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  1. White cloud mountain minnows Some are gold, some are normal (brown) and some are albino. I breed them and at the moment there are about 15 in the goldfishtank.
  2. "Underwater love"......a song by portishead Was the perfect song for the video
  3. Yes he's fine He does that when swimming fast. He's one of my most active and healthy fish as you can see in the video . They were very sick a few weeks ago and that's why he still has a split tail and maybe that's why he has his fin down more than normal.
  4. I made a funny video of my fish. Hope you enjoy it! http://www.zuza.nl/userImagesBig/7/8/a/78a...0f067a7ba45.wmv
  5. He hallo, wat leuk! Voor mij ook nooit meer zonder 2 weken apart, maar in dit geval heeft dat helaas niks geholpen.
  6. I moved since december to a new house in Amsterdam and since I moved bad things happend to my fish. First I bought Dancer, a new veiltail that looked very healthy and he was in quarantine for 2 weeks. When I put him in my fish got very ill and my baby Oranda died completely white from the fungus. Medicine helped the rest but the oranda didn't seem to react and got worse. Now the desease is under control and they are all happy and healthy again. I don't know if it was Dancer who introduced the disease or it was the change of water in Amsterdam that made my fish ill I'm still doing weekly waterchanges to help the fish and get rid of the medicine in the water. I hope my tank will get it's old glory back and have good hopes beceause some of the fish are showing mating behaviour. My mirror scale was also in very bad shape. He always seems skinny but when the desease was at it's worse he was almost dead laying on the bottem and not moving his skinny body. Now he's big and fat again and swimming like he was before. In my local petstore they have beautifull ranchu's and I wanted a ranchu for so long. Now I don't dare to buy one since Dancer ruined my tank and fishhealth. Hoping they get another shipment later.........
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