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  1. YokulX

    New Koi

    ahhh don't scare me! lol I hope they never find it
  2. nice koi!! i think it's a tancho sanke
  3. YokulX

    New Koi

    really? their bodies are probably only about 3-4 inches long. they've more than doubled in size in just a couple of months, when I bought them they were tiny little guys.
  4. YokulX

    New Koi

    Thanks all! I wish it was bigger so I could put more fishies! haha
  5. I like his color pattern, it looks like he's wearing a hoodie! haha
  6. YokulX

    New Koi

    no...unfortunately the two butterfly koi didn't make it ...the asagi had mouthrot and the kikokuryu was injured and later died from dropsy, I tried treating them with melafix but it didn't seem to help at all. So I bought these 2 from a different koi farm, so far they are doing well. They eat and poop like crazy! haha
  7. I like her color too!!
  8. YokulX

    New Koi

    Okay I got pics of the shubunkin Here's the shubby! A picture of the shubby in motion All 3 of the goldfish in my shadow The 3 amigos Hopefully you enjoyed the pics
  9. YokulX

    New Koi

    okay I went out and took a few pics of the pond...hopefully you can see them! So far I only have 3 goldfish in there, the 2 koi are currently in the qt. Enjoy!! It's a rock bottom pond A different view Here's their fish condo for shade We just recently put in a couple of water lillies Another lilly Here's two of the goldfish, the third one is a shubunkin and he didn't want to come out These two like to play chase all the time Here's a pic just to give you a sense of how big their home is, I circled the 2 goldfish in light blue I'll try to take a picture of shubunkin later!
  10. YokulX

    New Koi

    I'll try to get some pictures of the pond today
  11. there's so many different ones to choose from! haha...it took me forever to choose which koi to get. good luck!!
  12. the ryukin is awesome!
  13. YokulX

    New Koi

    I was thinking the same thing for both after looking at some pictures online, I'm also wondering if those top scales on the white/black/silver koi are going to have that shaded look like a matsuba? From the side, that fish looks rather plain and white, are the back spots supposed to be only present at the top or all around its body?
  14. YokulX

    New Koi

    they are going in a rock bottom pond that's about 1000 gallons
  15. Hello all, I need help identifying what type of koi these two are. Enjoy the pics! Thanks.
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