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  1. thanks a lot Daryl and Blue ! I forwarded your suggestion back home. I never thought of the immunity that parasites could build up to salt. I'll definetly go easier on the salt once i get home for christmas. once again thanks so much!
  2. Hi everyone! Its nice to be back on kokos. I havent been around for awhile since all of my fish are doing great! I did have one question after reading the "pinned salt" section. When you add seasalt, I know it doesn't evaporate and the only way to remove it is through a water change. My mom has been dilligently caring for my fish whole I'm at college. However my concern is that every time she does a partial water change e.i: 25%, she adds a full amount of salt as directed on the box as if there was no salt to begin with in the tank. I have a 30 gallon tank that she changes about 7.5 gallons every Friday. However, until last week she used to put a matching amount of seasalt for a 30 gallon tank in, following the directions as if there was no salt present. Over time, wouldn't this increase the salt level slowly over time to dangerous levels? I told her to stop for the time until i consulted everyone at kokos. What is a good amount of salt to add after every change? btw: my fish are not sick, i add the salt for their general overall health. The salt is API seasalt. thanks!
  3. thanks all for your help! I did a 25% water change and everyone seems great! This is actually a new tank set-up (already cycled ) and both fish came from the same tank at vvvv so there shouldn't be too much trouble. My pleco ate a ton of the eggs and so did "mom"
  4. Hey all, I just got a beautiful 6 inch long orange Oranda from vvvv on Tuesday. She's doing very well, eating and being active and interested in her environment. Today, my girlfriend noticed that little gelatinous balls were coming out of her anal regions. She thought the balls were poop. However, I gave the little balls a closer examination and realized that they look like eggs. They are landing on the plants in the tank in small clusters. Occasionally the other fish are eating them. I don't have pictures but the balls can best be described as little clear spherical pearls. They have a gelatinous appearance. Are they eggs? They look like it to me. Should I be worried? Thanks!
  5. I had a quick question. Recently the fish in my 30 gallon tank died and I plan on emptying out the whole tank, cleaning EVERYTHING, and restarting the tank cycle and after 30 days, introducing new fish. However, I plan on keeping my Penguin Bio-Wheel filter that has a long-established bio wheel. This bio-wheel has been colonized by beneficial bacteria for a little over a year. My question is, can i keep this colonized bio-wheel when i start this "new" tank or should I get a new one, and also will this colonized bio-wheel affect the cycling time of my tank? thanks!
  6. I upped the aeration and she seems to be doing a little better. The ammonia problem has been under control for abotu 2 weeks. Ive got an established Penguin BioWheel filter that ive had up and running for two years with the same wheel. I'll try the prazi and see what happens. The ammonia is back to zero also. This thing is a bit of mystery to me....
  7. Hi everyone I haven't posted here in a long time mainly because I've been extremely lucky with my current goldies and I haven't gotten any new ones. Ok here are the params: All water test results are normal. Nitrates slightly elevated at 20ppm but i hit it with some Amquel. I have a 30 gallon tank with a Ryukin, Lionhead and rubbernose pleco that's been running for two years. Both fish are over three years old and quite healthy with no past major problems. I do the usual 7 gallon water change fanatically every tuesday. Both fish are large and have been tankmates since i got them at the pet store 3 years ago. No meds and no new fish have been added in over a year. Here is the dilemma. I've been away at college and moms been taking care of the fish. They were doing fine until about 2 weeks ago when mom called and said the Ryukin, Kiko, had gray spots on her tail fins. I informed her that they were probably ammonia burns since she informed me she'd only been doing 5 gallon water changes for the past two months. The ammonia levels had slowly climbed to 1ppm! She immediately performed a 25% change one day, then another 25% the next so that the levels returned to normal. It might be important to note that Simba, my lionhead was unaffeted by any ailments during this time save for the occasional constipation. However, since I've been home, Kiko's spots have gone away except one, a penny sized jet-black spot on her tail fin. She's been hovering around the top of the tank, taking large breaths. When she does move, she "pants" heavily as if she's short of breath and then quickly grows tired and returns to the top. Simba has been fine during all this. She flashes her gill flaps quite often too. She's behaving now like the time she got something stuck in her throat but i have examined her multiple times and nothing is in there. She is however, eating a little. Does anyone have any idea what this is? Her fins remain erect until she stops and rests at which point she clamps her dorsal fin down. She is aware of her surroundings but just seems tired and short-of-breath. No other visible signs are noticeable. I've also been treating her with aquarium salt. Shes fed wardley's goldfish crumbles, tetra goldfish crisps and steamed peas. thank you!
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