on maracyn2 AGAIN? he's been on the mend, and he never went to 100% better, but i'm concerned that he looks a minuscule rounder. there's no pineconing....but i don't want to wait till it comes back, if it does. i've still been feeding the metromeds and a pea for good measure. i've added epsom salt again. water params have been good. just changed the water and it's at pH is at 7.2 nitrates around 10 nitrite 0 ppm harness 50 alkalinity 120 haven't done an ammonia test my other concern is, there's 2 slits on tail fin that i saw when i came home. one is small, the other is about a good 1cm long. all he has in the tank w/ him is a rock. and maybe 10 river rocks that i've left in. he's in a 20 gallon what's going on.......
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