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  1. I agree with Devs. Never use those automatic feeder thing. I've been browsing around the internet and I'll I read are bad reports of overfed fish, or dead fish due to horrible water quality. 5 days should be okay, but if you really concerned, you could add some Romaine Lettuce, and have it under a rock or something, and your goldfish just munch on it, and it's good for them as well as not letting them over eat, cause they just nibble. Have fun on your five day vacations! Where you going?
  2. The tablets are safe as long as you don't decide to eat them. Relax, it's just fish medicine.
  3. As long as there are no clamped fins, and he swims around normal when you approach, it should be fine. Like karla said, do you have good aeration in your tank though? Gulping air at the surface means your goldfish is either not getting enough oxygen, or he's trying to suck up flavor from past meals. XD Make sure your water levels are good, and just keep an eye on Seeker, and see if maybe something else is affecting him. Good luck with your fish!
  4. lol, Nemo. XD Well, I knew my Saltwater Aquariums for Dummies would come in handy somehow....and it says.... 'Common Clownfish' : Tank Level-Middle and Lower Levels Obviously there's something wrong here. Was there some sort of other fish in the lower areas of the tank that the clownfish might be avoiding? Something more aggresive? Or else....:S
  5. lol, I know just how you feel. My dad tries to do that to me. "You know what? I think you might have parasites living in your tank" (Are you serious?!!!) Bah, I wish the people in my lfs would know at least something about goldfish, even if it's common known stuff. I doubt any of them know what gill flukes is, or a slime coat. -_-;. Drives me up a wall when I want to get answers. Ah, yes. Ranting is always fun.
  6. This was quoted from daryl, one of the most expierenced members on this board. ^^ Hopefully this will help you a bit. This is from the 'Best way to disinfect' pinned topic in this board. Good luck with your new tank!
  7. Aww. I'm sure Tom wanted to just nip you goodbye. Sorry for your loss. He obviously knew you were trying your best, and just wanted to say thanks. At least he's in fishie heaven right now, swimmin' in the waters of the blue sky, with perfect health and fins. ^^
  8. Sounds a bit crowded to me. By Vantail do you mean fantail? Well, comets are generally really fast fish, and even 10 gallons per fish won't suite them. On the board, the general in 20 gallons per comet, and ten gallons per fantail. I would definitely separate the fantail, like karla said, into a different tank or a rubbermaid container with some sort of filtration. If the comets keep stressing your poor fantail out, it may result in more then a few damaged fins. Good luck with your fish!!! XD
  9. Man, I was so dissapointed when I got home.... So in the pet store are these teenagers, and I'm in the middle of asking them how my fish died, but they kind of stare at me, sort of smirking. And the guy goes, "Well...there could be about a million ways your fish died...stres...um...maybe he was sick? (Are you serious?!O_O) ....we can't help you. Heh, you could probably check online." (What do you think I have been doing in the past twenty four hours?!!!) The guy had that note of hilarity in his voice, and the girl just proceeded to help me check out my items. He didn't even bother to look at my fish. I dare say I won't be asking them to help in the future. I was checking out their wares as well, and they promote all sorts of horrible things for fish. Ehh...the other pet store has better service, but is about half the size. I just proceeded to bury my fish. Darned teenagers. I swear they didn't know two scales about fish. Well, I stripped down my tank, and well, I suppose I'll try again some othertime. Man, I wish there was a pet store that was more into goldfish, or even fish in general. Thanks for all your help guys!!!
  10. Aww, I'm Sorry for your fish. Well, at least you know why he died, and can make sure your future fish live happy aquatic lives. If your Ammonia is a problem, CAC10Hunter , In the future, I would highly suggest you find a dechlorinator that not only removes Chlorine and Chloramines, but also detoxifies Ammonia and Nitrite. I know Kordon Amquel Plus is one of them, and I'm sure there are others out there. Then, if your Ammonia goes over 1.5 in your tank, you can do water changes and just add the dechlorinator/detoxifier. Again, sorry for your loss, and good luck with your future fish!!!
  11. Dangit, Jen beat me too it. Er, good luck with your fish, and hopefully your little fighter will make it through!!!
  12. Well, the science camp is a good 2 hours away, but perhaps at the pet store I could see if I could ask someone for a microscope.... Could you please e-mail instructions (anita_perng@hotmail.com), or perhaps post them for everyone? It would be an enormous help, and I really want to find out what happened to my poor fantail. Thanks again Jen. ^^
  13. Meh, I was too late.... He died. Sometime in the past hour I think. His mouth is permenantly open and his pupils are kind of sticking out, but black as coal. O_O Before I had done the 80% water change, all Ammonia levels were solidly 0. I guess I could check all the levels now. I was wondering how he could have gotton Ammonia burns if the Ammonia was never at a dangerous level? There was also a great deal of black specks on his head, and some yellow spots surrounded by the black dots. I'm kind of guessing that there's something in the tank, so the whole thing is going to be steralized tommorow. I already bought a bottle of potassium permagranate. Yeah, his gills were that color. Flukes? Wouldn't parasite clear taken care of that? Oh, and my parents said no to the food anyway. They were like, "12 bucks plus 7 dollars shipping...and only 6 months? Psh." Mphf...well. I'm going to wait about an hour to make sure my fish is dead, then I'm going to wrap up his body and take it to the pet shop tommorow and see if I can find out what was wrong with my fish. Is there someway to preserve the body well enough without it drying up or rotting? O.o.... Well, I suppose it was for the better. I am going to be gone for about 6 weeks due to a science camp and a trip, and it would have been....er...lol, deadly if my parents had tried to treat my fish if it had gotton sick. I'll probably try again when the school year start again. Eh, I just feel like such a failure right now. Two poor goldfish died because of me, and only about a month old. I didn't even get time to name either of them. Seems like the harder I try the faster they pass away. Should I take more photos, to see if we can nail the problem? Thanks so much Jen. ^^ I really appreciate your help.
  14. Hmm....are you allowed to edit old posts on the forum? 'Cause I was going to edit my other one to avoid double posting.... Just to double triple check if there's anything else I can do for my fish.? Right now, he's just kinda 'floaty'. When I came up to him, (he was resting at the front of the tank), he kinda ignored me..and then suddenly he starts half thrashing half swimming, and he's crashing into the tank walls and whatnot. I'm really scared that he's gonna hurt himself. I have the odd feeling that he won't last another 48 hours...but what is it that's affecting him? He isn't responding to the Parasite Clear medication at all. Any sort of confirmation or advice would be helpful to the tons. Thanks!!!
  15. As for me, I prefer fantails, or those 'arrow' shaped goldfish. I think feeder goldfish are also really cute, regardless of how fancy their fins are, or etc. ^^ They have really large eyes in comparison, and can actually grow to the size of a large fantail. O_O. I also love how pearlscales ' waddle' on the bottom of the tank, but I'd always think the poor fish had dropsy if I suddenly looked at it. Oh, and koi and those large pond fish are really cute as well. ^^ And big.
  16. Awesome name. Hehe, Bom-ba da da da..... What a beautiful fish. ^^
  17. He isn't doing so well. The black spots are getting bigger, and there's one that's about as big as his eye, but under his skin. I tried to take some pictures. Here's a better view of the funny spots, and the black on his gills: Here A close-up: Here Full view, with odd white spot: Here Mef, he looks sad. Still bacterial infection? Thanks!!!
  18. Lol, my fish was like.... "Where'd all da water go?!!" He was active for about 30 seconds, but now he's back to his normal lethargicness. Hehe...I dunno why I'm smiling but I am. XD
  19. You don't know how relieved I was when I saw your post JenW. I've been refreshing...and refreshing...and refre- Anyway. Ouch....About 20 bucks to get medigold. My parents kind of laugh at me and my goldfish obbsession, but I'll have to ask them about that medi-gold. O_O Hopefully they'll say yes. Doing 80% water change now. Er...slightly stupid question, but parasites do lurk in gravel and can avoid being killed right? ^_^;; Thanks a bunch!!!
  20. Ehem....er.......... Wow, I'm really...smart. See, that's why I need people like you to shove the obvious up my nose. Yeah, I'm probably going to strip down my tank. I bought a small bottle of that potassium permagranate today, hehe, and managed to introduce the sales lady to kokos some how. Ah ha, that makes me laugh. ***** Bah, 'nameless' fishies now has various black dots, and some of the black dots are leaving white marks. Parasites? However, my only question is why then, did the black dots persist after 40 hours of parasite clear? I put my carbon filter back in yesterday for about 2 minutes, but changed my mind. So I took the carbon out, and the water still smells like parasite clear. Could this be some parasite that is resistant to parasite clear? Or perhaps it's not a parasite at all...Help guys!
  21. I really wouldn't worry too much about one scale. They grow back. Maybe when turning on the light you could turn on the room light first and let the fish get used to it? Or you could always feed when you turn on the light, so the fish associate FOOD with the funny bright thingie. Or you could cover the light with something and slowly remove it; anything to reduce the shock. I mean, goldfish don't have eyelids, so a sudden darkness and a sudden light might be rather painful. ^^ Bah, Ranchugirl beat me to it. XD
  22. Funny enough I did. XD After my last fish died, I realized I didn't have 'comets' but feeder goldfish. I was like...Ooohhhh...So I didn't need 20 gallons per fish?! I always thought I was mistreating my fish, so I guess I laxed on the care. However the next day, I bought two really beautiful fantails...but not having a quarantine tank at the time... Well, anyway, thanks for your concern. I just hope some mod can diagnose my poor fish, he's getting worse by the day. :S
  23. Wow, I'm glad you found Sunny D! I'd have to say I found this story really interesting. I was like, "O.O" when I first read it. Good for you! At least it all ended for a better, and Sunny D can only love you more for rescuing her. XD
  24. Er...no offense, but my tank is cycled. I've not had any Ammonia or Nitrite readings for at least 6 months. The black dots are the size of half a grain of salt? The gills are hanging partially out, I'm still pretty sure it's some sort of bacterial or parasitic infection. Bleh, right now he's just laying on the gravel, but fighting whatever it is that ails him. Everytime the water makes him sway a little much, he gets off and regains control for awhile. He keeps yawning, or opening up his mouth in an 'o' shape. Alright, I got it...no salt dips.
  25. Lol, I found this pretty funny. Like ilovefish said, let the fish get used to it. It's like someone suddenly adding the huge mysterious 'thing' in you room. You don't want to approach it at first 'cause you think it might be dangerous, for all you know a big ugly lion could be in there! But then curiousity gets the best of you, and you slowly get used to it; and you discover that not only is the 'thing' harmless, it's actually a vault full of tons and tons of fish products!!!! Well, , maybe not. But something like that. XD
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