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  1. First, wow, the forum looks totally different Koko,,, as things tend to do when you've been gone this many years, I guess. We haven't had an aquarium up in a while, other than a betta or two in a 2.5g minibow. But after the recent loss of our beloved boxer dog Bailey, my wife and I decided it's time to have some fish again. So I pulled the old 72-gallon bowfront out of storage, gave it a good cleaning, new filter, new light (when did those get so expensive?!) and took my son down to the petstore to pick out some decor. We got it up and running a week ago -pic below- and today added a few fish,,, little platys that, along with some borrowed media and API quickstart, are gonna help me continue cycling this bad boy. As I was telling my son about the nitrogen cycle, I remembered where I learned about it (and SOOOO much more) and thought I'd swing by and see if anyone's still around.
  2. Thanks for all the quick replies. Haha fantailfan, it's me. We got my son a betta in a spare 2.5g mini bow we had laying around. I'll get a pic later of cookie blue (if you've never let a 2 year old name a fish, I highly recommend it). Food said 3 minutes, 3 times a day. I'm like yeeaaaahh, that's not right. Then i remembered kokos
  3. hey all, just a quick refresher question, how much and how often do you feed a betta? Thanks!
  4. lol FantainFan, good to see a familiar face. I've been away a while and the site looks totally different, I hardly recognized it! Ms Koko's been busy. Burningivy, a good multi-stage HOB filter w/ some carbon would go a long way in clearing the water and removing the odor. Tell your manager about the potential return on investment, for under $100 now they'll see more customers like me who would otherwise walk out of your restaurant upon seeing a mismanaged dirty tank like that - whether true or not I'm going to assume your kitchen looks the same... Plus saving money on new fish, I don't know about goldfish but when trops jump they're sometimes trying to escape some toxic water condition (ammonia, ph, temp, etc.). Best of luck.
  5. Man that mouth looks familiar on the big grey one. Shot in the dark, but does it look anything like the one in my sig (below)? Can you describe it at all? As others have touched on, the type of fish aren't as important as getting the water quality in check... just curious now.
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