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  1. Additional Note: Now I'm noticing numerous black dots all over the front of his face and there are a few on the side of his gills. They're black and some of them look like their even in or under the left gill plate....Could these be parasites? Should I do a salt dip?
  2. Thanks both jens for helpin' me out. ^^ No, either one of my fish never spat out food. What led me to believe it was flukes was my past fish had these bright red gills that hung partially open. He was yawning, and I tried using Melafix and Pimafix, but it had no effect on the fish. So it wasn't bacterial, or fungul. Also, my current fish. I had used a salt dip and a tablet of Parasite Clear 4 days ago, and it did wonders. From being lifeless and pretty much 'gone', he recovered tremendously, and for about a day or two. Since my tank temperature is about 76 degrees F, I though maybe the flukes had come back. I saw him flash once, but I think he was adjusting the ph levels, and I read that flashing may be done to adjust to the ph? He may be scratching, I don't know. some scales are missing from his sides, and sometimes he hides behind the filter. Right now he's just laying there on the gravel. He looks like he's saying "Help me!" His poop is the same color of his food, but longer and trailed him. I think it was constipation? Currently, his gills are a 'clear' normal looking color. Their hanging a little open though, so I can see right into them. The redness kind if looks like 'blood' spots. Their little dots in between and under the scales on the left side, right next to the head. I supposed I could try taking a picture of it, but the cameras I use don't take pictures very well. I read that this was caused by a bacterial infection? For the Ph adjuster, I follow the directions and lower the ph slowly. I add 2 drops for every gallon, and it lowers the ph down about .3 every time. I don't lower the ph any lower than .3 per 24 hours. I have plenty of good aeration. I bought an air pump that is recommended for up to 20 gallons, and recently I have turned it up a little bit, so my poor fishie can have more air. If there is anything else I can answer, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for all the help!!!
  3. Lol, thanks anyway. ^^ *goes off to do more research*
  4. So I should just forget about my current Parasite Clear medication then? *sighs*
  5. Erm. They died? They were all feeder fish, and one by one they were picked off. I had no idea of all the cool 'fish' meds out there, and I probably could have saved them. However, I was also overstocked, and this time around I'm trying to take better care of my fish, hopefully going over the one year mark at least. Is there a limit to how many salt dips you can do?
  6. I bought both of the fish at the same time. So they would both, er, technically be 2 weeks. I change about 30% of the water 1-2 times a week. Edit: It looks like my fish is bleeding from under it's scales on the left side. Help guys! Meh...I don't want to take out the Parasite Clear because I'm trying to get rid of those darn flukes, yet something new has come up....
  7. ^^ I dunno, my PH is really weird. For about 2 weeks it'll be the same level, but then suddenly it shoots up one day. I don't have anything such as river rocks, all my decorations and gravel were bought from a pet store. I have plastic plants and those odd fake rock things.... The other fish died about 5 days ago. I've had this fish for about 2 weeks I suppose? Bah, I should really get a quarantine tank huh? X_X My fish pretends to act fine when I go near him. Psh, show off. He's starting 'float' a little bit, like he doesn't have full control of his body. Thanks for the reply. :D:D
  8. Alright. so seeing as refreshing isn't working..... Don't get me wrong. I'm just impatient. XD Should I just take out the Parasite clear and add Melafix and Pimafix? I was researching 'red spots' on goldfish, and the descriptions said it was caused by bacteria. 0_o....I don't want my fishies to die. Oh, and how long does it take carbon to remove medications? Should I do another salt dip? Thanks! Bah, goldie is being lethargic....eh.....
  9. I've also been using the Tetra Whisper Pumps. I think it's nice and quiet as well, not to mention it's good design. ^^ I love it's little squishy leg things, which let it stick onto surfaces, and it's also not too shabby lookin'. . The dome is supposed to 'muffle' sounds, which it does pretty well, but I'd have to say it's louder than my Whisper filter. None the less it works well. Just wish it had more than one air hole thing....Now I have to go buy those valves...
  10. Test Results for the Following: Ammonia Level: 0 Nitrite Level: 0 Nitrate level: 5-10 ppm Ph Level: Tested 8.6-8.8, added some Ph Lo Ph Level out of the Tap: 7.4 Tank size: 10 gallon, running for 6-8 months. What is the name and size of the filter: Whisper filter, with removed carbon medium cartridges. How often do you change the water and how much: Once or twice a week. How many fish in the tank and their size: One fantail, from head to end of fins; 2 inches. What kind of water additives or conditioners: Wardley's Chlor Out, Ph Lo Any medications added to the tank: Jungle Parasite Clear. Last tablet added yesterday at 8 p.m. Add any new fish to the tank: No What do you feed your fish: Wardley's Premiun flakes. Any unusual findings on the fish: Well, I don't know if it's the slime coat, but there's this sort of hazy glow on the fish's side that almost looks like a clear coat. Also, found small red marks on/in scales close to the head. Small black dots on face. Fins are clamped. Any unusual behavior: Well, the fish sort of sits there on the gravel, just staring until I make major movements, such as disturbing the water or turning on the light. The fish does not move when I approach it face to face. ************ Today I noticed my fish wasn't acting right. He sort of 'sat' in the corner facing me, and just would lay there. He has sort of reddish small dots on his left side, which are about the size of a grain of salt, but looks like a rash or something. I think it's slime coat is also a little heavy, in which you can see a sort of 'clear off-white layer' on his right side. I really don't know what this is. Last time my fish wasn't doing well, I gave it a salt dip, put it back in the tank, added a tablet of parasite clear, and within 4 hours, he was looking much better. I thought it was flukes returning, because a previous fish had excessively red gills, and eventually died. Could this be flukes as well or a different disease? Well, here, 70 hours later from adding the first parasite clear tablet,( I added a second yesterday), and my fish doesn't seem to be responding to it at all. Current medications I have available are Melafix, Pimafix, Parasite Clear, and Aquarium Salt. The ph is really unsteady, could this be cause by anything? Yesterday I tested it and it was at 8.0, and today it spiked up quite a bit. I added some Won's PH Lo. He's eating fine, actually is being quite a piggie. He's a little constipated right now so I'm not feeding for another two days. I also was simphoning the gravel yesterday when I was doing a 25% water change, if that would have affected anything? Why can't my fish ever just be 'okay'? Thanks!
  11. Tank paras are all excellent. 10 gallon tank, 6-8 months. Whisper filter Change water every week or so. 1 fantail, about one inch. Recently removed Melafix and Pimafix using carbon filter. Warldey's Premium flakes. ***** Alright, so my previous fish had gill flukes, and died, so I decided to give my other fantail a salt dip to remove any flukes he may have caught. He was yawning about every 15 minutes, so I gave him a salt dip. It seemed to go well for the first 5 minutes. I had my fantail in a gallon of tank water with a half cup of aquarium salt for 8 minutes. He started acting all 'floaty' so I took him out, and put him back in the aquarium. Now his eyes are a bit cloudy and he isn't moving at all. He's breathing really fast.... Is this normal or have I done something wrong? Any advice would help a lot. Thanks! -Iluvmehfishies
  12. After some research, I can only assume my fantail had gill flukes. It was lethargic and had excessively red gills. Pimafix and melafix combined did not treat it, and also my fish seemed to have trouble breathing for awhile. My only problem now is my other fantail. I'm afraid that the gill flukes may have transferred, but I can't be sure. Is there a way to make sure or to prevent it? Does gill flukes survive in the tank or does it need a host? Should I be salting my tank incase? Thanks! Edit: Oh drat. My other fantail has started yawning a bit. Could this be gill flukes settling in?
  13. Ammonia Level:0 Tank size(How many Gals) and How long has it been running: 10 Gallon, 6-8 months. Nitrite Level:0 How often do you change the water and how much: 30% About once a week or two. Nitrate Level:5.0ppm Filtration: Whisper Filter Ph Level: 8.0 Water additives/conditioners: Wardley's ChlorOut, What do you feed your fish: Wardley's Premium Fish Flakes, Eggs, Watermelon, Peas, Medications add to the tank: Previous: Melafix and Pimafix, added carbon today to remove medications. How many fish in the tank and there size: One small lonely fantail. Any new fish added to the tank: No Any unusual findings on the fish?: Some sort of lump on the mouth. ************** I just recently found this white bump on my fish today. He usually rests on the bottom of my tank until I approach. Then he goes crazy as normal. He's eating fine and everything, but now funny enough he has this small bump that looks like a cold sore on his lower lip. Is this anything dangerous or am I being paranoid? O_o...
  14. Well, now I'm down to one. My larger fantail passed away just 5 minutes ago. The last thing he did was he swam up to me, then; he left. Man, I think my other goldfish knew he was going to go, 'cause last night he was laying right next to him, and in the early moring I found them laying head to tail next to each other. It was really cute. I can only assume it was a major bacterial infection, or stress? I double checked him and he has absolutely no distinguished disease symtoms, and well...yea.... Melafix and Pimafix just didn't work this time around. Bah, now I have to try to find a place to bury him where my parents won't dig him up for garden work. Anyway, thanks for the help guys. Sincerely, IluvMehFishies
  15. Thought it was something like that. ^^ Also Phosphates, which I have no idea what that is either. Lovely picture by the way br553. Made me laugh when I say it.
  16. Doesn't sound like your fish has any ailments, it just seems stressed. If the fish food you feed it is a realtively red/brown color, then your fish 'health' wise is doing well. It may need some time adjusting, or if you have anything that is stressing it out? Any prominent temperature changes, noises, disturbences? Has the fish been acting this way ever since your added the new filter? Do you have any ornaments in your tanks that could hide the fish or let it hide behind if frightened? Good luck with you fish!
  17. A little algae is beneficial. I forgot why but I read it in a book somewhere, I'll go dig it up later. It's a nasty little thing isn't it? Algae photosynthesizes in the day, but grows nocturnally, and it's really annoying. However, algae is algae.... Just a reminder to anyone who buys an algae eater to not get a common pleco. Just go into the compatible fish forum to see why.
  18. Alrighty, so I added Melafix and Pimafix, removed carbon from my filter, added my new air pump/stone, and my fish is still not looking good. Pimafix was added yesterday and melafix added today. Tested all levels are still fine. My fantail's fins are all tightly clamped, and now the gills seem to be excessively red. He's also very lethargic and didn't even come for food today, and he hangs around the corners of my tank. I'm getting worried. Could this be gill flukes are something? Does Melafix and Pimafix treat it anyway?
  19. Try getting a Nitrite reading sometime soon. Since you're 'incorrectly' cycled, you should be really watching the Ammonia and Nitrite levels for spiking, etc. However, I don't see why you're tank isn't cycling; if your not removing any good colonies of bacteria that live in your gravel or ornaments, water changes shouldn't really affect the cycle? If you can't take a Nitrite test, your pet store should be able to do once for you. Just bring in some of your tank water and they'll test it for you. You should probably get a Ph test while your at it. Have you had a chance to look at your fantail's poop? If it's white/clear, it could mean an internal bacterial infection. Anyway, I'm not much of an expert, so you may want one of the more expierenced board members to help you. Good luck!
  20. PH reading is still 8.0 Erm...I bought Pimafix because it said it treated internal and external infections, would it be enough? And when adding medication, should I remove my other fish? Hmm, none of my lfs sold any medicated fish foods, but I hope just the meds will be enough. Thanks!
  21. Thanks for replying guys. All I have are a couple of decorations, plastic plant and a large fake rock thing I bought at a pet store, so it should be okay, right? I'm thinking the ph might be stressing it out, however the ph in my tank was originally 8.8 and the tap is 7.4, so I was using some Ph lo to tone it down. Should I continue doing this or not? I also don't have a correct tank lighting, I'm using tungsten lighting, (a.k.a. the normal lightbulb), would this be promoting too much bacterial or algae growth? I'll be getting a gravel vacum, as well as an air pump/stone soon, hopefully today or tommorow. Eep, I haven't cleaned my gravel in awhile, I usually just take my fish out, mess around with the gravel and let the filter do it's thing. Medigold, melafix? Could I get these at my lfs?
  22. Ammonia Level:0 Tank size(How many Gals) and How long has it been running: 10 Gallon, 6-8 months. Nitrite Level:0 How often do you change the water and how much: 30% About once a week or so. Nitrate Level:5.0ppm Filtration: Whisper Filter Ph Level: 7.8-8.0 Water additives/conditioners: Wardley's ChlorOut, Ph Lo What do you feed your fish: Wardley's Premium Fish Flakes, Eggs, Watermelon, Peas, Medications add to the tank: None How many fish in the tank and there size: 2 fish, Size of a nerds box, and half the size. Any new fish added to the tank? Any unusual findings on the fish?: A couple scales are missing. ****** Alright, my large fantail fish has a bacterial infection. I was wondering if there was anything I could do for it? It's fins are clamped, but it's swimming and eating, though half-heartedly. It kind of just floats at the top of the tank now, and has sort of a 'clumsy' swim. I've seen traces of short white/ clear poop stuck to the rim of the water's edge, so I'm pretty sure it some bacteria. Is there anything I can do for it to make it better? Special Food, Medicine, etc? Thanks!
  23. Congrats on your new tank! I know I'm jealous. Heh, I only have a 10 gallon. ^^ Can't wait to see the new pictures.
  24. Ooo...Creamsicle. lol. I would vote 'Pearl' on this one. She's a beautiful fish by the way. :D:D
  25. Do PH Levels cause scale loss? Oh, and PH Level is now 8.0, but there is a large mass of bubbles around the edge of the surface of my tank?
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