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  1. That's great, Jeana! I'd watch for a cycle bump . . . test ammonia and nitrite every day or every other day for several days.
  2. Glad your fish is doing better!! id just like to add that Melafix is tea tree oil and not a true antibiotic medication. I'm not convinced the Melafix is what helped your fish or the several days of clean water... Either way it doesn't really matter in this case. I'm glad the fish is improving. Just don't count on Melafix treating a serious bacterial infection.
  3. Seems fishy to me . . . where's Sharon? Not that I think Sharon is fishy . . .
  4. we are all volunteers with our own busy lives. Watching a 6 minute video isn't really an option. The form makes the info easy to find in a short amount of time. You can get your water tested at pet stores if you don't have a kit. You need to go there to get meds. Bring along some water samples...
  5. I'd suggest either triple sulfa or oxytetracycline as either one of those can be used with metronidazole to give you fairly broad spectrum antibiotic coverage. And, as much as I hate to say it, the MMs probably should be thrown out as it's been a few years since they've been sold so they are too old. I sure wish they were still available as they've saved many of my fish . . . .
  6. Can you please post pics of the fish that seems to be losing it's scales? You will need to use a photo hosting site such as photobucket . . . Are all 3 fish refusing to eat? have stringy white poop?
  7. Gorgeous fish. I'd love to see the others when you get a chance/once your fish is healed up. Welcome to Kokos. You've gotten excellent advice.
  8. Melafix is not a substitute for Furan 2 or kanamycin . . . They both are good to have on hand even if you don't end up using them at this time. I'd get them if you can.
  9. It does look like it's improving That looks like the fish is shedding slime coat in that area which would be normal if there was an irritant or injury causing the blood. Please hold off on any meds for now and keep us posted with pic updates. Once it's all healed up, I'd suggest doing 2-3 rounds of prazi.
  10. I mix my Repashy soilent green with NLS algae gel (I think that's what it's called ). Then I've been adding some NLS Thera A pellets and a bit of koi clay. I don't add veggies . . . Broccoli probably isn't the best for them anyway as it can make them gassy.
  11. I've also painted the bottom of my tank with Krylon. Since then I've added sand so I don't think pics would help. And this is why I could never reseal a tank. 48 hours of the weather cooperating in Michigan just wouldn't happen Good luck!
  12. Did you notice breeding stars on any of the males at the time of the fertilization?
  13. Good luck!! I do not envy you. Hope all goes well.
  14. I think coppersafe is very harsh and other treatments (whether PraziPro for flukes or good ole 0.3% salt and heat for ich) are much more effective and safer. Again, while you may not see them nipping they could be doing it when you don't see it. The nipping may be causing the stress which is making the GF more susceptible to illness such as bacterial cysts and/or flukes.
  15. I ordered some of hte herbivore a while ago and my fish love it. I do think I'm seeing more poops but I can't say I necessarily think that's a bad thing. Just means things are "moving along", right? I'm off to order more right now. I also ordered some of the earthworm sticks Taryl recommended. See if I can get some growth out of my lil guys.
  16. Thanks for the pic. That is helpful. The mod team has discussed your situation and we have a few suggestions. The spot furthest back on the fish (closest to the tail) looks like a bacterial cyst that is "oozing", kind of like a pimple popping. Typically the best treatment for this is good, clean water. One concern is WCs of just 20% done every 2-3 weeks at a rather warm temperature for GF. This nice warm environment provides an excellent opportunity for pathogen growth. One of the pathogens we're concerned about is flukes. It doesn't seem as though you've treated this fish for flukes and the flipping and showing off the fish does, while it may look cool, could actually be the fish flashing, trying to "scratch an itch" caused by flukes. The red spots you're seeing may very well be infected fluke attachment sites. Some of the tropical fish you have in with your GF may also be nipping (rasboras and tetras can be nippy). And while you may never see them nipping, it may very well take place at night while the GF is less active. We'd recommend a couple of things. First would be a large WC. Your tap and tank pH are close enough that you can do an 80-90% change without any issues. I'd also suggest treating with prazi. Once you have the prazi we can help set up a treatment schedule. Finally, we'd also suggest weekly WCs of 50%, leaving out the salt. I realize you've always used it but most of us (if not all of us) on the mod team do not feel it is needed on a daily basis and should be used for treatment purposes.
  17. What type of pleco is a "small" pleco? Why do you routinely salt? In the first pic, the eye looks white. Is that on the inside or the outside of the eye? How long has it been like that? Is the other eye like that? Also, the bacteria boost is most likely not needed in a 6 year old established tank IMO, unless perhaps you're adding more fish and anticipate a cycle bump. Sorry for all the questions just trying to get a feel for what's going on . . . I will discuss this with other mods and get back with you. I can't see anything that looks like anchorworm in the pic so if you still see something sticking out could you try and get a closer pic of it?
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