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  1. First, wow, the forum looks totally different Koko,,, as things tend to do when you've been gone this many years, I guess. We haven't had an aquarium up in a while, other than a betta or two in a 2.5g minibow. But after the recent loss of our beloved boxer dog Bailey, my wife and I decided it's time to have some fish again. So I pulled the old 72-gallon bowfront out of storage, gave it a good cleaning, new filter, new light (when did those get so expensive?!) and took my son down to the petstore to pick out some decor. We got it up and running a week ago -pic below- and today added a few fish,,, little platys that, along with some borrowed media and API quickstart, are gonna help me continue cycling this bad boy. As I was telling my son about the nitrogen cycle, I remembered where I learned about it (and SOOOO much more) and thought I'd swing by and see if anyone's still around.
  2. Thanks for all the quick replies. Haha fantailfan, it's me. We got my son a betta in a spare 2.5g mini bow we had laying around. I'll get a pic later of cookie blue (if you've never let a 2 year old name a fish, I highly recommend it). Food said 3 minutes, 3 times a day. I'm like yeeaaaahh, that's not right. Then i remembered kokos
  3. hey all, just a quick refresher question, how much and how often do you feed a betta? Thanks!
  4. lol FantainFan, good to see a familiar face. I've been away a while and the site looks totally different, I hardly recognized it! Ms Koko's been busy. Burningivy, a good multi-stage HOB filter w/ some carbon would go a long way in clearing the water and removing the odor. Tell your manager about the potential return on investment, for under $100 now they'll see more customers like me who would otherwise walk out of your restaurant upon seeing a mismanaged dirty tank like that - whether true or not I'm going to assume your kitchen looks the same... Plus saving money on new fish, I don't know about goldfish but when trops jump they're sometimes trying to escape some toxic water condition (ammonia, ph, temp, etc.). Best of luck.
  5. Man that mouth looks familiar on the big grey one. Shot in the dark, but does it look anything like the one in my sig (below)? Can you describe it at all? As others have touched on, the type of fish aren't as important as getting the water quality in check... just curious now.
  6. Good way to do it Any improvement yet? Obviously keep the water pristine, etc. And keep a close eye on 'em. If the guppys or neons are moving too fast, maybe try netting them against the glass in the water if you can do it w/out stressing them out too much. Without knowing what you're dealing with for sure, I'd probably stay away from meds and chemicals for now. Salt really can work wonders for a lot of this stuff.
  7. Yea, flashing is usually a sign of flukes or an external parasite (anchorworm, ich, trich, hih, velvet, etc.) Look as close as you can and notice anything that looks out of the ordinary to try and identify exactly what it is. In the mean time, I might try salting the tank. You know the process for that, right?
  8. Wow, you've gone through a lot of fish. It'd be neat to see what size tanks you kept all those large tropicals in.
  9. That's great to hear jujubee. Sounds like you caught it early enough and got it taken care of.
  10. Na, Bichirs get way to big for a 30 gallon. How about waiting til you can get a more suitable tank? Even if you keep it by itself, you could end up with an empty 30 gallon and a bichir on the floor. They're calm, but excellent jumpers, so get a tight lid when you do.
  11. Oh, I misread. I thought you meant you replaced the entire filter. Na, I'd use new carbon, but not because the old would reinfect the tank. Unless there are spores in the carbon I don't think there's any risk of the carbon reinfecting the tank. I'd just use new carbon because it'll work better to filter the meds out of the water. I'd want to know why you have amonia and nitrite in an established tank though.... That shouldn't be. Sorry about your fish, I'm still hoping they pull through for ya. Fingers crossed.
  12. Congrats Daryl! Wow those two are beautiful fish, I really like both their fins. Very impressive.
  13. The old filter? Did you put a new filter on your qt tank? Your filter is what holds the cycle. If you change that, you're basically starting over from scratch.
  14. I think the suggestion to use old carbon is just to help prevent a cycle bump. New carbon will remove the meds from the water better, so unless your cycle is unstable for some reason, I'd use new carbon.
  15. Yay, I was wondering how your little guys were doin. Thx for the update
  16. Absolutely, the ich I had when I first started was when my heater broke while I was away for the weekend. A sudden drop in temperature can stress your fish, which lowers their immune system. Sorry, and I hope your fish pull through. I'm confident they will, you caught it early and you know already how to treat it. And it doesn't mean you're a bad fish mom at all. We've all had to go through it at one time or another. Just stay on top of the treatment and keep your water pristine (and the temp constant).
  17. I never changed my lights. But then again I have a hard time keeping fake plants alive, so...
  18. Never heard of the spot. Then again, I've never heard of a pink loach either. Or do you mean like the flesh colored albino gold? LOL, probably. I was picturing some hot-pink dojo. What are your water parameters for this tank? Specifically, your pH and amonia reading. Somtimes blackened scales can be an indicator of high levels of amonia in the water or a drop in pH. Also, do you have any old pics of these fish you could compare too, to see if it's always had the black dot? Finally, sexing dojos is farily easy. Males have a large front ray in their dorsal fin giving it a triangular shape, while females dorsal fins appear rounder.
  19. I'll second what Tinko said, Ich's in every tank, you just need to keep your fish healthy enough not to get an outbreak. Raise the temp, treat with salt, and keep the qt tank pristine and hopefully you can get rid of it without any detrimental effects to your fish. Good luck! And I don't think angels are any less likely to get it. Perhaps in your last outbreak their immune systems were stronger for whatever reason. And each fish is different, when I first started fish keeping I had an ich outbreak and some got it really bad and some didn't get it at all.
  20. I'll second what nick said, he's got some good suggestions. I might take the cardinals and black skirts off the list, but just because tetras can be a little more susceptible to disease and water conditions, and the skirt tetras might get their fins nipped by some of the others on the list, and cardinals can be agressive compared to other tetras. I'd add cory cats to the list of good starters. They're hardy, very popular right now, clean food debris in the gravel, and they're have good personalities. BTW, whether you do a school of 3 or a school of 7 isn't going to matter much to them. So yea, if you do decide to give up on goldfish, go to the store w/ that list and see if any of 'em jump out at you. Write down any you or your daughter like so you can research 'em before buying. And pay close attention to adult size of these fish, a lot of tropicals grow a lot bigger than they are when you first buy them.
  21. Rearrange the tank decor when you put them back in, sometimes that helps. If you want peaceful fish, you picked the wrong kind
  22. What we had to do with our pictus (since you should never try and catch barbel-ed with a net) is use a tupperware or small plastic bowl. Now, the only time we've had to move him is when we were moving tanks, so we drained all but an inch or two of water and chased him into the bowl, then covered it with our hands while we transfered him. Maybe that would work for your guy, if you're able to drain most of the water out of your qt tank?
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