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  1. Got any pics of your fish jaimoe?
  2. Ha, that's cool to see how much he's grown. He looks so young in that other picture
  3. Wow, that wen is huge! And those fins. What a stunner. Neat background too
  4. Congrats! That's soo cool. Do you know what you're gonna do with them all yet?
  5. Corys need different things than goldfish, the main difference would be the water temp. And your goldfish when they get bigger will most likely try to eat the corys, and those barbels could seriously harm a goldfish looking for a quick snack. Best to keep corys and goldfish separate. Good luck with your moor, hopefully you can get the floaties fixed for him.
  6. What a big boy. Congrats on the new fish Jule. Great lookin fins on that guy too.
  7. Sorry, I was goin off my tropical knowledge on that 5 / gallon rule. Forgot where I was Kokos GOLDFISH Forum. Yea, if you're not trying to keep the temperature in a tropical range, you wouldn't need 5w per gallon. Thanks Sue.
  8. General rule of thumb is 5w per gallon. So a 20 gallon would need a 100w heater. A 30 gallon would need a 150w heater.
  9. That's some hungry fish you got there. Good thing you knew just what to do.
  10. Oh no, how scary that must've been. Sounds like she's doing better already, and it looks like you've got lots of great advice and are doing everything right for the little girl. I wouldn't have thought of the vitamin C, but that makes a lot of sense. And stresscoat is supposed to replenish their slime coat, so that's what I'd be doing I think. Keep us posted.
  11. Sometimes they can get an air bubble in there and it'll make some noise. If you haven't already, try unplugging it and removing it from the water. Then slowly submerge it back into the water before plugging it back in. That might clear it out. If not, try cleaning the impeller like others have said.
  12. Great lookin tank there. I like species tanks, and your blackskirts are lookin great.
  13. Congrats. What a great lookin fish, no matter what color he is. I wonder if there's something in your water or what you're feeding him to make him change so quick? Or just genetics?
  14. Very interesting fish you got there. A face only a mother could love Na, its a very cute little fish. Congrats!
  15. For conversions, Google makes it so easy. In the search bar, just type '20 US gallons to Imperial gallons' (without the quotes) and hit search, it'll convert it for you. Same works for liters. Type '73 liters to US gallons' and hit search. Sooo convenient.
  16. If you're interested, multiply those three numbers you have to get cubic volume and then if you measured by inches, multiply that number by .00433 if you measured by centimeters, multiply that number by .000264 (milimeters then would be .000000264) to get US gallons. Liters is easy, just take your cubic centimeters and move the decimal point 3 spaces left. Milimeters then would be 6 spaces left. or just use an online calculator
  17. Hidr, how do you know? He doesn't say how big the tank is. What if he found a 500-gallon for $70? I'm counting 7 fish though, right? So that's atleast a 70-90 gallon tank you need when as they grow, and a filter that'll turn over 700-900 gph at least (yours does 200). Keep on top of your water changes in the mean time.
  18. Great lookin tank there. I like the barebottom, its a nice affect in your tank. I really like that first shot, its very eye catching. And the moonlights are really cool too, you don't see those on goldfish tanks much.
  19. That's good. I figured you had already done your research and learned what you needed to about puffers, but thought I'd check anyway Good luck. Hopefully you can find some nice plants that you and your puffer will enjoy.
  20. Something like javamoss is easy to grow and would provide some nice cover. Or amazon sword is readily available in most pet stores, and would do well in a high-light setup while providing shade underneath, and would make a nice 'table' to eat snails off of.
  21. Found it. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=74885 Great setup you've got there.
  22. Great, glad to hear everythings working out for the little guy. Getting rid of the bowl and setting up the new tank and keeping up w/ the water quality was definitely the best thing you could do for him. WTG! Your guy sounds like he's got tons of personality, playing in the plants and the bubbles. I'm gonna poke around here and make sure you have some pics of him up somewhere
  23. This might be a little premature, but have you decided what type of puffer you're getting? I'm sure you know there's only a few that would fit comfortably in a 9 gallon tank, and all but one of them need brackish or full marine water to thrive. As for plants, apenguin's right, a puffer shouldn't purposely destroy whatever plants you decide. With the setup your loving boyfried got for you I might pick a broadleaf or floating plant as one of them, to provide some shade from that light on top.
  24. Yup, perfectly normal, and very entertaining. I bet your fish loves the new addition.
  25. If you're worried, I think SC Johnson (same company that makes Windex) makes an all natural glass cleaner too. I've never used it or anything else on my tank but a wet papertowel, so I can't speak to that.
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