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  1. Don't take out the filter, filters are good. You could put something infront of the filter, like a fake plant or other decor, that will block the outflow.
  2. Niiice. As for the algae, they sell little algae pads at most pet stores in the fish section for a little bit of nothing. I have one with a handle to make it easier to get to the bottom.
  3. lol, did kgw's edit jean claude vandarn? I don't think people are being rude. Not only what fortunefaded said about how many times everyone's been saying this. But remember, this post isn't just the mistake that so many make of getting two goldfish without knowing what they need. Our friend here has been told what they need, and wants to add a third. I think that's what people are replying sharply too.
  4. I think its closer to 8 gallons, but still. Interesting tank dimensions, I mean you don't see that size very often. Glad to hear the water's clearing up for ya. Let us know how planting that hair grass goes. I can't imagine that'd be very easy.
  5. Sorry you're havin trouble with the tank,,, and your supervisor. Hope you can get it straightened out. Protein skimmers remove dissolved organic compounds (waste byproducts, or DOCs) from the water. It does that by using the surface tension of millions of microscopic bubbles, which bring the waste to the surface and deposit it in the collection area. btw, What's FE (from your water params)? Does that mean iron?
  6. Yea, rubbermaids are so inexpensive, and they work great in a pinch. The filter can be a little costly, but we're talking about the well being of your fish here. Daniel,,, Ferrero and Charlie don't count, they're not fish they're growing machines. What are you feeding them, it's incredible!! Too funny about getting stuck in the vase too.
  7. That last shot is so neat, you got everyone in the frame at once I'm not really a fan of lionheads, but if I see many more like your guy there I may have to change my opinion of 'em.
  8. Very cool. I never had much luck with live plants. I think my problem was the lighting though. Hope you have better luck
  9. He was a beautiful fish. So sorry for your loss tgrizz
  10. Great lookin fish. That last pic really shows off his unique color. Very nice.
  11. Welcome. If it were me, I think I'd try and add some decor to the 29. Even the dwarf gouramis can get to 2 inches or a little more, and your ten sounds about done (maybe another cory or two, they're better in larger schools too). Oh, and yea, you can mix the danios and they should still school together. A mix of different types of the same fish looks really good too.
  12. Wow, that's really lookin good. Are the new plants real or fake?
  13. Gouramis are usually agressive to their own kind, but not to other fish. Separate them and they should be fine. Or if you add more hiding spaces (caves, etc) to your 29, they may leave each other alone once they stake out their territory.
  14. Too cool. They're so small, can't wait to watch these guys grow. Keep the updates coming
  15. Worst goldfish owner ever? Are you kidding?? I wouldn't have known the first thing to do if I saw a goldfish choking, and you saved yours twice. And look at that tank, a very far cry from the goldfish bowl so many fishies are destined to. BTW, I think your tank looks really good, and I'm not a fan of barebottom. The debris will settle in a little once the filter has a chance to work through it. And I'll second what others have said, even your goldie would have a hard time getting large river rock or other low-lying decor stuck in its mouth.
  16. Sounds good. I thought the 200 was on another tank already, must've misread your first post. It should be fine in that tank I'd think.
  17. Nice lookin fish. I like how the orange continues in a line up his dorsal fin.
  18. Yea, I think 4 or 5 is just fine. Its enough for a school, and its better then overstocking the tank. Remember, most danios can get up to two inches or a little more. I think its hard to tell the difference between a pearl and an albino zebra, except the pearl should have a bluish shimery tint and sometimes you'll see whitish spots, and an albino should be void of body color. Yea, let 'em settle in to their new home. But pics soon
  19. Yay, new fish. And so cute. Coy's gonna be quite a stunner, I'm sure, and he's got some neat markings. Good luck w/ 'em.
  20. Quick thinking there! Sounds like ya did everything right. Stress coat should help w/ the slime coat, I'd just leave the lights off and let him rest a day.
  21. Congrats on the new fish. Sorry ya lost one. Out of curiosity is that 7 US or imperial gallons? Doesn't matter much, just wondering. Either way, they like a good bit of swimming room, so I wouldn't move them to anything smaller Oh yea, and pics???
  22. Great shots again. I like the plants, esp all on one side like that. Great idea.
  23. HAHAHAHA I'm with Hidr on this one, you rescue the one fish, and the pet store in encouraged to buy more goldfish to not care for, and sell. To you its a good deed, to them its a sale.
  24. That's nuts. How cool that you made a difference in that fish's life tho. WTG!
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