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  1. "Fancy Goldfish" by Erik L. Johnson and Richard E. Hess. I HIGHLY recomend!!! Soon after I joined this site years ago I was searching for this book and could not get it thru most of the stores here Then one day....my local Coles supermarket had a stall out front for a book keeper..they had it! I got it for $9.99 AUS normally about $40 OMG! What a find! It is wondeful, teaches everything we teach on the forum I also have used it at work to educate staff. Also Rick is a goldfish/mind of knowledge Take not of Daryl's note: as times have changed
  2. Here is an Australian one for Victoria: Melbourne: Wagging tails We have 3 stores but the one for fish is: Shop 36, Gateway Village Shopping Centre 230 Cranbourne Road. Langwarrin 3910 PH: 03 9775 7206 only come in on tuesday Wednesday thursday or a sunday as thats when I am there.
  3. OK cool thanks for clarifying that So we need to get that tank cycled I will check in on u tommorow
  4. Ok thanks dont raise the PH more You need to do more waterchanges to get the ammonia to 0 as its all new..that good means no contamination from an old tank The fact you have 0 nitrAte means its not cycled fully This will also contribute to the fish not been happy Can u test for NitrIte as well? for now: Lets get the ammonia down, keep PH as it is, and keep testing, we need to get amonnia down and then eventually get a NitrAte reading in there to know its cycled As for his stars at that age it is possible to see them but it goes more on size at 4-5 inches they should be visible a fish can be small but older in years so age is not a great indicator unless we know the fish is the right size for that age. I have to go offline till i get home after work tomorrow I will check back when I get home Just keep that water great! your doing well
  5. I agree its quite a quirky behavior! I will be thinking of u and ur fish, hope they settle down and get along Separating is not fun....means more tanks LOL then again if you are anything like me...I got so many tanks now...my new venture is running an extended power lead down the hallway from my bedroom to the entrence hall to put a new tank in there for my new rykin I have run out of wall space and power outlets! LOL Lets hope your fish can settle and get along
  6. The fact he is better today suggests the water change did good. The filter...can you tell us more about it? His top fin down is what we call clamped, when they have them against their body rater then up, flowing and perky A clamped fin is first sign of stress or illness. After the brief history I have read, the recent meds, and ammonia it seems reasonable to be that he has clamped fins and is not happy I would do another water change, retest the water and post the results here...without the reedings of the results it is hard for us to visualize whats going on I think his diet is fine, it is varied which is good. another question.......... you say the filter came with the tank? Was it a USED tank and/or filter, or is it all brand new...I just want to clarify weather there is a possibility of contamination from a used tank or filter of if your set up is new. Your doing great! Hang in there, keep watching them and post back the water test results and behavior.
  7. Same here, I put mine hard against a wall to get the HOB filter on. They may crack/split but only after a long time or if they been out in the sun, then the plastic gets brittle
  8. Sounds like they fighting over the food or territory In my experience breeding behavior never involved nipping, especially by the mouth They tend to nudge insistently at the rear end instead Id watch them and make sure the nipping does not cause fin damage and make sure the one been picked on gets some food as the other one sounds like a greedy guts.
  9. Yay! and congrats you know what sex they are now u gotta buy a couple of lady friends
  10. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Moors are my favorite fish too.....so majestic. May Halloween live in peace in fishy heaven. You did the best you could *hugs*
  11. How are your fish? Did you do a waterchange and get rid of ammonia? Yes the poop you described can be from an internal bacterial infection, it is ONE symptom of that However I refrained from advising you to medicate or jump to that conclusion based on a number of factors: 1. No amounts of meds will fix a fish if the water is not perfect 2. Meds can harm and DO stress a fish so use only if necessary 3. I never advise to med or diagnose an illness before we fix the water first!!!!!!!! So after a waterchange, more tests, and then if the water is good and fish dont improve, and further observation that the poo is still the same and we then know we have elimanited the fact it may the stress due to living conditions (the water) ...only then do then we look further into the problem If this was the senario I would recomend a post in the disease/diagnosis section to get expert help I do agree that a PH of 6.8 is low but its not BAD..and under the circumstances in this particular case, when ammonia is present in the water the lower PH is desirable There is a correlation that when ammonia is present it will affect the fish more the higher the ph is Therefore 6.8 will not kill the fish, but the ammonia will Once the ammonia is gone then its safe to raise the ph Thats not to say that to low a PH will kill as it does and FAST but slightly low is safe while ammonia is present. Its a fine line to balance. However that been said keep an eye on the PH dont let it drop to low but if the ammonia is still there dont raise it to high either. Hope that made sence and was not an information overload :)P .d Post back and let us know whats happening.
  12. ok on the box the filter came in it will state its specification's. That will tell u how many gal/ltrs it filters per hour For goldfish you need to know how many gl/ltrs you have in the tank then multiply that by 10 So if its a 200ltr tank you need a filter that will filter 2000 ltrs per hour MINIMUM eg in gals: (40 gal tank= filter that will filter 400 gal per hour) If you got it at a pet shop most of the instructions from the staff and the packaging box will be alot lower than we recomend for the best fish health. So I strongly advise you to check the package and if the filter is not filtering 10 times the amount of water in your tank per hour then get another filter aswell as the one you have to make up the difference or upgrade that one to a bigger model. Apart from weekly waterchanges, then your filtration is a BIG MUST Basically a filter that is not up to scratch makes no difference, you can waterchange all you like to no avail...I GREAT filter is the way to go Hope that helps
  13. AT 3 1/2 in. long it may be hard to see breeding stars. Especially if he is a light color Try shining a torch at night into the tank. Other than that just watch and observe. Either way watch as you dont want the chased one to get over-stressed.
  14. I agree! If you are prepared to do it right from the start Id get the 40 gal tank now May cost more now but then your set for 2 very lovely big fancy fish Set them up in there and they will thrive! I learnt the hard way...now I will only do it the RIGHT way and I have a 12 inch blackkmore and a 12 inch Oranda to show for it They MY pride an my joy! It may seem strange at first....2 fish in a 4 foot tank but trust me.........do it!
  15. hi Hidr yes its ok I never noticed it much until Dalamah got bigger and I swear he winks at me LOL It is fast...like a quick blink...its weird as they do not have eyelids as we know them But It sounds normal to me
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