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  1. maries

    Is He Killing Her

    Yes, males are better off alone, and females should be kept in groups.. maybe 5 or more in a community tank, but even then they still can fight.
  2. maries


    Aww so sorry about Baracus. May he RIP.
  3. Thanks all, I appreciate it I will definitely stick around. I do love reading everyones posts and hearing wonderful stories about their great pets and of course for the betta section
  4. Thanks for everyone's concern, although I tried, Punkin passed away overnight. RIP Think that's the end of gf keeping for me. I can't afford it anymore $$, or the emotional stress it causes me when they get sick. Think I'll stick to my bettas... that is all I can handle for now on top of being a working mom/wife, etc.
  5. Ok, so I've raised the temp since last night, it is almost at 80 F. Is that sufficient enough? And it's a tablet a day of the Maracyn 2 until it's done, right? After that, do I need the Maracyn 1?
  6. Since I wasn't sure if he ate yesterday b/c he wasn't at all the past few days, and thought maybe the filter just sucked up the food I put in there last night, I offered him 2 pellets of the medicated food and he gobbled them up. I thought he was a goner yesterday, really, before I bought the Maracyn, he was on his side, not eating, bloated. So I'm happy about that at least, I was thinking I would have to start force feeding. I will keep you updated on his progress, thank you so much for your concern you guys.
  7. Yeah, I've been reading, so I am aware of that. I was just expecting him to be even worse when I woke up. I don't have any MetroMed food though, I'm using Jungle Labs Anti-bacterial food. I smashed up a few pellets last night, hoping he will eat, the other day the pellet just sat there, but I noticed there was no food laying around this morning, so I am hoping he ate.
  8. Ok, he looks a little better this morning. He isn't laying on his side anymore and is "swimming" around a little more. So hopefully the meds started to kick in. Today I will get the heater.
  9. Oh yeah, and if I have to do a water change... do I add back the med that was taken out? Thx.
  10. My oranda has dropsy. It's been about 2 1/2 days now. He is pretty much pineconed all over, but scales aren't protruding severely, I have to look really close to see the slight pinecone. I recently lost my other gf to it as well, but had log in problems and had no idea what to do. I'm new to this, and it's really sad seeing my fish like this. I've started epsom salts (1/8 tsp per 5 gal) is in a hospital 10 gal rubbermaid. I can't find my heater, so I will need to get a new one tomorrow hopefully, but currently have a junior heater in there, although it isn't doing much, of course, but that's for now. I started Maracyn 2 today. He isn't eating at all, I've tried feeding antibacterial food with no luck. Is it too late? I'm going to keep trying for now. Anybody have any recommendations? Thank you.
  11. Bought one of these today for my male betta Flame. He is currently in a lil 1 gallon hex tank, but may want to transfer him into the 2.5 mini-bow I have so I could use the heater. Are those ok to use on those little acrylic tanks? Thanks.
  12. The same thing is actually happening to me, in my female betta's little 1 gal. Wierd, it's never happened, I usually get anacharis. I was surprised to see it, kinda happy , now my female hides and swims all in it and hides from the goldies who are in the tank next to her
  13. Think it would be best to wait until you get your 55 to get another fish.
  14. ammonia: 0.25-0.50 nitrite: 0 nitrate: about 5 I usually do a 50% and 100% once a week. I did a 100% change since his ammonia is up. I hate seeing him float like that.
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