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  1. I do use fertilizers, I ordered another light bulb so hopefully that will fix it. Thanks for the help
  2. This might be a stupid question, but I can't figure out what has changed. I planted my tank about a year and a half ago. The plants I got were pretty and grew like crazy, to the point that it was aggravating. Then I got stuck with this ugly alage so I took out the worst plants and bought some new ones, but they are not growing and wanting to die. I don't understand why I went from beautiful over grown plants to ugly half dead ones. I'm thinking maybe it's my lighting, I still have the same bulb. Do bulbs dim as they get older and should be changed even though they are not burnt? It seems like it's not as bright as it use to be, but I don't know.
  3. They did remind me of danios too. I think they are very pretty
  4. never mind, I'm reading the rest of the site now, thanks again
  5. yes Man Yu, that's them! they are not painted fish, are they?
  6. no that's not them, but thanks. The lines are horizontal. They are small fish, of course I'm sure they are babies, I think they are about the size of a neon tetra and their bodies are really pink, you can hardly see the white lines.
  7. I don't have a pic of it, but I keep seeing these cuties at nnnnnn, but I don't see a card for them so I don't know what they are and I'm hoping someone knows. They are small, bright pink body with little white lines across their body, and I think their fins are white too.
  8. your babies are precious! and the adults are beautiful I love platies, they are so cute especially as babies.
  9. kristysweets

    New Betta!

    he looks very pretty
  10. congrats on the he looks like a beauty
  11. just wanted to let everyone know, my poor little guy didn't make it he started acting strange and the streaks stayed so I treated him with maracyn 2, but they didn't go away and this morning he was gone
  12. your new tank is beauitful and your fish look soooo pretty
  13. hey atryeu I'm glad to see that your little fishies are going good. I know you must be loving the cories, they are so sweet and silly
  14. kristysweets

    Poor June

    poor little June I'm so sorry, she was such a special little fish. Don't blame yourself, it was totally not your fault. She was probably sick from living in that cup for so long. At least her last days she spent being loved and not alone
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