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  1. Congrats!!! You better head north and start digging my pond so you have somewhere to put all those babies!!
  2. Sorry to hear that. Fins crossed for another spawn.
  3. I'm bored so I took a couple pics. Photobombed by Finley And photobombed by Swimmie who we've had almost 8 years. She can do what she wants. Edit: Don't mind the brown algae. I've given up on it for the summer. Also I just cleaned the tank yesterday. They like to spit sand onto the rocks . . . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Keep in mind too that when they are wet the stones will look darker I'm not sure how well the purple ones would show up on black sand. They are super cool looking though . . . I have some black and white (I picked out the ones with mostly white) stones in my tank. Not sure if the pic I posted shows them.
  5. Can you redo the pics and hold him like you did in your first round of pictures?
  6. Thank you!! That big ole ranchu is Saki. I got her from another member on here a few years ago. It's some sort of crinum . . . It's planted in the sand, can't glue that one to anything.
  7. Here ya go. The plants are so big you can't see the wood. And here's one with light sand but the driftwood in there is my favorite Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Just saw this thread. How exciting!! Can't wait to see what you come up with. I'm a black background black sand kinda girl myself. I have driftwood with anubias . . .
  9. Can you do a recap of what treatments he has undergone and whether he was in the main tank or QT at the time of the treatments? Also are there other fish besides GF in the main tank? There is something in that main tank that's not in the QT that's bothering him. We need to figure out what it is . . .
  10. Yep cataract. No treatment and not uncommon in telescopes . . .
  11. They look great, Koko!! I bet Justine just loves to watch them. :teehe
  12. Are you able to post a video of her behavior?
  13. Thanks. I miss him. His yellowy orange color really popped in the tank .. . .
  14. I prefer the Python. I close my tank lid and put a rock on the lid to keep the Python in place. You could also get a clamp to hold it in place. I've done it that way before too.
  15. As far as the prazi, you can go ahead and do that anytime. I can't remember if I did it at week 1 or 2 as he was spitting out his baby brine shrimp . . . It's really hard to tell if they are flashing at that age as their movements are so herky jerky anyway. I used PraziPro but you can use the powder/tablets too.
  16. Unfortunately Waldo passed away last August. He was just fine in the morning. When I went to feed at night he was between the intake and the back of the tank (not being sucked up but kinda wedged there) just barely moving. He passed before I got the QT set up. . I'm not sure what happened. All other fish are still with me today... I thought he'd lived a decade considering he was never exposed to pet store conditions Here is a pic of him a couple months before he passed away Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Yes it was me!! Sorry for my absence . . . some family issues going on. I did raise one lone fry. I named him Waldo cuz I could never find him in the tank. He didn't have any problems when I added him to the main tank. You just need to make sure he's big enough that none of the other fish will think he's lunch. If you have live plants, add one to his container and he can munch on some of the goodness that lives on the plant. Good luck! Edit: I found my thread if you're interested. It's kinda funny.
  18. Looks like cataracts to me. The one in her right eye is more dense than the one in her left eye. I'm guessing with time the left one will develop further. Cataracts are fairly common in telescopes and there isn't any treatment. Her vision will be compromised so just be sure she gets her fair share of food.
  19. Also check your ammonia and nitrite after a thorough filter cleaning. #BrokenRecord
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