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  1. 57 minutes ago, fingers said:

    Your welcome!! First unplug it!! lol then lift the plastic flap between where the pipes connect to the filter this will stop the water, then lift the pipe housing out, then you will have to carry it to a sink to clean!!........if you fill it with tank water when you refit it you won't have to prime it! just switch it back on and it should be fine!!!

    I put a smear of petroleum jelly around the seal before I put the lid on!!....  I hope this helps.........it sounds more complicated than it is! Lol.

    Actually this sounds easier than I thought. I forgot I could take the hoses off like that! I was thinking I'd have to unscrew the hoses. Duh! Thanks for the tips!

  2. 1 hour ago, fingers said:

    Hi, I have this same filter on my 60 Uk gallon tank!!...it does a fantastic job I clean it every 3 months,!!! some people will say clean it more often ..but it works for me!! :-) I clean the bio balls and ceramic pieces in a bucket of tank water and wash the sponges in tap water!! I usually change the floss for fresh each time!! you can buy huge rolls of it really cheap on flea bay!!

    My filter has been running for over 2 years without a problem!.. I'm sure you will be happy with it!!

    Awesome! Thanks for the reassurance! Honestly I'm scared to clean it. Once you unplug it, do you have to somehow drain it so it doesnt spill everywhere? How do you keep from making a mess while disconnecting it from your tank?

  3. Hi Guys!

    I've finally been able to purchase my first canister filter! I'm super excited, and I'm hoping I got a good one. It's a SunSun 525GPH Canister Filter with 9-watt UV Sterilizer. (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MH37484/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 )

    Let me tell you how intimidated I was when I opened that box...it was huge and so much more complicated than a HOB filter. Amazingly I got it together and working, despite the lack of clear instructions, and it seems to be working beautifully.

    I have it in a 75 gallon tank right now. I completely forget how many GPH you need per fish. Do you guys know if this will be sufficient for 5 goldfish? I have one 5 inch common, one 4in shubunkin, one each 2-3in pearlscale, calico oranda, and panda oranda. I'm really hoping this filter will work for them.

    Also, any tips on maintenance for this thing? I have never owned one so I'm learning all this from scratch. Any tips for keeping it working efficiently would be super helpful.

  4. On 11/21/2017 at 6:23 PM, koko said:

    Have you QTed them all ? or Prazi? 

    I've had the common goldfish and shubunkin before all the others, and I've had them for almost a year. They have always been healthy, but when I first got them I did treat the tank as a preventative. I can't remember what I used since it was so long ago. When I got my new fish, I chose very carefully since I do not have a spare quarantine tank, and I would treat the water as a preventative as well. Never had any problems with any fish at all in the last 4 years, actually. I learned a lot from you guys years ago and how to stay on top of things.  :)  


    Also...maybe it's my imagination...but I think my common goldfish is getting brighter since I've had the new lights. I'll take some pics in another week or two for comparison.  :)

  5. Just now, koko said:

    It looks like he got him self stuck on something. Its almost like a patter of scales that fell off. Almost like he got stuck behind a heater or filter intake. Scales do grow back like our hair does. But it can come back in a different color. Like Sharon said :) 

    Maybe...he was a feeder fish in a crowded and disgusting tank when I got him. No telling what happened to him there. I really dont think it happened while I've had him because I've never noticed any missing scales. Who knows though. Thanks for the input!  :)

  6. You haven't given us a lot to go by. lol! Try posting photos. Even then, it's really difficult. I just found out last week that my common goldfish is a male when I noticed him chasing my shubunkin, then saw the tubercles on his gills. Literally the next day the water was cloudy and there were eggs everywhere...I am assuming from the shubunkin. Sometimes you can't tell until one starts chasing and one sprays eggs. lol

  7. Also, if anyone has any feedback on why my common goldfish has a few clear/white scales...I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. I have not have any problems with water quality at all, but about 4 months ago the light on his tank broke and at the time I could not afford a new one. I have since ordered two lovely full spectrum plant grow lights. I'm wondering if you think it could just be because he was in the dark for a few months (aside from a little window light) or if it could be something else. He definitely has scales there...they aren't missing. They are just a clearish or whiteish color.  :/

  8. Hey guys! I posted recently that I'm back on this site after a very long hiatus. The last time I posted here (aside from this past week) was in 2007! Woo! I originally joined in 2005, and I love that this amazing site is still going strong.

    Anyways, I wanted to share my babies. I visited a pet store a couple days ago and she had pearscales and pandas and I about lost my mind. I have been trying to find a pearlscale in my area for 5 years.

    The first photo is my lovey teeny tiny pearlscale, followed by an equally tiny panda, a calico oranda, a scruffy looking and rather large feeder goldfish and my my pretty female shubunkin (she just laid eggs last week!), and last but not least...my lovely Fishzilla, may be rest in peace. He was an 11 inch "feeder" goldfish, and such a pretty thing. Hurricane Irma left us without power for 8 days. I was staying an hour away at my mothers home (who had power), and would return every other day to replace the tank water...but it wasn't enough to keep him alive without a filter.  :'(

    Fishzilla is pictured in my 40 gallon tank, but all the other goldfish are now in my new 75 gallon tank. I have an awesome canister filter on it's way from amazon. Woohoo! Once I move into my home next month, a pond will be amounst the first improvements to the property, and shubunkin, my two koi, and my orange common goldfish will all have an amazing new home...while my fancy babies will stay indoors for my viewing pleasure. lol.






  9. Thank you. Yeah, If I salt the tank I have to take the plants out. Hmm. Ill have to find a place to put them for now. Ill have to do it tomorrow or sunday because Im getting ready to go to work now and wont be off until tonight.

    I wish I knew what it was, though. I just dont see ANYTHING on the fish.

    Anyway, Ill try to do it tomorrow when I get off work...if I dont get off too late. :(

    EDIT: oh and no I didnt sterilize the plants. I didnt ever think that they could transmit parasites. :(

  10. About 4 of my fish are darting, and flicking their fins. I dont see any spots at all on any of them that would suggest ich.

    Could another parasite be the culprit?

    No new fish, but I just added a lot of new plants. One of which came from a tank that had a couple fish in it.

    Water quality is perfect. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 10 nitrate. ph is 7.0.

    Tank is a 55 gallon with 4 filters running on it jammed with as much bio-media as will fit. I dont know the gph but the filters are made for 45-60 gallon tanks.

    The tank is bare bottom with some potted plants in it.

    I do partial water changes twice a week.

    Unfortunalty I have 10 fish in the tank, which I cannot help. I have another tank but it is in storage. We are in a rental and I cannot bring the other tank here so Im doing all I can to keep the water pristine and it is absolutly working. Ive never had a bad reading.

    Any suggestions on how I can figure out what it itching my fishies so bad???

  11. It was just room temp before I planted it. I didnt even have it in a bright spot and it sprouted for me. Maybe I was just lucky! lol. That room stayed at probably at least 60 or so. I just changed the water everyday with warm tap water and it did really well for me. :) Its gotten so huge already. I think the sprout's leaf will open up soon. :) Its reached the top of my 55 aquarium and is bending over by about 5 inches on the top of the water.

  12. LOL that thing was HUGE! And sooo beautiful!

    LOL oh and Im not nuts. I just took alot of photos and when your taking like 300 photos to try to get a good shot for goldie of the week, its kind of likely they will be swimming away from you from time to time.

    LOL its not like I was stalking the goldfish with my camera saying LET ME SEE THAT BOOTY! If that was the case, then yes, put me in a padded room....haha

  13. Gaaa the mail didnt come today! Im so anxious to get my plants in the mail! Maybe they will come by tomorrow or so. I didnt know today was a HOLIDAY???

    Im a little worried. Since I repotted my plants, my goldies have been feasting on my poor lilies. They were so big and beautiful, now they only have a few leaves... AND THEY ARE STILL ALWAYS HUNGRY! lol.

    Once I get my new plants I will post photos, probably in the planted tank photo forum. :P

  14. Hi Erika. I just tried my luck at sprouting lotus seeds, also! One didnt make it. It never sprouted. But the other one sprouted in about a week.

    I bought mine on eBay also and followed the sellers instructions.

    I put it in a plastic cup, and everyday I changed the water, filling it with WARM water. My little lotus sprouted and I waited until it was about 5 inches tall before I planted it....and you wont believe this. I planted it in my tank 3 days ago, and since then that lotus sprout went from 5 inches to nearly a foot tall!!!! Talk about fast grower! I can almost see it growing before my eyes! Every morning I wake up its grow inches overnight! lol.

    I potted mine in a little glass pot filled with clay kitty litter, a little bit of fertilizer, and some rocks to hold the seed in place. It has no roots yet.

    I actually purchased 5 seeds, but I just wanted to try 2 to see how it would work. I am not sure Ill try to grow the others until spring. I dont really have a place for them right now. I have read that lotus seeds stay viable for a long time, so Im not really worried.

  15. QUOTE

    Goldfish, with the proper care, can live 10 years or more.

    I know thats true, though what im suggesting is that on average even with the best of care many fancies wont attain that kind of age.

    With the BEST of care, it is likely they will attain that kind of age. But most people do NOT provide the VERY BEST of care. Most people who own goldfish report that theirs died after a few days...or a month...or a few months. Or that they lived for a year and they feel like that is an accomplishment. The majority of people have no clue how to give their goldfish the best of care. I still believe the true average lifespan of pet goldfish is sadly probably less than a year or two due to owner's lack of knowledge or unwillingness to provide the best living conditions possible.

    I think you all will find this link interesting. See what it says for goldfish also. They are one of the longest lived fish on the list! Very interesting.


    And also, the record for oldest goldfish is, what now, I think it changed. Fourty two or something like that? I believe that if goldfish were given the proper living conditions all the time that their average life span would actually be more like 10-15 years.

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