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  1. they can never reach "full grown" in that size tank. And its next to impossible to keep the nitrates down in a 55 with 17 koi, you would have to do several water changes every day in order to keep it somwhat ok. And also you would need alot of filtration. And just because the 2 are in the same family does not mean that they have the same requirements Example: chimps, bonobos, gorillas, orangutans are all part of our family (hominidae), yet who requires a car, house, big screen TV?
  2. all koi are the same species with the exception of the butterfly "koi" which are not considered actual koi to the japanese. the butterfly "koi" is a hybrid of a long fin carp and koi. As far as i kno there isn't really any "dwarf" koi just koi that have been stunted by lack of proper conditions.
  3. umm lets see... about 1 1/2 weeks i think. gonna have to order some more, what kind do you recommend? metro-meds or medi-gold? thanks laurie!!
  4. been quite a while since an update, ick is cleared, water params are pretty good too now. having trouble clearing slightly reddened fins, but the reddening should not be septicemia because i've treated the 2 fish that have the red fins seperately for it for 2x the treatment. I will keep feedind medicated to the 2 fish to get all the bacteria out of their systems.
  5. GFandy

    Newbie Need Help

    Welcome to koko's I really don't know the answer to your question but I feed my goldies a variety of different pellets, Hikari Oranda Gold, Lionhead, and also Pro-Gold. I just started with the Hikari goldfish products, but i've heard good things bout them and they make excellent koi food, and the company's representatives are nice and knowledgeable about their products. Theres only one problem that i have with Hikari GOldfish foods, the pellets come in basically one size and for larger goldies it probably won't be soo easy to find the food. I love pacific aquariums, even though i've only been there once, they've got alot of fish, and alot of healthy looking fish, and they gave me a discount on my goldies.
  6. also a refugium that has sand in it can grow various kinds of pods, which are food for some fish and corals and stuff like that. and the plants provide a means of nutrient export
  7. thankss my opinion on the Bioballs thing, is that i don't think that they'd be neccessary cause u got the macro or what ever plant in the sump and then you have LR and some sand in the sump too, i think it'll take care of the nitrogen cycle stuffs. (i could be wrong though) have a good dayy
  8. cool... very cool, i can't wait till i set mine up in a few years... i've saved enough money to buy half a setup lol haha...
  9. looks niceee, might i suggest putting the heater in the sump if it fits? what kinds of fish nd corals nd stuff r u planing on adding in the future? again looks goood
  10. the spots don't seem to be affecting the fish. Appetite has returned!!! YAY!! and i think we have nitrites!!! and the ammonia has gone down!! YAY!!! I've added a stocking of oyster shells to buffer my water so i don't get a pH crash. yesterday and today have been such awesome days!, its warm 60'sish and the fish are doing better, spring is finally coming!! and when it finally gets here for good the koi get to go back outside and the goldfish get a new home hopefully a new stock tank for them (mini-pond).
  11. pH 8.3 ammonia 1.5 nitrite 0 nitrate 30 could ammonia burns look like that?
  12. yea, they're not bloody and they weren't there yesterday or this morning could it be a color change?
  13. things have been good soo far in the 45. But today when i got home which was like 10 mins ago i noticed that 1 of the fish (ranchu) has a funny coloration now on one of his sides. i've never seen this before.... water quality tests will be coming shortly... I'll get a pic... got it...
  14. this morning the pH is 8.3 still(closer color to 8.2 than 8.4) . and last night it appeared to be in between 8.2-8.4 but closer to 8.4.
  15. after changing the water and testing it, i didn't not see a change in the pH.
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