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  1. When this happened months ago he was very healthy--BUT--I bought all 3 Orandas that had been in the same tank together at my lfs--but after about a month or more BOB grew 2 inches overnight and became bigger than "felfie" who had been the bigger fish but then became the middle fish--according to sizes--it was only then did "felfie" start sucking BOBs scales off<--he was brutal for over 3 days until I figured out what was going on and separated them--poor BOB was missing 25% of his scales--I felt horrible about it. Felfie has lived in his own tank since then--I have tried several times to "reunite" them but it always ends up the same way--so I eventually stopped and any other fish that I bought I ALWAYS made sure were quite smaller than BOB so he would start out as KING and stay that way All the Orandas that I have now--4 total with BOB--have been together for at least 10 weeks--they NEVER tried to suck off his scales--until he was in a quarantine tank for 2 weeks for dropsy and I just put BOB back in with them today SORRY FOR THE LONG HYSTERICAL POST--As you can probably tell I am trying to be a "sit in therapist" for my fish
  2. Thanks for the kind words fantail And Chico, I am so upset over this--BOB is the greatest fish--doesn't bother any other fish at any time--I had another fish that did this to him several months ago and I ended up getting him his own 30 gallon to grow old in by himself--I have no other place to put any more tanks!!!! We have a 100 gallon on standby ready to be filled with water and cycled as soon as we move their 55 gallon--the 55 gallon will then be sterilized and cycled again and put in our bedroom for my husbands incredibly psychotic African Oscar. I wish there was a fish psychiatrist!! Does that 4" fish all of a sudden want to be the ALPHA FISH--Is that why he was doing that?? BOB is close to 8" of sweet Calico Oranda goodness--I just don't know what to do
  3. That is EXCELLENT--Thank You.
  4. 498206[/snapback] As a matter of fact I CAN boil them--they are each about the size of a peanut M+M--So I will DO THAT BOB has been back in the 55 gallon for about 3-4 hours--and he is just sitting there letting them do that to him--BUT--he has done very little swimming in over 4 months because of the suspected chilo--he mainly just sits in one spot unless he is scratching or eating--then he shuffles on the gravel to get around. hopefully the little buggers "time out" in the colander will make them be nicer" when I decide to let them out**another loud sigh**
  5. Hi All My B.O.B. is back in the 55 gallon--The Dropsy is gone--but he is still scratching on the gravel So PP fun starts on Sunday. I have a couple questions: 1. From what I read from Pauls post--Do you NEVER add dechlorinator to the PP bath? 2. And Chico--You said to take out all the gravel before I soak the 55 gallon in PP--Can I leave it in there or must it be thrown away or what? ALSO--I have the equivalent to RIVER ROCKS in there--about 25 pounds--in all I would say about 200-300 smooth rocks--Do I throw those out or can I leave those in there to be PP or can I PP them in a bucket? to make me put my head in my hands and sigh VERY LOUD--My 4" Oranda and his smaller buddy who is barely 2" were just sucking the scales off of BOB--So they are now floating in a Colander/Jail in the 55 gallon while I figure out what I am going to do about THAT
  6. Thanks for helping me so quick He will be at 14 days in about 7 hours. I am out of heaters--and I did not want the cool water to start stressing him again--that is why I was hoping I could put him in the comnfy warmer 55 gallon. I won't be able to get a heater until Friday afternoon.
  7. OK--All of his scales are down--Today will be the FIRST day of that--Can I put him back in the 55 gallon for a couple days NOW**before I start the PP treatments I would like to give him a mini vacation from the daily water treatments** OR Do I give him another day or 2 of treatment?? I feel bad I broke his aquarium heater and the water is a little cool!
  8. Yes--Thank You for the links--that probe JUST HAPPENS to be from my MOST FAVORITE online store
  9. Congrats on all your new goodies--My daughter especially liked the test kit when we got it--she said it made her feel like a Chemist
  10. That's IT--I just looked it up--IT'S PERFECT for me--LOL-- Thank You VERY much But I will OF COURSE unplug it from now on--just in case--I have already taped a big sign on the front of the QT tank to UNPLUG EVERYTHING BEFORE water changes
  11. Oh believe me if I knew how I kept breaking them I would STOP--LOL-- But every time I always see the bottom 2" of the glass based heater broken and on the bottom of the tank I have even tried different brands to hopefully stop it--but not yet
  12. Hi Everyone Over the past several months I have broke--my most recent one today--several aquarium heaters during water changes. Most of the time it is because I forget to unplug them during water changes. In all I have spent/lost about $120 on 7-8 heaters. Does any company make one that is not glass that won't break when I forget to shut off the heater during a water change in my quarantine tank--I always remember to shut off the ones in my 55 and 30 gallon Thanks for any help/lectures for my bad habit
  13. Oh Thank You SOOOO Much I was afraid no one was going to reply in time for his next dose. Thanks Again Paul.
  14. I will never give up on these little guys--they all depend on me to live long healthy lives--I am sure I can pull them all through. I have a question about my Big Ole Boy. He is now starting to show signs of improvement from having Dropsy--He has about 10 scales that are still slightly raised and he has started to swim a little tonight--Do I continue with the Maracyn 2 and Epsom Salt--Today was his last treatment for 2X at 10 days in a row? Thanks for any replies
  15. My daughter affectionately told me his name is B.O.B. <--NOT B.O.O.
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