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  1. I read this in Reader's Digest August 2005 and thought it was kinda cute. Just thought I'd share it with all of you. Hope you like it!! Q: What's stranger than seeing a catfish? A: Seeing a goldfish bowl!! Ha ha ha ha ha . . . .. (In case you don't get it: fish and bowl are used as verbs in this case. I know you probably got it but just wanted to make sure!)
  2. What do you do with your Python once you're finished with it? I don't like to put it in anything because it needs to dry out. Has anyone used the Python porter?
  3. Although it's not the ideal situation, you can always take a water sample into your local pet store. They will often test your water for free. Congrats on the new tank and good luck with cycling. I'm cycling my tank now too!!
  4. What's an acceptable range for nitrites when cycling a tank?
  5. I'm cycling my tank and these are the #s I've gotten: on 8-10-05 ammonia 0.25 nitrite 2.0 nitrate 20 I did a 25% water change. on 8-11-05 ammonia 0.25 nitrite 2.0 nitrate 10 I did a 25% water change and salted the tank 1 tsp per gallon. On 8-12-05 ammonia 0.25 nitrite 2.0 nitrate 10 I did a 25% water change and added 1 tsp salt per gallon changed. My question is how long do i need to do daily water changes? I've got a 37 gallon tank with 2 fancies. Also my tank needs more filtration (I've recently discovered the 10Xs rule). Should I add the new filter now or wait til i'm done cycling?
  6. Has anyone using ProGold experienced any big color changes with their fish? I have an orange and white ryukin and I'd like the white part to stay white. Or will a fish change color sometimes no matter what you feed it?
  7. I've been looking into canister filters and they list 2 different numbers in gph--pump output and filter circulation. Which one do you consider when you're trying to meet the 10Xs filtration rule? For example, one filter listed its capacity as: Pump output--250 gph Filter circulation--172 gph So is this an appropriate filter for a 25 gal or 17 gal?
  8. Just wondering which everyone prefers--ProGold pellets or a gel based food. I've been feeding flakes without a problem but I want to avoid any swim bladder problems. Seems like most people on this site prefer something other than flakes. So ProGold or Gel-based? Thanks for your opinions!
  9. Can anyone tell me the difference btw Eheim's Professional and Classic canister filters? What's the difference between Pro I and Pro II filters? Is Pro II the newer better version? Would a Pro 2026 (250 gph) along with an eclipse 250 gph be overkill for a 37 gallon tank? Or should I go with Pro 2222 (132 gph)? Or Classic 2215 (164gph)? I just want to do what's best for my goldfish!!
  10. I have a 37 gallon tank with an Eclipse #3 hood (250gph) which I now know is not enough filtration. Water looks clear but 250 gph doesn't meet the 10Xs rule of thumb. So my question is--will I be able to add a canister to my eclipse hood? There is a small opening in the hood for additional tubes. What goes into and out of the tank with a canister--one intake and one outtake tube or is there more than that? I really like my eclipse hood because it only has 2 cords coming from it and looks very neat. A couple of tubes from a canister wouldn't be so bad--if that's all there is entering and leaving the tank. Also could I put the actual canister inside my tank stand? My tank is in my dining room and I want it to look decent without a lot of clutter.
  11. DARYL-- Thanks for the explanation. My kids are only 3 1/2 and 2. We got my 3 1/2 yr old her goldfish when she was 9 months old. Then we got her a brother. And our latest addition was a goldfish for him. They haven't thought to ask for more than 1 each and for now I don't mind sticking with just 2 fish!!
  12. So what does everyone think of this. I went to Drs. Foster and Smith website and asked my "10X rule"question to one of their live chat customer service people and she said the general rule of thumb is 3-5 times your tank volume. When I asked even for goldfish? They produce a lot of waste. She said I could to a little more-- maybe 7-8 times but the 250gph Eclipse would be too big for my tank. HELP!!!!!
  13. I'm learning so much on this site. Now that I know about the 10xs rule, I'm wondering if a 250 gph filter is sufficient for a 29 gallon tank. Is the 10Xs rule a bare minimum rule or is it a general rule of thumb. I have 2 fantails in the tank (6" and 3") and don't plan on adding anymore. Will I be ok with my Eclipse 3 250 gph filter or should I add another small one?
  14. Oh my stars--why did I not know about cycling the tank until AFTER I had it set up for a couple of weeks?!! Thank goodness I found this site. Please help me. I set up my 37 gal tank 2 weeks ago. I noticed my goldfish had red lines in her tail so I had the water tested. The ammonia was like 4!! That was This past Sunday. I did a 25% water change and added some Maracyn-Two (for the septicimia). I took my water in to be retested yesterday and the ammonia was down but the nitrites were high. (Don't remember the #s, sorry.) So I did another 25% water change and continued with the Maracyn-Two. Also bought my own test kit and a Python (which I LOVE) because I see frequent water changes for a while. So I tested my water today (reminded me of organic chemistry lab--lots of fun). Here are my results: pH: 7.5 ammonia: 0.5 nitrite: 5.0 YIKES!!!! nitrate: 40 or 80 (couldn't really tell the difference on the card between those two colors. I have the Aquarium Pharm test--can anyone help with that?) Also the water temp is about 80. Is that too warm? If so how do I cool it down? (My husband suggested turning the AC way colder but I won't go for that!) Oh Just so ya know I have 2 fancies in the tank--one is 6" the other is 3" so it's definately not overstocked. What should I do? I bought some AquaClear ammonia remover and Phos-X phosphate remover (removes phosphate, nitrite and nitrates) but haven't added them yet. I've heard if you add such things it can give you false readings when testing the water so how would you know if you're getting the situation under control? Anyway sorry for all the questions but obviously I'm a little overwhelmed and stressed out and want to get this taken care of. Have i left anything out? If so, let me know and I'll get back ASAP. Thanks a million!!
  15. I was just wondering . . . . I have a 37 gallon tank with the same dimensions as a 29 gallon--except for depth. The tank is 30 L x 12.5 D x 24 H. A 29 gallon is 30 x 12.5 x 18 H. I've read that goldfish prefer longer tanks. Is the extra 6 inches (and 8 gallons) any benefit to the fish? Or would they be just as well off in a 29 gal? FYI--I have 2 fancies in the tank (6" and 3") and don't plan on adding anything else. Two kids, one fish each.
  16. Thank you both for the info. I did notice the online price is much less. I think I'll take the advice on the link to print off the web page and see if my local store will match the price. I'm ALMOST excited to do the water exchange now--almost.
  17. Ugh!! My fish has septicemia and I need to do several water exchanges and I'm tired of lugging buckets of water back and forth (My tank is 37 gallons--not HUGE but those buckets of water are heavy!). They suggested the Python kit at vvvv. Is it a decent system? If you have one or have used one, please let me know how you like (or don't) like it. Thanks again for all the help!!
  18. Any recommendations on a good gravel vacuum? I've read about the Python--does that water come straight from the faucet? Aren't you supposed to let the new water get to room temp before putting it in the tank? I've done ok with a regular ol' gravel vacuum but with a bigger tank thought about getting a little bigger one . . . . Also how important is aeration? I've had one of our fish for 3 years and haven't had any aerator. Do I really need one or is it just more for me to clean? She's done real well without it but now that I feel like she's part of the family I wonder if she needs some type of aerator. And if she does what do you recommend? Thanks for all the help!!
  19. No pics yet. We take pictures of the kids all the time. Maybe time for a picture of the kids with their new tank!! I'll work on it . . . ..
  20. How long should I keep my aquarium light on during the day? I've read anywhere from 4-12 hours. Can anyone tell me any guidelines for a 37 gallon tank with 2 fantails and artificial plants? Thanks!!
  21. I have 2 fantails. One is about 6 inches long and the other is about 3 inches long. We've had the bigger fish for 3 years and just got her a little "friend". We purchased a Marineland Eclipse Deluxe Show Combo (37 gallon tank, 30"L x 12.5" D x 24" H). Is this tank big enough for them and will it be big enough in the future? Also how much bigger can I expect the larger fish to get? Your newest member, Fantailfan1
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