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  1. Hi Nakedsnake, just so you don't hate me, I'm really sorry for saying I could take your fish on, but at this point in time I just I can't.. I'm sorry to jerk you round on all this. I hope you find a home for your little one. cheers. Mads.
  2. Hey nakedsnake, I'm in St Kilda, I'd be happy to rehome him if you like, I've got a 7 foot tank (approx 800 litres if you include the volume of the filters.) and I've only got 5 fish in there, it's understocked at the moment coz I need low maintainence due to also having to care for a human baby but there's plenty of room for your little guy if you like. I'm having trouble getting my computer to recognise my camera at the moment and I'm a bit too much of a technophobe to work out what's going on so I can't show you a recent image of my tank, but I can describe what I've got, 7x2x2ft tank, 3 external 1200lph aquaone cannisters and a fluval 3 internal filter (this may be considered underfiltered, but the fact that I'm so understocked this has never been an issue), 200wtt heater that gets put on over winter, UV sterilizer (cant remember brand) it's partially barebottomed with some blue stricta and several anubias growing over a whole pile of petrified wood, I've been keeping fish since I can remember, probably from about 7yrs onwards, started with goldies, 'progressed' to tropical, and then went back to keeping fancy goldfish. I'm a stay at home mum at the moment so I can come and pick him up if you like, let me know if your interested.
  3. It's not designed to adsorb ammonia/nitiite/nitrate. I had no problem with my cycle for the three years I kept driftwood/biochemsorb in my tropical tank.
  4. HH, that cracked me up! -Not sure it's the same thing, but I often found in the driftwood I kept in with my trops (way back when) that the driftwood tended to have white fluffy blooms of 'stuff', -especially when I first put it in the tank, I did a bit of asking around some said that it was just a small fungal bloom, a natural part of the break-down of the driftwood and no threat to healthy fish, and it's actually quite nutritious and your plec will thrive on it! -after a while your pleco shoud keep the white fluff nicely mown, I'm not sure about the sap stuff though Acupunk, with hard alkaline water, driftwood would be the one thing I'd suggest as a natural way to soften and acidify your water. -One thing about it though, for a long time your wood will continue to leach tannins, -it's an aesthetic that can grow on you, especially if you have a natural layout of your tank to begin with, but if you hate the tannin in the water you can put a packet of "biochem-zorb" in your filter, this resin adsorbs the tannins clearing and polishing the water, it can last up to about 2 months from memory (haven't kept trops for a while now!) but once it's exhausted the water will turn tea coloured again. hope this helps, -don't be purturbed by fuzz at the start, it might take a month or two for it to settle down, but with bristles they'll make short work of it!
  5. I love that second pic, there's something really aesthetic about the curved lines of your fish the compact round wen accents the curve of the back and belly and edge of tail fin... nice! I haven't seen a fish that's made me drool like that for quite a while!
  6. No probs, there's been a couple of thumbs up behind the scenes, but we'll have to wait to hear back from koko.. Marie, -Thanks for the suggestion re corel, I'll look into it, I really miss being able to do stuff with my pics. I gotta say I love your tri coloured oranda, s/he is a stunner, a real flirt with the camera too! some really nice art there!
  7. yes, you will remove some of their slime coat, -if you're wanting to minimise the stress on your fish, you could probably do with a big water change (80%), your nitrates are on the high side of acceptable, and if you're going to put your fish through a stressful situation it's best to get the nitrates down to about 5ppm (my personal experience is that although it is stated that up 40ppm nitrates is not poisonous, the goldies I've kept over the years always fare better in water with 5-10ppm nitrates. some fish do rather poorly with high levels of nitrate) You can buy products that are like an artificial slime coat, usually containing aloevera, this is fine if the fish is healthy, but many in the hobby don't like these products because the aloevera coats the gills also, possibly impairing gas exchange. My personal choice if you were to use any product would to use Melafix for 7 days after handling your fish, -this is a mild antibacterial agent that can expediate healing in wounds, and also knocks the head on the bacteria in the water that your fish's slime coat is protecting it from.
  8. to answer your question about having an extra cycled tank, -A good way to doing this is to have a second filter set up on your tank (you can't over filter your tank!), you can get a 10 gal bucket or 'rubbermaid' tote box that you can dedicate to fish things and then bring it out when needed for quarrantine procedures. (I have a tote box that I use to store all my goldfish paraphenalia in and when I need the box I empty all my gear into plastic bags for the duration of QT being set up) when you need to set up your QT all you need to do is transfer some of your tank water and your extra filter for an instant cycle! Glad to hear your fish pulled through the night, lets hope it makes it to the time you get your meds.
  9. heidi, I'm so sorry you lost your little celestial, May he now rest in peace!
  10. -If you need help with diagnosing your goldfish please post in the emergency/disease/diagnosis forum. A healthy fish should not be affected/killed by formula food, there is something else going on in your tank. -Death by food is usually poor nutrition from cheap fish flake/pellet and this occurs over a period of years. -as for your question about your fish finding your gel food, -if you're worried taht they are not going to sniff out the food, consider adding fresh minced garlic to your mix, garlic is a natural food attractant (they'll smell it in the water!) and also, it's a great immune booster for your fish to boot!
  11. OOOOOOH! HH! I LOVE it! It's just perfect! The colours are SO me! I'll just get outta my tracky dacks and slip into my slinky outfit! (hope it fits!! )
  12. I'm sorry you have found our help frustrating, we have helped you to the best of our abilities. Yes it is frustrating to have to wait while detective work is done to determine what is going on with your fish, it is difficult for us to work out what is going on when we don't have all the information we need about your tank details. You say that you started posting a week ago, the first post in this topic was two days ago? I can only go by what you have stated in your first post on this thread, -If you have other posts up about your sick fish, I suggest you stick to posting on one thread only so that if someone comes along to help you they can get the full story. We have now suggested you start treating for flukes, -this is the best suggestion we can give you over the internet from the information you have given us, as we are not actually present, cannot see your fish, do microscopy on skin/gill scrapes etc. this still mightn't be the right suggestion, but it is the best we can do as a service over the internet. You must understand that we can only help you on the information you give us. and I think a one day turn-around with a possible diagnosis on one thread is pretty good considering we are all volunteers. We are here to help you but we cannot solve your fishes problems for you. I'm sorry to hear that you're thinking on giving up on goldfish because of this. Please keep us up to date with your fish's details, how you're medicating them, we will try and help to the best of our abilities. You mentioned that one of your fish bottom sits and eats poorly when he's alone, -Does he stop bottom sitting and eats normally when there are other fish in the tank? -I have never known a healthy goldfish bottom-sit and not eat. I really think there is something going on in your tank, but I am unable to say Acupunk mentioned that there's a whole lot of things going on with your situation that I don't know about, pH problems, ammonia burns, none of this has been mentioned in this thread, or even alluded to until now. There could be a multitude of things going on with your fish, but if you have had ammonia and cycle problems, this could be the long term effects of your fish being kept in toxic water. -Yes the water might be perfect now, but if the fish have been kept in less than ideal conditions previously then they are still being affected from that time of being kept in poor water. As I don't know the whole picture, I can only guess.
  13. Vu, I'm sorry to hear Spotty passed, I know you tried your best, but really, dropsy is the end-stage of bacterial infection, it really is a losing battle once your fish starts to dropsy, don't take it out on yourself, you gave Spotty the best life you could. may he RIP. Nice little casket you made him.
  14. Can you decribe what the worm like thing looks like for us (other than 'worm-like')?
  15. -lol, me too! -she's so round and rolly polly... I love calicos. Love your tanks set up D. realy nice, clean aesthetics.. nice range of fish.
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