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  1. Hey all. Alright, well, I just handed over my trusty goldfish to my friend because I'm moving and well, it wouldn't work too well for my fish. My friend gets well water from the tap, so is there anything major I should be worried about? The fish has been living for over a year on normal tap water, around 8.0 ph or so. So should I be worried? Like are there any potent dangers, such as chemicals? Ph? Help? Thanks.
  2. Good news guys! My fish is looking a lot better today! Wow, just the third day of metro-meds. He was really jumpy because of all he went through, but most of the scales have returned to normal and his eyes aren't bulging at all. He started eating again, when I dropped in some of the metro-med he raced after it. He wasn't looking good the past two days and would not eat at all, so I mashed up the metro-med into a powder, took him out in a bucket, and added the metromed 'powder' so that he would be forced to take some whether he like it or not. ^^ I'm really glad I did. The water is a deep red because of the tetracycline, but today is the fourth day out of five days of treatment. I'll see if I can get some photos, though the color will be very distorted. I'm really excited, I don't think I'll be losing my fish. But is there anything I should be preparing as an after treatment? Thanks for all the support guys!
  3. No, I soaked because it seemed to hard. Ok, so I don't think he's eating too much metro-med though. I don't think my fish can see the pellets the popeye has gotten so bad. The scales are really pineconing as well. I added another packet of Maracyn TC just now, and I tried feeding some more metro-meds but I don't think my fish is eating them.
  4. Thanks for the support! The metro-meds came today. I was seriously so happy I wouldn't have to wait until Monday. I immediately soaked them in tank water and fed it to my fish. My fish isn't looking to good, the scales have nearly fully pine-cones and the eyes are popping out quite a bit. I think it only ate two and a half pieces of metro med, most of them it didn't 'see'. He's been resting on the bottom of the tank and floating near the top. Should I be keeping the lights on or off, or does it not matter? I added some Maracyn TC yesterday, should I continue treatment now that my fish is on metro-meds or should I do both still? I'll try posting some pictures soon.
  5. To be honest guys, I think I might have achieved this. O_o I tested my water three times. The readings were Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, and Nitrate 0. I thought my test kit was expired, but my ph test was still reading around 8.0. So obviously I was really confused; did my cycle crash or what was up with it? So today I went to my local pet store and had them test my water again. It yielded the same results, Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, and Nitrate 0. There was about four days difference between when I tested it and when the pet store tested it, so if my cycle had crashed, I would at least have been showing some Ammonia or Nitrite. I only did two 20% water changes recently, due to my fish's condition; not enough to complete wipe out readings. Seriously I was bewildered. I was told on this site that I should have some Nitrate readings to have a healthy tank, but was astonished when the pet store said that 0 Nitrates were a good thing. I only did little water changes, and very occasionally. My tank is loaded with green algae on the decorations (so most of my once blue decor is now green), so it's possible that the Nitrates are being reabsorbed and I have very close to perfect water quality, right?
  6. Thank you Katrina for your advice. ^^ I hope I won't have to go to such extents to help my fish, but I'm really glad it worked out for your fish! XD So I went to two of my local pet stores and one didn't have maracyn at all, and the other had maracyn, but it was overpriced and expired. -_-. Does saltwater and freshwater maracyn differ? The guy recommended some new tablet that was 'supposed' to treat dropsy, it was called something like Life-Guard. I didn't want to risk it, because he said it gets rid of everything, but also would hurt my cycle. And I found out my test kit most likely is expired. Tommorow I'm going to go and get my water tested at the store, though I'm still doing water changes just incase. Anyway, I bought Maracyn TC (tetracycline hydrochloride). It says it's recommended for Popeye, Gill Disease, and Fin/Tail rot. I didn't open it yet incase it's not the one I want. Should I go ahead and add it to my tank? The metro-meds are coming either tommorow or monday at the fastest, and I'm noticing my fish to be more floaty. Should I also buy maracyn once the store restocks or is tetracycline good enough? I don't want to do anything that I'm not sure of. Again, thank you guys so much. ^^
  7. Alright, I ordered metro-meds after a bit of pleading with my parents. It's been shipped, and I really hope they arrive by saturday. He's starting to get a little floaty, and the scales are sticking out a little more. There have been no other fish besides him in the tank. I added 1/9 teaspoon of epsom salt on tuesday. It draws out excess fluids right? I'm going to the pet store to get a new nitrate test because I want to double check if it's my test kit or my water that's been giving me funny readings. I'm doing 30% water changes everyday now, just incase. Anything else I should get at the pet store before the metro meds arrive? I've heard that maracyn (2) is weaker but also effective against dropsy. Am I right in that I should also watch out for other infections after dropsy weakens my fish? Should I get any other medications for before or after the metro-meds arrive. Any other tips? I don't want to lose this guy!!!Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it!
  8. Okay, so what should I do? :'( I did some research and the general first treatment is medi-gold fish food. I don't think my parents would allow me to order fish food online, so is there a good but alternative treatment I can do? Should I be adding salt, large water changes....help? I'm a pretty noobish goldfish owner! Thanks for all the help!
  9. Wait, so is it dropsy or constipation or both? Yeah, I'll be doing water changes more often now. ^^ Thanks.
  10. I change the water roughly once a month. I know I should probably be doing it more but I tend to forget. I haven't fed it since I noticed the scales sticking. I noticed the scales sticking up the day I posted this topic...so two days ago? Any reason the nitrates would be zero? Could it be my testing kit or is it something with my water quality? Tank has been running as the the fish as been alive, so over a year.
  11. Here's pictures. Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0? (I don't know why) 10 Gallons Fantail Large Stomach, scales sticking out 20 Gallon Filter 1 year old No new medications I tried giving it some shrimp pellets about a week ago. I think my friend may have overfed it when she was over. I think it's constipation, but I want to be sure it isn't dropsy or anything. :/ Thanks!
  12. Meh, the water eventaully cleared up, however, I noticed some film on the filter and fake plants. XD Won't be using that product again anytime soon.
  13. Ahhh.... Currently: 10 gallon tank 1 fantail Decor Whisper filter Beginning Cycle ******** I just added 3 teaspoons of Wardley Essentials Bullseye 7.0, since my ph rating was way too high (8.4) and so I lowered to about 8.0 for now. However, now, the water has become extremely cloudy, and yet the instructions say nothing about the possibility of cloudy water. The water kinda is filmy, clear/white color. I don't know if I should be doing a massive water change right now, but the fish seems okay for now. He's acting normal and still trying to eat the fake plants. I don't know which sections this should be in specifially, but any explanations would be helpful. Should I just go and do an 80% water change? Bah....
  14. You can find epsom salt at like a pharmacy store or something. Like Walgreens. It's usually supposed to be used for soaking peoples feet.....
  15. Well, some block feeders may work, but I really wouldn't risk it unless your positive your brand is a good brand. Or else bye bye fishie..... El Pez, if your worried, you also can put a piece of lettuce or two, or something for your goldfish to nibble on. Again, just have it placed somewhere where your fish can tug and pull at it without it being uprooted. Have fun on your cruise!!!
  16. Aww, I absolutely love Ducky!!!! So cute! I am definitely getting a calico now. ^^
  17. Oh wow, was that a fantail I saw in there? XD Beautiful pond. I wish I had that many fish....^^
  18. Ah well. So much for that. Maybe when I win the lottery I could save all of those poor fish... Definitely. My lifelong ambition: -To win the lottery and save all the goldfish in Taiwan. Yup, yup, I know what I wanna be when I grow up. XD
  19. Whoa, you can mail fish?!! That would be really spiffy though, I come home and there are all these boxes at my door that say, "Fragile, Live Animal. Open ASAP" Hm...from the sounds of that however, it really doesn't sound like something you could buy with a 39 cents stamp.... Eh...thanks for replying though. Maybe I could stick a goldfish in a water bottle with an airstone. Hehe, and then change the water everytime the seatbelts sign goes off in the airplane... jk. ^^
  20. Wow, he looks really nice! *drools* Fiii-shhiieee......... *ahem* I love the name too! And he looks so innocent.
  21. Aww dangit. The temptation of new fish is so....tempting.....Miff....... Bah, darnit. Too bad I couldn't mail my goldfish over in express. XD
  22. Goldfish? Hopefully. ^^ Arlighty, so I'm going to Taiwan in two weeks, and they have these things called night markets, and there's this 'game' which one uses a tissue paper paddle to scoop up fish. This is freaky hard seeing as there are bubbles in the tanks, and the tissue paper gets wet and goes...'splat'. Obviously, these fish are given the worst type of conditions to live in. So I was hoping to rescue one or two of them this summer. I know you are allowed to bring fish through immigration, but my only question is how, while not killing the fish. My dad said that his cousin sucessfully brought carp over from Taiwan to America by putting them in hibernation, or by putting them to sleep, but accidentily killed them because he was in such a rush to wake them up. Is there a way to do this sucessfully without killing the poor things? Clove Oil, Ice? I don't know, the fish are really badly off in Taiwan, and any sort of advice would really help. Please don't shoot me down for this idea. I just love fish. ^^ Thanks!!
  23. I think a piece of lettuce is okay. Just make sure it's put somewhere where it won't float everywhere, and make sure it's not a super crunchy piece, but not so soft that your tank will be all greenies when you come back. Don't worry, goldfish are hardy fish. They'll be fine. ^^ They'll just miss you. XD Good luck!!!
  24. Does it look like a grain of salt? Usually ich comes in bunches, and covered your whole fish, or a large portion of it. If there is no increase in white 'ick' salt spots, I think you'll be okay.
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