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  1. Fantastic I'm even starting to like the look. Lol! Thanks, Koko!
  2. Hello, again.... update about the algae. Now what I thought was brown algae, is bright green algae... it actually looks healthy! It's growing on the glass ornaments and the walls and the plastic plants, and you can actually see it swishing about with the current, and of course, the guys are having a ball foraging all day and eating it. (They are pooping green stuff like maniacs) Do you think it's a good idea to just let it keep growing for them to eat, and just add a couple of high nutrition pellets for each every day? Can that be a staple of their diet?
  3. Yes, Koko, rain and snow have been crazy this winter, and I do have a window next to the tank, but it only receives indirect sunlight. I think it might be a combination of the changes in the water and the brighter light. The algae is not bothersome, and I clean at least the glass and the decorations every time I change the water, and if it's healthy for them to eat it, I don't mind. They are entertained all day long just nibbling, and that makes me happy. Thank you, as always, I love hearing your input!! ♥Rebeca
  4. Yeah, I changed the lighting when my old ballast burned out. The one I have now is brighter. Mmm... I guess that's it. The important thing is, is it okay for them to eat it?
  5. Hi, guys, long time no see.... which I guess is good news because it means my babies have been healthy and thriving for months, however, now I have a concern...I have a 45 gallon, 3 fish, largest is about 2 inches long, I feed them once a day a variety of foods, I make wc every week, 90%, Prime, no problems with water quality, but for the past couple of months, there is a lot more brown algae growing on my decorations (glass), plastic plans and I have to constantly clean the glass. What can cause this? It's not excessive, but it's a lot more than I have ever had, and they are eating it up! They are constantly nibbling at it, and I want to know if that is okay. They are definitely pooping up a storm! I pick up tons of poop every day (I have an Eheim hand vaccuum that I love!)... sometimes it seems excessive, considering I feed them a pellet or two each every day. I'm wondering if the brown algae could have something to do with having the heater on inside the apt more than usual.
  6. Thank you, Koko!!! And if ammonia rises, only water changes until it cycles again, right? The sponge filters will help, though, no?
  7. Hi!! My tank is 45 gallons and I have 3 Goldies, the largest one about 4 inches long, one medium, and one about 1.5. My canister filter broke, well, not the filter, that thin little ceramic pole (aargh) that makes the propeller turn... I was not able to get one close by so I ordered it and it will take a couple of days to get here. In the meantime I have the canister with an air pump pumping bubbles into it, and in the tank I have two large sponge filters. So two questions: how long can the tank be with only the two sponge filters, and how long will the bacteria in the canister media survive?
  8. Update...after what Speckles said about the bubblers, I disconnected the two big ones and just left the bubbles from the sponge filters. It seems to have helped, because he still goes to the top but he is not "eating" air. He just goes up there and seems to be looking for the bubbles to appear and I haven't seen him float any more. I haven't been home that much for the holiday weekend, but I will keep observing him while I work. (The tank is in front of my desk)
  9. Maybe I do. I'll take one out and see if I notice a difference.
  10. I haven't gotten a chance to go get it. I wanted to try other things first, because I am afraid that if it's behavioral, he'll do it even more if he gets used to go up to get the duckweed...Plus the last time I tried it, the food ring didn't do it's work and my filters were a mess and I really have no place to keep it and grow it.
  11. I actually started doing this myself. When I caught him, I blew on his face and seemed to hate it. No he likes it. Tapping does not help. I wonder if a tiny/little/minuscule/loving tap on the head would do it. (By the way, Slate looks awesome!!!)
  12. Well, it looks like a $kimmer is not for me. Still, I wanted to give you an update. He is still floating right after he eats. First of all, I started feeding only once a day. I also stopped the pellets, and I will start feeding only Repashy now to see if I see a difference, and then I'll start only with the pellets and so on. He has no trouble going down and swimming around the rest of the time, it's just right after lunch, or after he spends a lot of time eating bubbles. It's only that my heart stops every time I see him floating. My medium fish is still floaty, but he acts normal otherwise. For over 10 years, I never before had this "eating air" problem, and I wonder if it's actually the Repashy food that creates the biofilm and the whole thing, because that is the only new style of food I'm feeding. I also mix Super Greens and Soilent... Maybe I should use one or the other or prepare my own gel food? What else can I try feeding them to stop this? Can you recommend some special foods I should try?
  13. Wait! Did I miss something? Wasn't Slate's tumor back? Did you do surgery again? She looks amazing!!!!!
  14. Now, can the biofilm form so fast? He does it even right after a WC. Plus, when I feed them, I almost feed them by mouth, as I will drop the pellet or piece of gel right in front of them and I see them eat every piece... maybe a couple will sink to the bottom.Just want to learn how that works. I'll try skimming after I do a couple of days of duckweed. I tried the duckweed some time ago and it was a messy disaster for my canister filter even with a feeding station... or I might cover the intake with something....?
  15. Ok, update after 2 days fast. All day yesterday, second day of the fast, Sunray (yellow Tomasaba) did not go up to eat bubbles, and did not float at all. Today, I finally gave them some peas, and he's back at it.... dumb fish!!! Ray, (the medium Oranda) is still floaty, but he has been like that since the beginning, some days more than others. I hope it doesn't develop into a full blown problem at some point. Tomorrow will be pea day again. We'll see. But if it's a habit, how do I deter it from happening?
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