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  1. My pH is about 6.8. So what would make the most significant difference, changing the substrate or the lighting? I would like to add more plants to my tank but I think that if I don't improve some of the conditions in my tank, there will not be enough nutrients to go around and nothing will grow.

    Do you find that liquid fertilizers increase your algae growth? I tried them once and my algae was growing more than my plants so I stopped.

  2. My aquarium plants need some help. They have been alive for several months now but they don't grow a whole lot. My amazon swords are only 4 in tall! They produce new leaves to replace those that die, but they do not increase in size.

    I have a 20 gal with 2 fantails. There are 3 amazon swords and 2 red wendii. I have one 15W aqua-glo bulb and regular aquarium gravel. The light is on for over 12 hrs/day. I use no nutrient supplements other than plant tabs which I am not convinced are doing a whole lot. My tank is 1 year old and cycled.

    I want to do something that will encourage more plant growth. I was wondering what would be the most effective, more lighting or a nutrient rich substrate? I am afraid to add more plants to my aquarium because I know that the plants I have now are just barely surviving.


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