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  1. For 0.1% in a 75 gallon tank, your calculation of 283 grams is correct. 2.5 teaspoons is 5 grams? I'm not sure if I'm confusing g for grams or gallons.... either way your calculation is correct as I stated above...
  2. Do you want to raise it to 0.1% or 0.01%? You said both of those in your post ... also in your last calculation, I'm not sure why you multiplied times 5...
  3. I agree with Sharon. And it doesn't look overly aggressive. I think they will be just fine.
  4. Cute fish!! I'd say lionhead without much lion to it. Not enough curve to the back to be a ranchu but not much wen either so hard to call it a lion head. Sharon has coined the term "lisachu" for such a fish as that's just how I like them! No dorsal fin, not much wen. Congrats!! Cuties!!
  5. Hmmmm . . . I've never used an automatic feeder. There is one that everyone seems to like but I can't remember the name. Let me do some searching. Why do you use an automatic feeder every day? Are you not around enough to feed?
  6. Oh that last one is my favorite too!! That's beautiful! Nice work, Mandy!
  7. This member hasn't been on for several months so I doubt she will answer any time soon. In general, if the smaller fry can fit in the larger fry's mouth, keep them separate or they will be lunch.
  8. I had an Eheim canister but sold it yeeeeaarrrsss ago once I decided I hated it and didn't want a canister in my life. Just the 2. AC 110s on my 75 gallon.
  9. I love the face on the chu!! He's smiling.
  10. And if it was me I'd buy them and hope the wen never grew. #lisachu.
  11. Not the POND!!! i thought I was the only one who didn't loooove canisters. If I realized there were so many of us around, I would have started a club!! I have 2 AC70s on my 40B. I don't think that would be enough filtration for my 75...
  12. Two AC 70s won't be enough. I have 2 AC110s on my 75. I'd go with your AC 75 and get a 110. The 110 is significantly bigger than the 70... I personally prefer HOBs over canisters but no one else agrees. They are too much of a pain in the to clean. I clean one filter each week and with my canister I hated it so much I only cleaned it every couple of months. With the python, add the Prime and refill at the same time. I turn my python on then go and dump in enough Prime for the full volume of the tank, not the amount of water you're changing.
  13. No really. I meant good luck. I hope it's not too difficult.
  14. Enjoy the biodiversity?! No thanks. Good luck getting rid of them.
  15. Again, I'm sticking with my baking soda suggestion. Readily available to you, cheap and works pretty much instantly . . .
  16. Alicia! Nice to see you! The newbies are really cute!!
  17. Yep, I'd go 75 if you want more fish. And we always do . . .
  18. I'm kinda late to the party ( that's nothing new ) but with your KH at 1, personally I'd go the baking soda route for raising KH/pH as I believe it's much quicker than using cuttlebone or crushed coral. Remind me what you're doing as I read through all 3 pages of this thread and can't remember what route you took. I think the white "stuff" you were seeing on him was his slime coat sloughing off from the low pH. Looking much better now How are your other fish doing? Still OK?
  19. Congrats Jason! That's a LOT of fry . . . Pics of them when you get a chance
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