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  1. I do use fertilizers, I ordered another light bulb so hopefully that will fix it. Thanks for the help
  2. This might be a stupid question, but I can't figure out what has changed. I planted my tank about a year and a half ago. The plants I got were pretty and grew like crazy, to the point that it was aggravating. Then I got stuck with this ugly alage so I took out the worst plants and bought some new ones, but they are not growing and wanting to die. I don't understand why I went from beautiful over grown plants to ugly half dead ones. I'm thinking maybe it's my lighting, I still have the same bulb. Do bulbs dim as they get older and should be changed even though they are not burnt? It seems like it's not as bright as it use to be, but I don't know.
  3. I think what they are saying is that your tank should be at least 30 gals, but not per fish. Like for the platies and guppies they show 15-20 gals, but you don't need that per fish.
  4. Thanks, I'm gonna try that and see if it works
  5. Yea, the two were still floating. I took them out yesterday cause I was tired of looking at them and they'd float around and bump into the fish. They are still hard though. Only six of my bulbs had sprouted out of the 12 and one died so I have five plants. I sent the bad ones back to the company, haven't got replacements for them yet though.
  6. yea, I like how they are different too. The only problem is I have some that'd look better in the back that is in the front and vise versa, but since I'm not too experienced with plants I don't want to move them. I added some gravel yesterday since I didn't have enough and cut some flowers and seedlings off. Both of the lily bulbs that sunk sprouted now, I don't have any leaves yet though. I had to redo my CO2 this weekend too since it stopped. That yeast makes it smell so much like bread, it made me hungry, lol.
  7. I've had all mine for around 5 years now.
  8. This weekend, I finished converting my two big tanks to barebottom and I love it. I don't think I'll ever put the gravel back. I did put some river rocks and I do have some gravel, but it is in flower pots with fake plants. The only thing I don't like about it is seeing the poop and stuff on the bottom and when they swim, it kinda goes every where. It more so bugs me in my tropical tank.
  9. I usually make my feeding rounds right before I go to bed. I put my goldies food soaking, then I feed all my other fish, then go back to the goldies. Unfortunately every once in a while, I'll wake up in the morning and see their soaking food still on the tank my poor little goldies
  10. Well he's a beautiful fish, even without the eye I see no problem with them removing it if it's what was best for the fish in the long run. What got me was they said they used the money people throw in the pond to pay for it. Isn't the coins suppose to be bad for the fish?
  11. if I knew where you lived I'd so be tempted to go steal your fish and tank It's just all beyond gorgeous, fish and tank
  12. aww wiggles is adorable! Love that name too, your other fish are beauties too especially the calico
  13. I haven't looked at the photo section in a while so I missed this. They are very pretty goldies, I love that second shot Hopefully they will all do well and you can find them good homes
  14. more goregous pics! they are all so beautiful I love the pic of Edwin & Satchel, too cute
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