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  1. It looks like the gray is starting to fade. If anyone has any ideas of what may have caused it I would still like their thoughts.
  2. Here are pictures where you can see the gray patches under the eyes, on the upper lip, and gray lines on the fins. The fins have gotten somewhat darker since I first saw this yestorday.First pic: Second pic: Here is a pic I took just three days ago:
  3. * Test Results for the Following: No Ammonia Level? Nitrite Level? Nitrate level? Ph Level, (If possible,KH and GH and chloramines)? Ph Level out of the Tap? * Tank size (How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 20 gal, 2+years * What is the name and size of the filter/s? Aquaclear 50 * How often do you change the water and how much? 50% every two weeks # How many fish in the tank and their size? 2 fantails, 3-4 in including tails # What kind of water additives or conditioners? Prime # Any medications added to the tank? antibacterial food a week ago for a resolved infection # Add any new fish to the tank? New plants 4 weeks ago: money wort, horn wort, anubias. # What do you feed your fish? goldfish crisps, sometimes peas and omega one # Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? just the gray spots on the one fish # Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc..? Normal behavior The infection was in the form of red marks on the other fish. That fish has had that in the past and it always clears up with the medicated food. Medicated food was given to both fish even though obvious symptoms where only found in the one fish.
  4. Hi, My fantail goldfish has developed gray patches under each of her eyes and gray speckles on her tail. The gray appeared over the course of one day. She is normally bright reddish orange on top and really white under her belly and on her face. It is on some of the white part that the gray developed. The fish is acting fine. I just finished treating a bacterial infection with anti-bacterial food that I have used successfully several times in the past. What is causing the gray to appear? Is it anything to worry about?
  5. Thanks for the replies. I did not snip the bottoms of the plants when I got them; I didn't know to. I have noticed almost all of the leaves on the lower half of the plants are falling off. Exactly where they are crowded together. There is good new growth at the tops of the plants though. That gives me hope. I will remove the rubber band and spread them out a little. Should I snip the ends now to let them start over or do I not what to lose any progress with root development? A couple of the plants that had come up had roots up to 1 in long. If they look rotted I will snip them. I know they could benefit from getting more light. I am going to order one online today. I keep thinking they need more of something. Should I wait for my lighting and see, or should I look into fertilizers? I am not to hot about plant substrate because I already have just gravel and it would be an ordeal to redo it. When you say that the substrate makes it hard to clean the bottom, are you talking about the kind that you put under the gravel or the kind that can be used in place of gravel?
  6. I have a bunch of money wort stems in my tank and I am having some trouble keeping them rooted. They were sold as just stems with minimal roots. I left them tied together with the rubberband and attached them to a stick as an effort to keep them down until they grew roots. They were fine for a couple weeks, but now they are coming up. My fish do pick at them some, but I think is is more of an issue with the fact that they are stems without large roots. the plants were starting to grow roots but obviously it hasn't been enough. I have only regular gravel but I put a plant tab under the money wort to give them some nutrients. I have low light in my tank, so they grow sort of slowly to begin with. Has anyone had any luck keeping stemmed plants in the gravel? How long does it usually take to get rooted? Thanks!
  7. red streaks in the tail are signs of a bacterial infection, right? Should I put meds in the water or use medicated food? I don't want any secondary infections to be causing more problems.
  8. I am attaching some photos so that possibly the problems with the tail can be more understood.
  9. I need more help. So the blister popped itself a few days after my last post leaving a wounded torn area on the top of betsy's tail where the blister used to be. I thought it was just the healing process and that it would get better by itself. the wound has only gotten worse and I am really worried. The blister initially stradled the top of the two parts of the fantail, really close to the fish's body. After it popped, the wounds (that sort of look like a chunk was torn from the tails) occured semetrically on the tails where the blister used to be. The wound was not red or anything for the longest time. The tails seem to fold down where the wound is (do to the weight of the scar tissue???). Now the wounds are just larger, the tails are still folded over, a dark grey spot has appeared on part of the wound, and there is new redness along the edge of one of the folded over tails. there is also a new blister on just one of the tails where some of the damaged tissue is. The fish is acting fine and eating normally. I have been keeping the tank at .1% salt since the beginning of this whole mess. I rearranged my tank a few weeks ago to decrease any chance of injury on the ornaments. I have not treated for parasites or bacteria and I never did the H2O2 swab. There are no signs of parasites or infections other than the symptoms described above. The tails don't seem to be able to heal folded over like that. What should I do? I have been hesistant to treat with meds if I don't know what the cause is. I am especially worried since the redness and the grey spot appeared.
  10. I am ready to buy some new lighting to have a more impressive planted tank and I was thinking about 65W, 6700K, for my 20H tank. I am wondering if I need to think about having CO2 in my tank or if I will be ok. Over the course of the year my tank temperature fluctuates between 74F to 80F, and I always have 2 bubble stones and a bubble want running. Don't even ask me what plants I plan on having because I want to be inspired when I see them in the pet store. I am going for a tank well suited for anything I happen to bring home, with the least amount of fuss and unneeded equipment. Any advice? Thanks, Carole
  11. I am trying to better light my planted tank also and I have been doing lots of research. My advice is based on my research and not on any experience. There are lots of info and vedors via google. There are two things that are important for picking out lighting: watts/gallon and spectrum (Kelvin rating). The amount of light you need really depends on what plants you want. I have some crypts that do well (enough) with .75 watts/gallon. In general low light plants should do well with 1.5 watts/gallon but between 2 and 4 watts/gallon will let you do whatever you want. So figure out how many watts you need for your tank and start shopping from there, then let your budget be your guide. Then make sure that you can get a good spectrum bulb. For freshwater tanks you want around 6700 Kelvin because it simulates natural sunlight the best. The length of the light really depends on your tank and your set up preference. If you try to guage amount of light by how big it is you could get mislead.
  12. I am researching better lighting for my planted tank also. I read that for freshwater tanks (be careful, there is a lot of info that is specifically for salt water tanks) you want lighting between 5500K-6700K (Kelvin) because it simulates natural sunlight the best. So the CF bulbs will not specifically say that they are good for plants but if you get enough watts and a good kelvin rating than you should (?) be good. I am looking at these fixtures for my tank: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/Product/Prod...3&N=2004+113345 These get the most watts for the buck from what I have found. Once again, this info is based on my research and not experience. I have a bit of a black thumb too. I tried to keep amazon swords and cryptocornes (sp?) in my tank with .75 Watts/gal. My crypts were fine but my swords eventually died. I want a lush planted tank so that means more light I guess!
  13. My first goldfish, bubbles, had something similar. I kept him in a 1 gal bowl for the first month I had him and was afraid that I had stunted him too. After that I moved him to a 20 gal with another small fancy. After a while I realized that bubbles was not growing whereas my other fish was. Bubbles developed lumps in the shape of his body where occasionally they would open and there would be a white sore. It would heal itself and then another one would break open. Bubbles lived for a few months with those symptoms and then seemed to have died peacefully at about one year old. He was the best fish. My feeling was that the problem was genetic, as I can not convince myself (completely) that just a month when he was small could have stunted him. He did not look like other fancy goldfish and never really grew any scales. There is my sad story. I wish you well with Nugget, you must be taking very good care of him and I am sure he appreciates it.
  14. the ragged fins are not really getting any better, and the blister is not getting smaller. Should I treat the tank with antibacterial meds? Their tank has been salted for about 5 days now with out any major improvements to their condition. If I need to I will try the H2O2 swab.
  15. The blister seems to be deflating slowly. I still wonder what caused it. Both fish are still acting fine.
  16. Oops I was trying to attach a picture. beginners mistake.
  17. For those who could not see the blister in the photos, I made an identical picture but with the blister circled. Circling in made it impossible to see, however if you compare this picture to the one above you should be able to find it. I got lucky as this is now my 101th post!
  18. The bigger fish (with out the blister) has always yawned occasionally, sleeps a lot, and sometimes sucks at the surface (which is weird because I have 2 airstones and an airwand providing O2). The blistered fish does not do these things and never has. No clamped fins. They are acting as normal as they always have. I will watch them and see if they get better. Can parasites cause blisters on fish?
  19. To get rid of the possible parasites I used "Lifeguard All-in-One" by JungleLabs. I followed the instructions with that medication and my fish started acting normally again so I assumed the parasites (or whatever it was) were gone. Here is that medicine: http://www.junglelabs.com/pages/details.asp?item=TT102 How can I find out if I still have a parasite problem? Would it be left over from the summer? Were you able to see the blister in the pictures?
  20. The blister is pale orange in color. In the second picture the arrow at the top pointed down is pointed at it. You have to look through the tail sort of to see the size and shape. It is very spherical and bubble like. In the first picture (with only one arrow) you can seed the blister between the fan tails near the body. I may of had a parasite issue this past summer when I added the orange and white fish for the first time. The fishes were acting strange and darting around. Some all in one medication fixed the issue. I wasn't sure it was fin rot at first but I thought I was starting to see white spots on the edges of their fins. Whatever happened happened to both of them. They both have sort of jagged looking edges on their tails. I know it is hard to see in the pictures because most of the spots are very small. The orange fish has one spot where it lookes like there is a small whole wearing through near the edge of it's tail. I wasn't so alarmed by the idea of a slightly torn fin or mild fin rot but the blister/bubble thing still has me guessing. there has been no changes in the fishes behavior or the severity of the blister. Also, should I have removed the carbon from my filter before adding salt? Thanks for all of the help so far.
  21. I added 19 teaspoons of aquarium salt to my 20 gal (less ornaments and gravel) tank. I hope that helps.
  22. Thanks Hlusak, I wasn't sure the yahoo pictures was going to work. If the blister is still hard to see I will try to take better pictures. I purchased some aquarium salt and will add it to the tank to get .1%. I have a 20 gal tank, so how much salt do I need to get .1%?
  23. I think I have successfully gotten 2 pictures of the blister: http://new.photos.yahoo.com/album?c=c_a_ho...3129499&.src=ph The blister and visible fin rot is pointed out with arrows. The blister is seen through the fin as it is tucked between the two tail fins. The fin rot appears very mild, the edges are a little jagged with the worst spot at the bottom tip of the tail fin where it has forked a little (should be visible in the picture). Both fish have slightly jagged edges on their tail fins, but not on any other fins. You might be able to see in the picture that the blister is located near (seems attached to) a jagged edge on that part of the tail. I will wait for more information before I medicate and will just add some salt. These fish never fight, however they have been playing in the output of the power filter which may have caused them to collide with something. I don't think that is what caused this though because of the bizarre location on the blister.
  24. Sorry I came off a little crazy, this is just the weirdest thing I have ever seen. The fish is acting perfectly normal which adds to my confusion. I will get a picture as soon as I can. I just noticed the fin rot on Saturday and have not added anything to the tank to try to treat it, but I did do a big water change. I was going to go to the LPS today and get some salt and some Maracyn 1&2 as that seems to be what is recomeneded in other places for fin rot. Can I use all three things together? How much salt should I add?
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