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  1. I have a question. Are zip-lock bags bio-degradable? That's what I buried my fish in and I was hoping they were.
  2. http://www.cichlid-forum.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?p=501245 This is a link to someone discussing their feather rock carvings and it has lots of pictures. I can't find anything about the rock affecting the pH, do you think it will? Also this guy talks about putting it in the oven??? Is that necessary? I just bought a piece at a pet store connected to a base. It is pretty rough, so maybe i shoulds and it down or something? I don't know, I'm kind of hesitant about it now.. Thanks for the help.
  3. I just bought a feather rock, and was wondering if it would be safe for my tiny puffer, since the rock is pretty rough and sharp.
  4. What fish are you planning on putting in the 30 gallon? If you are putting a goldfish inside than yes, you will need more filtration. But if it is for small tropicals, perhaps you could get away with 160gph.
  5. Also want to add that, you would probably want to read up on cycling. You must cycle the new tanks before adding the fish into them or cycle them with the fish with lots of water changes Good Luck!
  6. Hello. No, I never had my goldfish in any of the tropical tanks or vice versa. What I meant was the trop tank(2gallon, was holding all guppy fry) was established through out their sickness, so I was referring to perhaps a cross contamination. But now I do not think those fleas I saw are harmful or were the deadly parasite. Perhaps I still cross contaminated, I don't know. Also want to add that I used a seperate hose for all my tanks and all other equipment was seperate. The only way I think I could have cross contaminated with the trops would be using the same test tubes for all tanks, even though I rinsed every time..that would be a possibility right? I have 4 guppy fry in a five gal. hex. And all of them seem to be fine, swimming peacefully looking for food. I also never saw the "fleas" in there. "It takes time for the bio-filter and all the organisms that comprise it (in essence, an ecosystem) to find a balance. Certain types of organisms will propagate to astronimical numbers for a while until another can breed to high enough numbers to either compete with, or predate on the organism that got the jump start." I understand, that makes a lot of sense, but this 2 gallon has been cycled and established for almost a year. One thing I was thinking is that the tank is right by a window that I keep open a lot. Could something have flown in and laid eggs or something! lol Just throwing things out there. So they would have just slowly minimized, huh? Well I don't mind doing 100%waterchanges on such a small tank anyway. I will make sure I keep the tank(2 gallon with fleas) very clean and params 0. He hasn't gotten any worse, except he does do occasional flashings and scratchings If I keep him in a stress free environment do you think he could get better? Even if the parasite is stable on him/kept at low level, I probably should never add him to a community tank, right? I feel bad, he's kind of lonely The 5 gallon hex is the only tank I have (besides the 2 gallon) running with fish inside. But I am cycling the 20 and 10 gallon. Don't worry I am SUPER strict with cross contamination now and I even scorch all test tubes with burning hot water. Thanks again
  7. You know, I was thinking the same thing because the pictures I saw of the fish louse on the fish seemed WAY too big. These little things really freaked me out though because I am tetrified of crawling insects and the such, so when I saw this little flea thing under the microscope, as you can imagine I was insanely grossed out. eew. So what I did was a 100% waterchange(scorched with hot water), disposed of the filter cartlidge and Bio-wheel. I know you're probably thinking, "WHY!!".lol But, I just couldn't stand seeing them in there! I also added 1 teaspoon of aquarium salt. I am goin to be doing 100% waterchanges every 6-7 days, until I see some normal behavior(which I am seeing now) and than when I think he's ready I will put him in my cycled ten gal w/ the other trops. At first, he was a little shocked from the new water, but now he is active and hopefully getting better. We'll see.. thanks for the reply Paul, I was hopeing you'd have some input
  8. Hi Ok since it almost looks exactly like the fish louse, I think I am going to treat it. They are very tiny compared to what I have been hearing. Not even a milimeter, smaller than a grain of sand. Could they be that small? Treatments I have researched for it vary. I have heard organophosphates, dimilin, dylox, PP, copper sulphate. I have also heard of Anchors Away, do you know what ingredients are in that? All I could find was copper sulphate. But I remember hearing this can be harsh to freshwater fish. It is a crustacean so copper sulphate seems like a logical killer What do you all think?
  9. Hi. This is so odd.. I looked at this site http://www.koicarp.org.uk/koi_parasites.htm and it looks A LOT like Argulus (fish louse). But I can not see any attached to the fish, and they twirl all over the water and even stick to the glass!! It's so disgusting! There have been no new fish added to the tank and this guppy I have raised since birth. The tank is only 2 gallons, housing just 1 male guppy until I finish cycling my ten gallon. I used 100X magnification when scoping. I scoped two of these strange brown dots and can see them CLEAR as day. There seems to be more in there today that last night! Does anybody have any information on the argulus? like.. Can it live without attaching to fish? Do they multiply fast? I don't know where these came from or how long I've had them in that tank or if I had them in others weird.. Brittany OH, and no algea..
  10. Hi! I'm so shocked right now! As some of you know, I had some sort of parasite outbreak in my goldie tanks, which unfortunately was deadly . I have a male guppy that I had seperated in a tank by himself from my female guppies temporarily. This tank has been established for months through both Gumbo and Joey's illnesses. Anyway, my guppy has been flashing around a lot and exhibiting odd behavior. I was looking real close at the tank and I found a little brown spec(size of a grain of sand or smaller) moving through the water that could be easily mistaken as food. As I was looking at it more closely it seemed to swim instead of float around with the current. I than started noticing more of these little brown dots and was horrified. I took out my little microscope and put it under and to my surprise (and disgust) it was a little ALIVE bug looking thing, lol. There are several of these that I can see with the naked eye and I saw some smaller ones under the microscope! Ok description.. they are circular(or oval) with little legs that can be hidden under their body and than they come out when trying to move. They also have like 3 hairy "antennas"(sp?) that stick out from their head. They are tannish brown. Bigger ones can be seen with the naked eye. While under the microscope the bigger ones seemed squished and could only twirl around with it's "legs" in the same spot.They float around the water, I do not see any of the bigger ones attached to the fish, but he is definitely behaving irritated. From the pictures I've looked at under the treatment section, they could be ergasilus, trichodina, fish lice or chilo. I know fish lice can be seen with the naked eye but can any of the other 3? This is so disturbing to me. I could see these so CLEARLY, compared to my other failed attempts of scoping. I also want to add that I remember seeing something in gumbo's tank that looked like this but than I was like "no, that's just food" and I didn't think twice about it. My female guppies are acting fine and I do not see any of them in their tank, thank god! Do you guys have any ideas? I can give you a better description if need be, I tried the best I could!
  11. Hi. There are these really cute fish at the pet store that I want, but they were labeled snowflake eels. I'm almost positive that they were mislabeled because I looked up snowflake eels and they are salt water. These fish were freshwater and did not look like eels at all. <_< They have fins and swims mid-water, they don't slither on bottom like eels. They are pinkish white, about 2 inches long, they have dorsal and pectoral fins(I think), really cute faces, and skinny bodies as opposed to round belly bodies. Anyone have any ideas? Or pictures of fish that may look like this? They're so cute! Thanks for any help.
  12. You know those plants that come in a clear platic package at the pet stores? I was wondering if there are any harmful things that come with them. Like, you don't have to sterlize them, do you? There is no way parasites can be carried on them, right? Is there anything special I should know about them? Pros/Cons? Thanks!
  13. I recently had to move my fish also. What you should do is buy a styrofoam kooler that holds about 5 gallons per fish. Than buy a big plastic baggy--you can get them at local pet stores or use a ziplock bag(big one). Fill them up with tank water and put your fish in. Also you should buy an battery operated air pump--also available at pet store. Put the air stoone in the tank and rubberband the top. Make sure the bag of water replaces the volume of the kooler so it does not move around when driving. Put your filter cartridges in a bag with tank water, so you can use them again when you get there and won't have to recycle the tank. Also put any tank media in tank water--gravel,decorations,etc. When you arrive set the tank up immediately. Put the bag of fish in the tank and slowly adjust them to the new water by taking out a cup of bag water and putting in a cup of tank water. Do this for about 30 minutes and than you can add the fish to the tank. If they seem stressed out, you may also want to consider adding some salt at .1%. Since they are sick you you want to be extra careful. Are you treating them with any medications at the moment? How long is the drive? Good luck!
  14. WOW! Thanks, those are a lot of excellent sites, just what I needed. I'm only buying one fish to go in a 20 gallon tank all by himself, so I will just keep an eye out for any signs of disease. I will probably have the water at .1% salt for his/her arrival. It is still cycling so I'll probably have to wait a couple more weeks. Thanks again.
  15. Hi. I tried to find a thread with a site where they sell goldfish but had no luck. I am VERY paranoid about buying a new fish, because I just recently lost two of my babies because of something brought in at a LFS. It seems every LFS's tanks are just loaded with nasties and/or dead fish in the tank, and I do not want to take my chances. Although it would be nice to save a fish from the risk of disease, I don't think my heart can take that right now. Can you guys help me with any link to a reputable site? I'd really appreciate it!
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