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  1. Yea, I think they take a bit to establish the pecking order too, so that might have been a little of what you were seeing. Hopefully things calm down in there a little for ya, but remember they'll never be the most peaceful fish I love that you did a species tank tho, they're so neat.
  2. OMG Magickzzl. Welcome back!! How have ya been? What a stunner you have there. I love the tank too, I bet almost as much as O'dell does. HaHa, what a greedy little boy eating up all those snails.
  3. So sorry Blue. Never would've thought of that happening. RIP lil baby fish.
  4. You didn't mention what size tank you have 1m : 3f, if you want babies. Chances are good if you get any females you'll get babies. Yes, males can be kept together. I'd say a group of 5 males would take up 15 gallons depending on how much you keep up on water changes. They like a lot of swimming room, so 10 is minimum for any platys. They're pretty adaptable as far as temp. They're good at 72 - 82 with around 78 being ideal. Sorry, that's F. So I guess C would be 25.5 ideally. They'll eat pretty much anything. A good quality flake food makes a nice easy staple, but variety is nice. Any of the commercially sold stuff like freezedried shrimp, blood worms, algae wafers, fresh veggies. They don't usually hunt live foods. They're peaceful fish that will swim the entire column. They come in a variety of colors including the popular mickey mouse (three black spots near the anal fin that look like mickey mouse sideways). They're related to swordtails and a couple other species that grow a little larger. And they get along with most other fish that can't fit them in their mouths.
  5. lol, forgot to shave. Great pic Hidr!
  6. Awww, Edwin <3 Penny I like the black stones too, nice touch.
  7. Very nice lookin tank. I'm w/ hidr, a little too agressive for my tastes. But its awesome you did a species only tank, they're great little fish, and they look really happy in that huge tank. And I love the shot with all six of them at once.
  8. Great job sunshinegirl! That looks exactly right. Glad you got him id'd.
  9. Love that first shot of him. I love the color pattern yoyo loaches have, and yours is really cool.
  10. Heh, last one, I promise. I'd only mix him with goldfish if its an incredibly large pond. They're very fast swimmers and can grow pretty big, and they'll stress out your more peaceful goldies.
  11. Oh, and btw, its more likely a false SAE. The black stripe ends at the tail (real SAE's extends through) and it looks like a little yellow tint in the fins. Also, any self-respecting SAE wouldn't leave algae in your pond, and you said there's a lot.
  12. Looks like an SAE to me. There's not many fish that have that distinct stripe. And Siamese Algae Eaters don't have sucker mouths like Chinese Algae Eaters do.
  13. 1/2 cup to 1 gallon is for a salt dip, and should only be used for 30 seconds to a minute at most, and then the fish should be removed. I believe the floating to the top is normal while in the dip. When they float to the top, you see if they're still able to swim. If not, remove them from the dip immediately. After 30 seconds to a minute, they should be put back into normal fresh water (in a hospital or qt tank, while you clean/disinfect/treat his permanent home).
  14. That was lclayton's suggestion, but I'll second (or third) it. Good idea about tying it down too. Once it anchors itself you could just remove the fishline.
  15. What a cute little fish. Congrats Anette! And I love the name, Minimal. Did your other two ever breed? I thought you had fry at one point, but I might be confused on that. lol Hidr, I was wondering where the heck you saw a bristlenose plec that huge Glad we got that figured out, that really would be a monster of a fish. Oh, and RIP NorMal Sry.
  16. Congrats on the new fish. Very unique color pattern he's got there.
  17. Toadie, you made all those good points, and I still signed just because she's a nice person. So it was all for not anyways. mmmm, cupcaaaaaakes
  18. Yea, fish can definitely feel the vibrations in the water. Something with their lateral line, makes them very sensitive to pressure and vibrations. That's why all the aquariums and pet stores have signs asking people not to tap on the glass. Infact, using dynamite to fish (what an awful practice) uses the same principle to kill the fish.
  19. Stress, fear, or agression. Like if you hold a closed fist up to the tank and open your hand quickly, they'll puff out. I don't think I've seen dwarf puffers puff out as much as some of the other types, for some reason.
  20. Looks good. Neat idea to use the excess moss, it's very natural looking.
  21. Glad to hear it. So the gourami's sorted out their territory and are leavin eachother alone now?
  22. 90 liters = 24 US gallons. For a tropical set up you want to try for 5w / gallon, so that'd be a little less than 120w to keep the temp at tropical levels. However, if you spread the two 50's apart on opposite ends of the tank, I think that'd be sufficient to keep the entire tank at the right temperature. Do you have what fish you want planned out already?
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