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  1. That does seem like a good deal of filtration What type of fish do you have in there?
  2. The recipe you mention sounds good for your fish. You may want to suplement that w/ more veggies as well, lettuce, kale, cucumber, etc. Varied diet is the key.
  3. 72 gallon bowfront. and a common pleco. thanks for the comments on my bg parrot too. he's beautiful, and he knows it - loves to come right up to the glass and pose for the camera. i'll get some more pics up of him later. he's actually the last remaining fish from my very first tank, so we've been through a lot together.
  4. Beautiful fish Kristi, what a great find!
  5. Pleco taking a break. Bubblegum Parrot. Kind of a weird angle, but you get the idea. My babies!!! I could NOT get a clear shot of my pictus catfish, so I did a movie and freezeframed it for these four shots.
  6. I think it goes: 75 degree, pristine water, barebottom (ideal, but not necessary) tank, broad-leafed plants. feed high-quality live (or freezedried) foods for a few days, then do a water change w/ slightly cooler water (say, 72). the female will chase the male around, then he'll rub against her, she'll drop eggs, he'll fertilize them, then both will proceed to try and eat the eggs, so have somewhere to remove the parents to. when they hatch, feed pulverized brine shrimp. Best of luck.
  7. I'm sorry to hear that Spikey, loosing fish is never easy. I kno I haven't been around here much lately, so probably you already know this, but did you remember to cycle your tank and condition the water? How are your other fishies holding up?
  8. I think those are pretty good pics for such fast little swimmers. Nice lookin fish.
  9. LOL, I'm trying to talk my mom into setting up an aquarium (she's definitely a cat lady). I sent her that link as the perfect fish for her, and she went hysterical. Great pic fishcrazy
  10. Well, the move is finally finished, my 72 is back up and running!!! So glad to be done w/ it. All my fish are doing well. Pics to come, as soon as I find my camera ...after they calm back down ofcourse.
  11. Not that you can really have too much filtration, but Claire's right, you've got plenty. If I remember correctly, your Aquatech will turn out about 80 gph, but don't quote me on that. Sounds like a nice tank. How long have you had it set up?
  12. Thanks for the tip touchofsky, that sounds perfect. My net is 8" across and has a big pocket, so maybe I will pick up another net like u suggested Kissy. I'm doing well, thanks I have missed being on here so much, but hey, with this move I'll have so much more free time again... fish&bird, I had thought of that, but for my 72 gallon bowfront, the amount of water I would have to leave in for fish as big as mine would weigh too much to move, and even if I could lift it, it would crack the glass. And no recent pics, my camera is on the fritz.
  13. Well, I'm not looking forward to it, but I'm going to be moving, and I have to move my aquarium. While I have moved one before, by balas were still babies then. I should be alright, but they're a lot bigger and stronger now, so wish me luck w/ that. My question is for anyone who has moved a catfish before... I have a 5" pictus cat w/ beautiful long barbels, and I have no clue how I'm gonna move him. I'd prolly never be able to catch him w/ my hand, and I know netting him isn't the best option. Anyone have any ideas?
  14. cute fish fancygoldfishgirl. congrats on the new additions.
  15. Your pictus cats have the potential to get upwards of 10" each, too big for a 20 gallon. While generally peaceful, they have been known to eat smaller fish, so be careful when selecting tankmates.
  16. You could get two bloodparrots in a 55 gallon, 3 might be pushing it. Here's a good reference page http://www.geocities.com/parrotcichlid/general.html At the bottom of the page they go into the difference between the true blood parrots and bubblegum or jellybean parrots. Also, on the side there is a link labeled tank set up that would be helpful. I've got a bubblegum parrot (cross between a convict or severum and a true blood parrot). He was the first fish I ever got, and has survived through a lot. Here's a pic
  17. I'm with sandy on the butterfly fish, not in a ten gallon and not with danios or other fish that could fit in its large mouth. I'm sorry to hear about your fish, that must've been awful. I like the corys and white clouds, that sounds like a good mix, but maybe try and get three corys as they like to be in groups. [edit] oh hey, what's in your 30 gallon?
  18. Beautiful fish. And thanks for clarifying that the vase was only temporary
  19. I'd think the breeding net inside the tank would be a better option than a tupperware container or plastic bag. If not for the water movement and filtration. Sorry your platys aren't getting along. It's tough returning a pet, but I think you're definitely making the right decision.
  20. 2 dwarfs would be alright in a 10, but probably just the two of them. Your danios can get upwards of 2" full grown. If you keep 6 of them, I wouldn't add anything to your ten gallon. Where are you planning on moving your gourami to??
  21. Agreed, it is important to pick a smooth substrate so that the cory (and all siluriformes) don't wear down their barbels to little nubs as they feel around the ground looking for food, but river stones, packed earth, or bare bottom wouldn't be any different than sand as far as that's concerned, right?
  22. I think it's just the like to burrow in it, and it more resembles their natural habitat. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think they "need" it, it's just what would be ideal for them.
  23. Thanks for the info. So far, do you think that canister filter you got does a better job at filtering waste and/or keeping your levels in check than your HOB filter?
  24. They can get up to 10" though, so make sure your tank is big enough. Also, if you're going to spend that much on a fish, make sure your water is perfect What kind of set-up do you have?
  25. Maybe a bacterial infection? Are there any other symptoms?
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