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  1. That was my line of thought, too. There is an airstone (one of those long skinny ones that make a lot of bubbles). And yes, the fish does like to go near/in the bubbles. I guess they might also be from the filtration system which makes lots of tiny bubbles. I read somewhere that bubbles on the fish are painful, and that is why I was concerned. The bubbles do fall off. So it sounds like they may not be related to the missing scales/twitching.
  2. Hi, first off, I apologize if someone has posted a similar problem already. I did search and look and couldn't find anything. My tank is 20 gallons, pH and ammonia are normal/good ranges, I do weekly water changes (about 30%) and vacuum the rocks when I do the changes. My goldfish is about 7 years old and lives with a pleco, who I have had for about a year. I feed my goldfish flakes and peas. My problem is, as of late my goldfish has had these twitches in his fins, and today I noticed these really tiny bubbles stuck on him, in various places, some in these odd strings of bubbles. They are bubbles, not eggs (my fish has had ich before so I know what that looks like, and this isn't the same). I am thinking its some sort of parasite problem but I really don't know. Fish has lost a lot of scales over the past few weeks (could be the pleco from what I've read, although I've never seen it do anything aggressive to the goldfish). Goldfish tries to scrape his scales on the rocks at the bottom of the tank. So it may be that he is losing scales that way. I don't know. I've put some salt in the tank based on the recommended dosage. And I've been using Melafix. Filter is Penguin Biowheel 160 model for up to 30gallon tank and I set it up two weeks ago. If you can deduce what my problem is based on what I have provided...I appreciate any feedback!
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